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  • Amazing Nearness : Meditations On The Eucharist


    Father Tadeusz Dajczer wants you to discover the joy and profound gift that comes when we truly encounter Jesus in the Eucharist.

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  • Remembrance Communion And Hope


    “Celebrating the Lord’s Supper,” says award-winning author and theologian J. Todd Billings, “can change lives.”

    In this book Billings shows how a renewed theology and practice of the Lord’s Supper can lead Christians to rediscover the full rich-ness and depth of the gospel. Drawing on a broad range of insights from within and beyond the Reformed tradition, he develops a vibrant, biblical, and distinctly Reformed sacramental theology and explores how it might apply within a variety of church contexts, from Baptist to Presbyterian, nondenominational to Anglican.

    At once strikingly new and deeply traditional, Remembrance, Communion, and Hope will surprise and challenge readers, inspiring them to a new understanding of-and appreciation for-the embodied, Christ-disclosing drama of the Lord’s Supper.

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  • Meal Jesus Gave Us (Revised)


    In this introductory volume, perfect for Protestant new member and confirmation classes, acclaimed theologian and writer N. T. Wright explains in clear and vivid style the background of the Last Supper, the ways in which Christians have interpreted this event over the centuries, and what it all means for us today. This revision includes questions for discussion or reflection after each chapter.

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  • Do This : The Shape Style And Meaning Of The Eucharist


    “In introducing eight new eucharistic prayers, “”Common Worship”” has focused fresh attention on the most central act of Christian worship. This text offers a wealth of information on both the words and actions of the Eucharist. Part one focuses on the content of the Eucharist, from the opening greeting to the final blessing and dismissal. Each stage of the service is explored from a biblical and historical perpective and readers discover how the Eucharist has evolved from the days of the Early Church. Part two focuses on the actions of the Eucharist: the posture and movement of the celebrant and participants, ceremonial, symbolism, the role of memory, essentials and variables in the rite. Part Three explores the eight different Eucharistic prayers of “”Common Worship””, their distinctive styles, provenance, theological features and pastoral uses.”

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  • Do This In Remembrance Of Me


    Bryan Spinks is one of the worlds leading scholars in the field of liturgy and to have a comprehensive work by him on the Eucharist is a major catch for SCM. Like the authors previous work on Baptism, this will become a standard work about the Eucharist and Eucharistic theology worldwide. The book, a study of the history and theology of the Eucharist, is the third volume in the SCM Studies in Worship and Liturgy series and will help to establish the series as a place for landmark books of liturgical scholarship. This book will be aimed at undergraduate and graduate theology students, clergy and theologically literate laity. It will assume some technical knowledge (i. e. it is not an introduction to liturgy or introduction to sacraments), but will attempt to outline what the evidence is, and what current scholars think. On occasions it will advance or argue for why one interpretation is preferable to another.

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  • Communion Meditations 2


    This is Volume II of the popular preparation guide to Communion that grabs interest and focuses attention on the Lord’s Supper. The twenty six additional meditations in this book are meant to inspire, provoke, and bring personal meaning to Communion for all who participate. Each meditation is designed for a 90 second presentation and can be read verbatim or easily personalized for your needs or congregation.

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  • My First Holy Communion


    The perfect gift for every child ages 7-9 on this most important occasion This book has the color illustration and textual simplicity to appeal to children around the age of 7, and the charm and respectfulness to appeal to the adult buying the book. Designed with a fill-in page to commemorate the event, and space for a photo to be stuck in, My First Holy Communion contains prayers on the themes of praising God, remembering baptism, coming to confession, taking part in Holy Communion, and living a Christian life. This keepsake concludes with a section of appealing and reassuring blessings and will be welcomed not only as a memento of a special day, but as an encouragement to grow as a Christian throughout one’s life.

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  • Communion : Your Covenant Connector


    A believer’s quest for spiritual power and physical and mental deliverance can be found in the two elements that represent the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!

    It’s time for us as believers to understand the origin and power that God has placed in the Bread and Cup of Jesus.

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  • Communion : Your Covenant Connector


    A believer’s quest for spiritual power and physical and mental deliverance can be found in the two elements that represent the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!

    It’s time for us as believers to understand the origin and power that God has placed in the Bread and Cup of Jesus.

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  • Communion Services


    1. Communion Elements Vessels And Methods Of Serving Communion
    2. Communion Services For Holy Days And Seasons In The Liturgical/Church Year
    3. Communion Prayers For Specific Events In The Life Of Churches And Individuals

    Additional Info
    This book introduces the practice of Communion and offers a collection of Communion prayers and ready to use resources for worship. Included is information on Communion elements, vessels, and methods with answers to commonly asked questions. Knowles Wallace gives four possible orders of Communion, various ways to offer Communion, and prayers and resources for speciifc seasons and holy days in the church year from Advent through Thanksgiving.

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  • This Bread And This Cup Childs Book


    1. Companionship: Sharing A Meal
    2. Storytelling: How The Gospel Stories Tell Our Story
    3. These Holy Things: What We Use In The Eucharist
    4. Praying Together: The Shape Of The Eucharist
    5. Manner And Customs: The Body Language Of Prayer

    Additional Info
    With This Bread and This Cup, children will learn about the sacrament of Eucharist while they’re having fun! From a guided tour of the church to hands-on time with the elements of communion to unique activities that explore the eucharistic service from The Book of Common Prayer, children will thoroughly enjoy these experiences designed to help them to join more fully with their parish community and the larger communion of saints. The program includes with an interactive Communion Service just for them!

    This full-color, interactive guidebook for children offers: Individual and shared activities Prayers and reflections Explanations and definitions of terms Writing and drawing space for personalizing

    This Bread, This Cup is a program for children and their families. The intended age is 6-9 but younger works too in the program. The Child’s Book assumes the child can read, or it is used with a parent who does the reading.
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  • This Bread And This Cup Leaders Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Whether you have a small group or a larger one, whether you want to structure the program in 2 sessions or 5, whether the children in your group are all the same age or not, you’ll have all the tools you need to customize a Communion instruction program that’s just right for your parish with these rich, adaptable resources.This Leader’s Guide is a comprehensive resource for clergy and lay people offering:

    Background information on theology, leader reflection, goals, overview and materials lists Ways to invite children to participate more fully in the eucharistic service Explanations of what we do and say at Eucharist Prayers, activities and scripture stories Reproducible handouts to send home

    This Bread and This Cup is a program for children and their families. The intended age is 6-9 but younger works too in the program. The Child’s Book assumes the child can read, or it is used with a parent who does the reading.

    This invaluable new resource brings greater understanding and meaning to a key aspect of Christian formation: Holy Communion. With solid information, including a brief history of children at the Eucharist, current theological perspectives and practices and flexible, user-friendly sessions, leaders will find that this program fits a wide variety of parish needs.

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  • Lords Supper Lets Get Ready


    Church doctrine can be confusing for any person, especially a child, when he doesn’t understand the spiritual implications. “The Lord’s Supper… Let’s Get Ready!” prepares the student for the observance of communion through deep study of Scripture. In four sessions, he will learn of communion’s origin, deepen his relationship with God and be challenged in discipleship. This book is not reproducible. John MacArthur says, “This is a great effort that I recommend highly for churches that desire to expose their children to solid teaching on the Lord’s table.

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  • Holy Meal : The Lords Supper In The Life Of The Church


    “This is my body,” said Jesus at the Last Supper. What did he mean? Throughout church history, there have been various interpretations of his words. These differences have caused denominational ruptures that have yet to heal.

    In A Holy Meal, Gordon T. Smith shows that we cannot appreciate the Lord’s Supper until we understand it. In light of the renewed attention given to the sacraments by all branches of the church, he examines the historic interpretations and seeks common ground among believers. In the process, he shows how the Lord’s Supper can infuse new meaning into the church as it confronts the forces of postmodernism and secularism.

    A Holy Meal is essential reading for Christians who want to ponder the Lord’s Supper again–perhaps truly for the first time.

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  • This Holy Mystery


    It’s Communion Sunday. The service is a little longer, and the sacrament is observed with gravity. You know it’s important, but the wonder is lost. What does it all mean, really?

    According to the results of a survey, you’re not alone. United Methodists have a strong sense of the importance of Holy Communion, but they also lack a meaningful understanding of the theology behind it. Reclaim a richer sacramental life in your congregation through a group study of This Holy Mystery.

    In 2004, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church adopted an official interpretative document on Holy Communion. (Go here to download a copy.) For the first time in our history, the denomination has an official, comprehensive statement of the practice and theology of the Lord’s Supper. Now, it’s time for congregations to help members understand the observance.

    “We believe that study of this document will yield increased appreciation for the sacrament in the worship experience and enable United Methodist people to draw nourishment and strength for their ongoing journeys of faith,” writes Felton.

    This Holy Mystery: A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion is a study guide of the General Conference approved document. An all-in-one resource, this book is for both participants and leaders. It’s divided into seven sessions, providing commentary on the history, practice, and principles of Holy Communion in United Methodist congregations. It also points to implication of the sacrament for ministry and mission.

    We come to the Table of the Lord seeking to have our spiritual needs met. The benefits include forgiveness, nourishment, healing, transformation, ministry and mission, and eternal life. Renew your appreciation for the divine grace made available through this sacrament.

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  • Sustained To Serve


    The inspiring prayers in Sustained To Serve open a window into the presence of the living Christ in our ordinary daily activities. Originally created for use during the communion and offering parts of worship services, these heartfelt petitions share deep feelings of awe and wonder at Christ’s sacrificial love and offer thanksgiving for God’s infinite gifts. With material for a variety of seasons and circumstances, this book is much more than just a collection of worship aids — it’s also perfect for devotional reading or just to help bring you closer to the Almighty amidst the bustle of everyday life.

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  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers Handbook


    This practical volume explores every aspect of serving as a eucharistic minister in the Catholic church. It offers in-depth teaching on the meaning of the Eucharist; personal preparation for the rite of commissioning; an explanation of the practical skills required; pastoral advice on giving communion at home or in hospital as well as help for those unexpected moments when something may go wrong. A warm and encouraging companion for all who serve in this ministry.

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  • Feasts Of The Kingdom


    Feasts and festivals are a central part of many cultures, and for Christians there is no more important “meal” than Holy Communion, in which we commemorate our liberation through the sacrificial death of Jesus. Yet there are many other occasions in the Bible where Jesus taught his friends and disciples as he ate and drank. In The Feasts Of The Kingdom, Maurice Fetty examines a wide variety of sacred meals in scripture, ranging from the Lord’s supper to banquets in the parables. He connects these occasions to our mealtimes today, where we can develop a sense of community and Christian fellowship that is emblematic of the spiritual feast at the heart of the Church’s worship. With 26 messages included for all seasons of the church year, this volume is an especially valuable source of preaching ideas. But most of all, Fetty’s insights provide sustenance for the soul!

    Chapter titles include:
    * Faith And Fast-Food Religion (John 6:67-68)
    * The Hunger Pangs Of Success (Philippians 2:5-7)
    * Breakfast On The Beach (John 21:9, 12)
    * The Ultimate Wedding Reception (Revelation 19:9)
    * Table Manners In A Hungry World (Luke 16:20-21)
    … and many more!

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  • He Took A Towel


    Appropriate for Maundy Thursday or any time throughout the year, this resource contains several sermons and a full-blown service of Holy Communion, Feetwashing, and Agape Meal (or Love Feast). Detailed bread recipes and instructions for all the preparations are included along with bulletin texts.

    Examination Service And Feetwashing Service
    Meditation: “Broken For You”
    Service: The Lords Supper
    Sermons Include:
    “Seeing A Familiar Friend All Over Again For The First Time”
    “Peter Asks A Question”
    “No Forks Or Napkins”

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  • Disciples Redeemed


    Though it is perfect for the Easter season, this series of monologues about the lives of the Disciples following Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, may be used any time throughout the year. Congregations will learn the often overlooked post-Easter story of each of the Disciples as they never have before.

    The staging of Disciples Redeemed can be one with a table set up like the last supper table with the Disciples, except for Judas, seated around the table. The story begins with Saul giving his monologue at floor level with the audience and ends with Paul at the table with the rest of the Disciples. The monologue of Judas is optional.

    Suggestions for staging and optional costumes are included.

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  • Table Talk


    This service requires little preparation and involves only three readers. The build up to Holy Communion is dramatic and scriptural, climaxing in the betrayal of Judas, the sense of corporate guilt and the need for forgiveness.

    In Table Talk we hear conversations between Jesus and his friends, enemies and those who are indifferent. These talks occur at tables where Jesus has come as a guest. The service culminates with Jesus serving as host to his disciples.

    In his own table story we learn that whether or not we come to the great banquet, the table of the Lord will be filled. It forces us to ask that if we do come and receive the bread and wine what will Jesus say to us? What will we say to him? How can we not find our faith strengthened, our love enlarged, and our understanding deepened by the table talk of Jesus?

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  • Come To The Feast


    A resource to deepen the understanding of the Eucharist, this companion contains the full text of “Common Worship” Order One and the different eucharistic prayers with explanatory notes throughout. Fuller explanations of key biblical and theological subjects are included.

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  • What Happens In Holy Communion


    All the large churches in the world agree on this: communion is the highest expression of the church unity. Yet it is exactly the act of communion that historically has given rise to vehement controversies among the churches. Michael Welker’s new book not only explores themeaning of holy communion but also the turning point on the way to common understanding.

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  • Fed By Gods Grace Year B


    This collection includes communion and postcommunion prayers for every Sunday and selected special days. Can be used in congregations that offer single or separate prayers for bread and cup and by congregations that do not use the lectionary.

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  • Childs Guide To The Holy Eucharist


    Rite II Eucharistic service presents the full text of the service from the Book of Common Prayer alongside commentary and cartoons that clarify the meaning of the words. Horton focuses on the “hows” and the “whats” of the service itself, in the belief that participation and information are, in the long term, the keys to Christian formation.
    This practical manual will be useful to a wide variety of groups. Church school teachers and pastors can use this in Sunday school classes or during the service itself to help children participate more fully. Parents and children will find this a helpful tool as they explore Christian life together. Instructors of confirmation classes will also find this a useful resource.

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  • Living In The Presence


    A masterwork of modern spiritual writing to guide all who long to live a contemplative Christian life.

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  • Sheep Will Be Scattered


    The Sheep Will Be Scattered is an impressive Maundy Thursday communion service. It involves the symbolic recreation of the Upper Room experience through an easy-to-create Last Supper tableau.

    Members of the congregation, invited beforehand, make up the tableau.

    The service focuses on the tensions and circumstances surrounding the disciples on this night. It encourages worshipers to identify with those tensions in their own faith lives.

    Elements include a suggested order of service, a brief commentary, introduction of each guest at the table, holy communion, a reading from Mark (for one to three voices), and a conclusion. The reading is the NRSV of Mark 14:26-50.

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  • Service Of Shadows


    “A Service Of Shadows” offers congregations a complete tenebrae service with a suggested order of service and an alternative ending with holy communion.

    This impressive service includes 15 candles and parts for up to 15 readers. As the Passion narrative is read, these candles will be extinguished one at a time as directed in the service.

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  • Eucharistic Theology Of Jeremy Taylor Today


    WHY TAYLOR TODAY? Jeremy Taylor is more than a famous figure from the Anglican past for much of what he created theologically remains an ingredient in Anglicanism today. Seen against the background of his own times, he stands out in a period rich in theological ability. Seen from the angle of our times, Taylor commands our attention as a precursor. His Real Presence and Spiritual (1654) anticipates aspects of eucharistic theology in the Lima Report (1982) and in the Final Report(1982) or ARCIC I. His moral theology forms the context for his sacramental theology and forestalls much of the development characteristic of the twentieth-century revolution in that subject. He has moreover the curious capawy of appearing to make hirnself at times our contemporary.aaA man of paradox, both Laudon and liberal, steeped in the great tradition yet: on occasion strangely modern, he persistently defies easy classification. He is a theologian of affiliations but of no party, holding ‘the faith once ‘for all delivered’ but expounding it with

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