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Theology Proper (God The Father)

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  • Autoridad Espiritual – (Spanish)


    This is a profound yet simple book that ought to be read with prayer. In times when the foundations of authority are falling to pieces in the church, the home, and life in general, the author offers advice and teachings to guide our life. “May your authority not exceed your ministry”, Watchman Nee advises us in this book.

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  • Dios Padre Hijo Y Espiritu San – (Spanish)


    This book will help you know and understand God from each perspective of the Trinity.

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  • Su Manifesta Presencia – (Spanish)


    Part I – The Heart Cry Of The Lord
    1. God’s Desire – To Dwell With His People
    2. God’s Fire – His Means Of Preparation
    3. God’s Ministry – From The Sanctuary
    4. God’s Plan – His Word Within
    5. God’s Type – Solomon’s Temple

    Part II – Moving To Solomon’s Temple
    6. God’s Provision – Fulness Of Salvation

    Part III – Fit For The Master’s Use
    7. God’s Workmanship – Changing The Inner Realm
    8. God’s Goal – The Restoration Of Hearts

    Additional Info
    His Manifest Presence is:
    * Abiding intimacy with God
    * A refuge from the coming storm
    * Where genuine worship touches God
    * His fulness manifested in Solomon’s Temple
    * Where the constant miraculous is experienced daily

    We must move from David’s Tabernacle worship to Solomon’s Temple, where His Manifest Presence is experienced, if we are to live in His fulness and in His protection through the tumultuous days ahead. Here are some ways in which you can enter His presence.

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