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Church Management

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  • 40 Days To Excellence In Church Management


    The modern church is being poorly managed but does not know it. The level of inefficiency and waste in today’s churches is staggering. 40 Days to Excellence in Church Management was written specifically for churches to convey basic business wisdom, management principles, and the best business practices. Unlike intimidating business textbooks, it includes forty short vignettes designed to be read like a daily devotional. Each chapter deals with everyday challenges and offers real-life examples derived from the author’s more than thirty years of experience. It shows how to (and sometimes how not to) handle each situation of conducting business for the church.

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  • Empowering Leadership : How A Leadership Development Culture Builds Better


    Pastor and author Michael P. Fletcher asserts that a leadership pipeline can’t be bought, rather it has to be built from the ground up. Fletcher guides the reader on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your church or organization.

    The key to continued success in any church or organization is a steady stream of healthy, growing leaders; but not just any leaders-leaders who carry the culture and embody its core values. But where can you find leaders like this?

    Author and leadership consultant Michael Fletcher says these types of leaders can’t simply be “bought” nor can they be hired off of someone else’s “assembly line.” These types of leaders have to be built through a leadership pipeline.

    A good leadership pipeline will help articulate the values of the church or organization and define the process required to move forward in it. However, to develop leaders at every level in the organization, to create an environment that attracts potential leaders, and to build better leaders faster, an organization needs more than a pipeline-it will need a culture that develops leaders organically.

    If your organization needs good a leadership development structure, then you’re holding the right book. Empowering Leadership details Michael’s greatest insights on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your organization-naturally, organically, continually.

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  • Time Management For The Christian Leader


    God gives each of us the same 168 hours a week. Why is it that some of us seem to spend our time more effectively and more efficiently than others? Our time is too short and our ministries too important for us to waste any of the hours God has entrusted to us.

    Author Ken Willard outlines some best practices, time wasters to avoid, and examples designed to apply in your life and ministry. How do we plan for the long-term, the short-term, and the daily? What are the connections between our tasks and our goals? Is there space between your load and your limit?

    Time Management for Christian Leaders challenges readers to identify why they are interested in improving their time management skills, where they currently struggle, and where they want to spend more time.

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  • Teams That Thrive


    Through practical insights, compelling research and real-life stories, church leadership veterans Warren Bird and Ryan Hartwig help you overcome the silo effect and build teams of mutual support and meaningful, sustainable action.

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  • Managing Stress In Ministry


    Pastors are leaving ministry. Faced with pressures and stresses in their marriage and family, in their career and employment, in their personal sense of self-worth and success — all too often pastors leave ministry tired and discouraged. How can a pastor manage the stress that comes with ministry before the point of burn out? Managing Stress in Ministry will help pastors and spouses find fresh hope, discover new tools for coping with stress, and help them move forward to more effective life and ministry. Through real-life stories and clear application, authors David and Lisa Frisbie will help pastors identify key stressors that affect ministry and provide realistic ways to implement habits to lower stress level. Much-needed resource for anyone in ministry.

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  • Conflict : Causes And Cures


    Conflict is serious and needs the church’s serious attention. Every eight hours a pastor is terminated. Every year over a thousand churches disband; often because of conflict.
    Supported by over thirty years of academic research and based on real-life experiences in ministry, Conflict: Causes and Cures presents practical perspectives, solutions, and resources for dealing with conflicted churches.
    Dr. Smith shares the top ten causes of conflict in a lively case study format and discusses three necessary approaches to conflict-education, mediation, and restoration.

    Complete with scripture references and biblical applications, Conflict: Causes and Cures is essential reading for those who are concerned about this critical problem that confronts our churches today.

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  • Mediating Faith : Faith Formation In A Trans Media Era


    The church struggles with media. Whether it is a denomination negotiating the 24-hour news cycle or a church evaluating how Facebook or online games are influencing the youth group, media is raising questions and placing demands on communities of faith in ways that could not have been imagined just 20 years ago. Thus the importance of understanding media for the church has never been greater.

    In Mediating Faith, church leaders of all kinds will find Clint Schnekloth an engaging and insightful guide to this new and sometimes wondrous world. In doing so he offers an evaluation and theological response to the trans-media era that highlights its potential to transform our work and world.Far from frightening, Schnekloth highlights the opportunities and the riches of this fascinating time.

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  • How To Be Team Player And Enjoy It


    Matt Williams has been an associate pastor, Christian college administrator, and has worked with church ministries around the country for over 40 years. He combines his experiences as a secular business manager, church staff member, and Christian leader with ministries to present practical principles that are invaluable in serving the Lord. How To Be A Team Player and Enjoy It is the result of working with pastors, staff members, and ministries across the country and seeing the problems faced in churches and Christian school ministries. Matt takes principles from God s word and applies them to our relationships and working with others as leaders. Christian leaders have encouraged Matt to relate these principles in printed form. This book reflects Matt s heart for people and the Lords work. How To Be A Team Player and Enjoy It should be required reading for all Christian leaders and workers.

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  • Leading Gods People


    Written by an acclaimed patristics scholar with firsthand parish experience, this book presents the key principles of church leadership as they were taught by some of the great pastor-theologians of the early church. Over the centuries, countless leaders from all church traditions – Eastern and Western, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox – have turned to the classic works on pastoral ministry for inspiration and guidance. Here Christopher A. Beeley draws on the wise teachings of early Christian leaders as he offers warmhearted pastoral advice to fellow ministers and candidates for ministry. Topics covered include the nature of Christian service, pastoral authority, spirituality for leaders, pastoral care and healing, Scripture and theology as resources for ministry, and the transformative power of word and sacrament.

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  • Grow Your Churches Income


    In these recessionary times, churches are as hard hit financially as anyone. Here is a simple, practical guide to making your church’s resources go as far as they possibly can in the short, medium and long term. In non-technical language this provides a basic guide to: Managing money and budgets, controlling your expenditure, ways of increasing income, how to address falling numbers and falling income, identifying ways to raise income from outside sources, getting the best prices for utilities and other services, group purchasing schemes etc. Illustrated with real examples from churches of all sizes and in all states of financial health, here is an indispensable guide.

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  • Church Administration And Management


    * Achieving excellence in church management * Vital information on proper, ethical conduct for God’s servants * Clear information on achieving the frugal use of resources * A valuable and timely resume of the full-time ministry * Takes you beyond mediocrity in church administration One night while studying in a remove town of Ghana, God miraculously anointed Dag Heward-Mills as he waited upon the Lord. He supernaturally heard the words, “From now on you can teach…” This supernatural call is what has ushered him into a worldwide ministry. Today, his Healing Jesus Crusades are conducted throughout the world with thousands in attendance and many accompanying miracles. These phenomenal miracles, attested to by medical doctors have included the opening of the eyes of the blind, the restoring of hearing to the deaf, the emptying of wheel chairs and even the raising of the dead. Dag Heward-Mills, an author of several bestselling books also founded the Lighthouse Chapel International has become a worldwide denomination. His radio, TV and internet programs reach millions around the world.

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  • Sticky Teams : Keeping Your Leadership Team And Staff On The Same Page


    Larry Osborne exposes the hidden roadblocks, structures, and goofy thinking that all too often sabotage the health and harmony of even the best intentioned ministry teams. Then with practical and seasoned advice he shows what it takes to get a leadership board, ministry team, and an entire congregation headed in the same direction, sticking together, unified and healthy for the long haul.

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  • Best Advice : Wisdom On Ministry From 30 Leading Pastors And Preachers


    This book gathers a diverse group of leading pastors and preachers and asks them: What is your best advice to colleagues in ministry about preaching and being a pastor? The responses are full of wisdom and practical advice, illuminating and helpful for all who are pastors and preachers.

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  • African American Pastoral Care


    In this major revision of his classic book, Dr. Edward Wimberly updates his narrative methodology by examining current issues in African American pastoral care and counseling.

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  • Leading From The Second Chair


    About Leadership Network.
    Foreword (Greg L. Hawkins).


    1. Living In The Paradoxes.

    2. Am I A Second Chair Leader?


    3. Taking It From The Top.

    4. Crossing The Line.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Subordinate-Leader Paradox.


    5. A Matter Of Perspective.

    6. Building The Team . . . One Relationship At A Time.

    7. Putting It Into Practice.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Deep-Wide Paradox.


    8. Contentment In The Second Chair.

    9. Dreaming In The Second Chair.

    10. Leaving The Second Chair.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Contentment-Dreaming Paradox.


    The People Behind The Stories: Profiles Of Second Chair Leaders.



    About The Authors.


    Additional Info
    LEADING FROM THE SECOND CHAIR will raise awareness of the need for strong leaders in secondary positions. It will describe the value they can bring to their organization and to primary leaders when they are serving at their full potential. It will reshape the way they view their role, with an emphasis on their own responsibility as leaders. It recognizes the unique challenges and frustrations of serving in a subordinate position and equips these leaders with the attitudes and skills that they will need to survive and thrive in this new paradigm.
    Because of the scarcity of resources for second chair leaders, particularly those in the church, this book will offer a practical way to improve the performance of any organization. Leading Congregational Change discussed the importance of a “vision community”–a diverse group of key members who discern and implement the vision for a congregation–to guide the transformation of a church. This work will extend the theme of an empowered leadership team as we explore how individual clergy and laity can lead effectively.

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  • New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier


    1. What Are Choice Points?
    2. Common Choice Points
    3. A Choice Point Growth Strategy
    4. The 200 Barrier
    5. Spiritual Preparations
    6. Planning
    7. Implementing
    8. Leading
    9. Conclusion: You Can!

    Additional Info
    Your church can rise from its plateau and Break The 200 Barrier!

    New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier is directed to both the pastor and the layperson and offers insights and strategies that will help your church move beyond the average and into the extraordinary. Based on current church trends, new research, and years of experience, strategist Dr. Bill Sullivan returns to the topic of his earlier work, Ten Steps To Breaking The 200 Barrier (1988), and revisits the challenges churches face when trying to grow beyond an attendance of 200. This time he focuses on how the decisions of the congregation affect the church as a whole. He stresses why it is important to train the people, as well as the pastor and church leaders, to understand and accept the changes that come with growth and the desire to expand Christ’s kingdom.

    New Perspectives On Breaking the 200 Barrier will help your church:
    * Examine the decisions made toward church growth and understand how to make better choices
    * Develop a strategy for dealing with tacit assumptions that remain fixed and unresponsive to change without placing all of the responsibility on the pastor
    * Focus on prayer and faith with new insight
    * Recognize that the gate of change is locked on the inside and it is the congregation that holds the key

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  • Understanding Church Growth (Revised)


    Author Donald A. McGavran is considered a founder of the Church Growth Movement in America. In this 3rd edition of his standard work, McGavaran analyzes the causes, methods and strategies for successful church growth both in America and abroad.

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  • Culture Shift : Transforming Your Church From The Inside Out


    About Leadership Network.
    Foreword (Erwin Raphael McManus).


    PART ONE: Awakening To Culture.

    1. Why Culture Matters.

    2. Your Destiny In Seed Form.

    3. What You Think Is What You See.

    PART TWO: Birthing The Culture.

    4. Totems: Identifying Your Church’s Culture.

    5. How To Shift Your Church’s Culture.

    6. Divine Partnership.

    PART THREE: Growing The Culture At New Hope O’ahu.

    7. Identifying New Hope’s Totems.

    8. Culture Setters.

    9. Plug-and-Play Subculture Vs. Authentic Culture.

    10. Creating And Re-Creating Culture.

    PART FOUR: Growing The Culture At Fellowship Bible Church.

    11. Identifying Fellowship Bible’s Totems.

    12. The Power Of A Disciplined Vision.

    13. Learning To Spot Opportunity.

    14. Courageous Adjustments To Safeguard The Values.

    PART FIVE: Advancing The Culture.

    15. Irresistible Culture.


    Appendix One: Involvement And Satisfaction Survey.

    Appendix Two: Sample Pages From A Life Journal.



    About The Authors.


    Additional Info
    Culture Shift, written for church leaders, ministers, pastors, ministry teams, and lay leaders, leads you through the process of identifying your church’s distinctive culture, gives you practical tools to change it from the inside-out, and provides steps to keep your new culture aligned with your church’s mission. Real transformation is not about working harder at what you’re already doing or even copying another church’s approach but about changing church culture at a foundational level.

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  • Solving The Missing Member Puzzle


    Something is wrong. People are going missing, right in front of your eyes! One minute they are staring back at you from their favorite pew, the next Sunday you are looking at an empty spot in that pew. Is there a way to determine ahead of time which members are the likely “religious dropouts”? Often the clues are clearly visible – but can you recognize them? What’s more, do you know what you can do now to keep your “missing members” from drifting away? The secret lies in knowing and understanding the attitudes and belief systems that people hold, because certain sets of attitudes are linked to inactivity.

    A detailed examination of this distressingly common experience, Solving The Missing Member Puzzle can help you spot potential dropouts in advance, learn the reasons why they become inactive, and counteract the process with a proactive strategy for reaching them while they are still within your grasp. Based on “blind” interviews with individuals from ten different congregations, it reveals the underlying attitudes and belief systems that encourage or discourage dropping out of church.

    Solving The Missing Member Puzzle is a valuable tool for leaders of any church or organization – it shows how you can develop more faithful members, and assists in their growth, participation, and retention. Don’t wait until people drop out before you take action. Learn ways to anticipate which members of your congregation might become inactive and the preventive measures that you can take to help keep them in the pews.

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  • Church Safety And Security


    (with John M. Edie, Dennis K. Lewis, Edward L. Spain & Donna M. Washburn)

    The church has always been regarded as a safe haven – a spiritual sanctuary where people can come to worship God free from worries about violence or unethical behavior by those involved in church ministry. But our culture is changing, and church leaders can no longer assume that “it won’t happen in my church.” Like the rest of society, churches need to ensure the safety and security of their facility, staff, and worshipers.

    This book provides a wealth of practical information on preparing for and responding to the challenges of a dangerous world. Robert Cirtin draws on more than two decades of law enforcement and investigative experience, and with his team of professionals outlines a “how-to” approach full of specific proactive steps churches can take to protect themselves and reduce the risk of costly lawsuits. Church Safety And Security is a must-have resource for anyone participating in or preparing for church leadership.

    Topics covered include:
    ? Utilizing background screening to protect your congregation
    ? Safety and security issues for church-run preschool and day care programs
    ? Preparing for and responding to medical emergencies
    ? How to deal with issues pertaining to child abuse
    ? Legally mandated responsibilities of church staff members
    ? How to utilize security/surveillance cameras in the church facility
    ? Organizing a church security officer program
    ? Effectively coping with intruders
    ? Responding to violent acts when they occur
    ? How to conduct a thorough investigation

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  • Hidden Lives Of Congregations


    Faced with crisis, lack of direction, or just plain “stuckness,” many congregations and their leaders are content to deal only with surface issues and symptoms-only to discover that the same problems keep recurring, often in different, and more serious, ways. In The Hidden Lives of Congregations, Christian educator and consultant Israel Galindo takes leaders below the surface of congregational life to provide a comprehensive, holistic look at the corporate nature of church relationships and the invisible dynamics at play.

    Informed by family systems theory and grounded in a wide-ranging ecclesiological understanding, Galindo unpacks clearly the factors of congregational lifespan, size, spirituality, and identity and shows how these work together to form the congregation’s hidden life. He provides useful tools for diagnosing and understanding how one’s congregation fits into the various categories he names and suggests what leadership skills are necessary to get beyond the impasse of surface issues and help the congregation achieve its mission.

    The Hidden Lives of Congregations provides one of the most far-reaching looks into the invisible nature of faith communities written in recent years. For seminaries and divinity schools, it provides a standard text for getting a solid start in congregational practices; for experienced pastors, it provides support for renewing ministry; for lay leaders and committees, it offers insight to deepening mutual ministry. Israel Galindo has written an indispensable manual that leaders will return to repeatedly for new wisdom and guidance on the unseen mechanisms that drive congregational life.

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  • Becoming Barnabas : The Ministry Of Encouragement


    Western culture has made a cult of success, and the church has accepted the larger culture’s definition, focusing on success as growth in membership and budget, rather growth in faithfulness as disciples of Jesus. When we do not measure up, we become discouraged, disillusioned, and perhaps even envious.

    Paul Moots offers a welcome antidote: a vision for the ministry of encouragement. Based on his study of the book of Acts, Moots has identified five incidents from the ministry of Barnabas, an easily overlooked character, that provide a starting point to explore encouragement and how it can work in a congregation. Moots then examines five components of this ministry: partnership, hospitality, courage, reconciliation, and authenticity.

    Moots details numerous examples to show how the ministry of encouragement offers a workable, effective pattern for church leadership. “I am convinced,” he writes, “that accepting Barnabas as my model has changed my ministry for the better and that Barnabas’s example can benefit any pastor and congregation who take his lessons seriously.”

    Barnabas and his ministry of encouragement offer us a focus for the vital, messy, and exhilarating work required of us as faith communities. Foreword by Robert Reber

    “At last! Here is a leadership book that provides practical help for congregations of every size and setting and pastors with a variety of gifts. Drawing from his own experience as a pastor, Moots shares a model of faithful ministry that is within the reach of every pastor, layperson, and congregation.”-Rueben P. Job

    “In an age when so many pastors and leaders are discouraged, no work of the Spirit is more needed or more welcome than encouragement. Moots’s book moves beyond diagnosis and actually shows readers how to ‘become Barnabas’ in ministries of partnership, hospitality, courage, and reconciliation.”-Donna Duensing

    Paul Moots has served as pastor in a variety of settings in his 22 years of ministry: associate pastor, campus ministry, pastor of an urban congregation, and his current position in the village church of First United Methodist in Mount Sterling, Ohio.

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  • Parish Survival Guide


    SKU (ISBN): 9780281056651ISBN10: 028105665XMartin Dudley | Virginia RoundingBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2004Publisher: SPCK Print On Demand Product

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  • New Altar Guild Book (Large Type)


    Offers a lively blend of liturgical history, sacramental theology, and practical hints to help parish altar guilds carry out their ministry.

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  • Find A Niche And Scratch It


    Jesus was uniquely adept in the art of “reading” people. He fit his approach to the precise needs and interests of the person with whom he was dealing, and he spoke the cultural language of that individual. In this book, Robert Perry takes what Jesus and others have done intuitively-niche marketing-and provides a framework for applying those principles in everyday practice.

    Convinced that congregations can learn from the wisdom of secular disciplines and apply that wisdom to congregational life without damaging the integrity of the Christian faith, Perry offers a detailed process for using sound marketing principles to identify a congregation’s strengths and the needs of its community, and to develop strategies for effective ministry.

    Perry’s plan: to create a common vocabulary that will bridge the communication gap between the disciplines of business marketing and congregational outreach strategizing. The key: to keep in mind the reason we are working to reach people-not to make money for shareholders, but to share the Good News that God loves us. The goal: to foster genuinely healthy, growing congregations! Foreword by Robert D. Dale.

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  • Growing Together : Spiritual Exercises For Church Committees (Revised)


    Growing Together offers church committees a way to grow spiritually as individuals and together as a group. Each of the fifty exercises in this book includes an opening prayer, a personal sharing exercise, a Bible reading and discussion questions, and a closing prayer. The exercises are grouped according to the needs of church committees: First meetings, Discovering Gifts and Setting Goals, Discerning What God Asks of Us, Receiving God’s Guidance as We Work, Growing Closer to Each Other, Facing Challenges Together, Working Through Conflict, and Celebrating Accomplishmnents and Closure.

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  • New Tools For A New Century


    Is your church bewildered by the new technologies? Newell tours the most important options, keeping in mind the financial constraints of small- to medium-sized churches. Sane, careful explanations of how to set up a congregational website, use PowerPoint presentation software, and plenty more.

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  • Listening To God


    People today are less interested in thinking about God while being much more interested in knowing God, observes spiritual director and author John Ackerman, who served as a parish pastor for four decades. In this insightful book, Ackerman outlines ways congregations can promote members’ spiritual growth toward a greater intimacy with God. This book is about the whole system-individuals and small groups, lay leaders and clergy, worship and education-everything we do in a congregation to form us more fully into the body of Christ and to become aware of Christ in us. Ackerman offers two basic, four-step models and several additional tools that can be used to create a more encompassing process. And it all begins with learning to listen as a community, and to notice what God is doing in our life together. Foreword by Alice Mann, author of Can Our Church Live? and The In-Between Church.

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  • Reading The Bible In Faith A Print On Demand Title


    Reading the Bible in Faith gathers the deepest reflections of leading pastor-theologians dealing with the heart of Holy Scripture – the restoration of the proper relationship between God and his people. Speaking ecumenically, pastor to pastor, the contributors to this very special book provide sound encouragement, rooted in both the Bible and experience, to other church leaders who are also called to stand as the theologians of their local congregations. Seeing the present “crisis of the church” more truly as a crisis of faith that compels too many pastors to major in the minors, this volume confidently reaffirms the Christian gospel as the trustworthy and dynamic basis for the church’s mission and ministry. Short, insightful writings by respected leaders of local congregations urge church renewal through scripturally grounded preaching, teaching, pastoral care, and church administration.

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  • Uncovering Your Churchs Hidden Spirit


    Parishioners today look to their congregations to feed their spiritual hunger. But many members and clergy are not sure how the words “congregation” and “spirituality” fit together. Author Celia Hahn interviewed 30 lay people and clergy from five Episcopal congregations to discover their stories of congregational spirituality and to help them identify the congregation’s gifts for spiritual development. Hahn becomes a spiritual companion and resource for the searching congregation, guiding the church as it begins to discover its gifts. How is God at work in our congregation? How do members empowered by the transforming Spirit minister in their workplaces, neighborhoods, and families? How do members move into a deeper relationship with one another and with God? Foreword by Tilden Edwards, executive director of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Direction.

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  • Listening Ministry : Rethinking Pastoral Leadership


    Listening Ministry is a timely and practical work that invites church leaders (professional and non-professional) to look at leadership in the church in a completely different way. It is also a valuable scholarly work that calls forth new learning through the reflection questions provided at the end of each chapter. The book helps readers rethink the dynamics of ministry from the perspective of listening, focusing on both its individual and communal dimensions. Hedahl’s work presents a unique blend of theological reflection on listening, new and tested research on listening as it relates to church leadership, and suggested forms of listening as education and skills assessment in a continual effort to locate and understand listening as the heart of effective and faithful ministry.

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  • Mission Based Management (Reprinted)


    This practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-use workbook provides key tools to help managers of nonprofits ensure that their organization pursues its mission, meets the changing needs of the community-and has enough money to make ends meet-while also satisfying the demands of funders, clientele, boards, staff, and bankers. Designed to equip nonprofit managers and other nonprofit workers with the guidance they need to do their jobs and run their organizations more effectively and efficiently, this workbook is also a hands-on tool to help implement the ideas in the author’s highly regarded Mission-Based Management. Filled with indispensable checklists, worksheets, forms, displays, and hands-on suggestions, and including a companion CD-ROM, the Workbook will show you how to smoothly and successfully:
    * Hone your organization’s core competencies
    * Focus your resources
    * Improve overall mission capability
    * Get the most out of group discussions
    * Utilize self-assessment tools

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  • Leading And Managing A Growing Church


    Not all pastors are natural-born managers—but they can learn! In this practical volume, Hunter gathers insights from the best leadership and management experts, then shows pastors how to apply proven-effective principles to the service of the church. Learn to be a dynamic supervisor, a skilled steward of church resources, and more!

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  • Magnetic Music Ministry


    SKU (ISBN): 9780687007318ISBN10: 0687007313Bill Owens | Editor: Herb MillerBinding: Trade PaperEffective ChurchPublisher: Abingdon Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Attending Parishioners Spiritual Growth


    In this clarion call to tend to spiritual growth, Williamsen provides a much-needed resource for clergy. Discover how to assist parishioners in their prayer and spiritual life. Learn how individual spiritual growth can flow back into the congregation’s growth as a community. Explore new ideas and practical approaches to using Christian education, worship, retreats, devotional guides, and church meetings as tools to achieve spiritual growth. Learn about spirituality gender differences; the importance of your own spiritual life; spiritually grounding lay leaders; encouraging spiritual friendships and study groups. For clergy interested in developing spirituality at the individual level; seminary professors who want to help their students explore this aspect of parish ministry; and judicatory executives who wish to encourage their clergy in this area.

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  • 1 Church Many Congregations


    Does your church struggle to reach your surrounding neighborhoods because of social boundaries? The Key Church Strategy presents the Christian message in a way that respects the indigenous concerns of different cultural groups. Discover how 300 churches in 27 states have used this outreach plan to link traditional and nontraditional congregations under a single sponsoring church!.

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  • Leading The Team Based Church


    Learning The Circle Dance Of God.

    Building On A Receptive Cultural Environment.


    The Covenanting Team.

    The Visionary Team.

    The Culture-Creating Team.

    The Collaborative Team.

    The Trusting Team.

    The Empowering Team.

    The Learning Team.

    Epilogue: A Word Of Encouragement.

    Resource: Two Examples Of Staff Covenants.



    Additional Info
    In Leading the Team-Based Church, George Cladis issues a clarion call for ministry teams to embrace a fresh leadership model that is not based on hierarchy, but on a process of collaboration that mirrors the relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He reminds us that today’s cultural environment–where authority has basis in trust, innovation reaps rewards, and spirituality takes root in life and work–has matured past the need for the hierarchy of traditional church leadership where the pastor had the final say. Through down-to-earth stories from his own experience and those of clergy in both mainline and evangelical churches, Cladis offers an exciting alternative to the traditional forms of church leadership, enabling pastors, congregational leaders, and staff to breathe new life into their ministries and unleash the full potential of the entire ministry team.

    Cladis, pastor of a fast-growing mainline congregation, demonstrates how cultural changes affecting all our institutions–not just the church–are making it easier to adopt this new model of leadership. Cladis’s practical advice will enable ministry teams to work together in ways that both embody the Christian message and call forth the full creativity and love of the entire team.

    “Just when it seems that all that can be said has been said on the subject of ‘teams’, just when one has tired of the gumming of the label ‘team’ on everything in sight, along comes perhaps the most significant religious book on teams yet published. Cladis juxtaposes the theological and cultural context for team-based ministry in a model presentation of what a conversation between Bible, theology, and culture should look like.”–Leonard Sweet, dean, The Theological School and vice president, Drew University

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  • Good News In Exile A Print On Demand Title


    We keep hearing about the dwindling popularity of mainline Protestant churches. Now three leading ministers draw on the works of George Lindbeck, Stanley Hauerwas, and others to discuss the current state of church life; explore the opportunities today’s world offers the church; and provide strategies for a new “postliberal” way to “do” church.

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  • Living On The Border Of The Holy


    There is a lot of tension in churches today about whose ministry is primary – that of the laity or of the clergy. Living on the Border of the Holy offers a way of understanding the priesthood of the whole people of God and the priesthood of the ordained by showing how both are rooted in the fundamental priestly nature of human life. After an exploration of the ministries of laity and ordained, Countryman examines the implications of this view of priesthood for churches and for education those studying for ordination.

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  • Studying Congregations : A New Handbook (Revised)


    224 Pages

    Additional Info
    A revised and updated edition of Handbook for Congregational Studies—the leading textbook in the field. Using a comprehensive systems approach, this volume helps you analyze the ministries, stories, and processes at work in congregations. Examine the sociological, anthropological, and demographic aspects of church bodies, and be better equipped for church planning and cultivating leadership skills.

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  • Accountable Leadership : A Resource Guide For Sustaining Legal Financial An (Rev


    With reports of financial impropriety and clergy misconduct making headlines, accountable leadership and sound management practices have become priority concerns in congregations of every faith. Accountable Leadership speaks to congregation leaders, both clergy and laity, and to individuals who love the worshiping community and seek the tools that can enable everyone in it to better care for one another.

    This is a practical compAndium of resources for creating and managing a sound, effective, and fair congregation. This new edition has been extensively revised and updated to include contemporary topics such as disturbing trAnds in reduced giving, new church-state issues, clergy misconduct and troublesome members, and legal issues associated with the congregation’s role as employer and provider of pastoral counseling.

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  • 12 Keys To An Effective Church (Teacher’s Guide)


    In this indispensable companion volume to Twelve Keys to an Effective Church, Kennon Callahan offers a practical, step-by-step guide for the most productive long-range planning. This guide will help both pastors and church leaders assess the strengths and weaknesses of their churches in 12 areas — ranging from specific mission objectives to solid financial resources — and shows leaders how to determine which methods will work best to advance their church and move their congregations toward action, accomplishment, and success.

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  • Interventionist


    The most effective way to influence both individual and institutional behavior is to ask questions. The Interventionist provides a conceptual framework for asking questions about congregations, and it classifies various syndromes that prevent a church from making the changes that are needed for new life. It will help church leaders find a good match between the needs of the congregations and the gifts, skills, experience, personality, leadership style, and priorities of the candidate. The book is also a productive guide for the trained, career interim minister who comes purposely for six to twenty-four months to sort out the issues and syndromes that plague a congregation.

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  • New Altar Guild Book


    Offers a lively blend of liturgical history, sacramental theology, and practical hints to help parish altar guilds carry out their ministry.

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  • Trouble At The Table


    How can we resolve the crsis and revitalize the worship in our church? Too often we evaluate worship as a matter of taste without examinging the presuppositions that inform worship in a given congregation. Exploring and developing techniques for handling resistance to change, the authors help church leaders see that worship is a public event, which must be continually renewed and revitalized.

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  • Gathering Of Strangers (Revised)


    SKU (ISBN): 9780664244880ISBN10: 0664244882Robert WorleyBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1983Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press Print On Demand Product

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