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  • Glad Obedience : Why And What We Sing


    The Christian practice of hymn singing, says renowned biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann, is a countercultural act. It marks the Christian community as different from an unforgiving and often ungrateful culture. It is also, he adds, an “absurd enterprise” in the midst of the hyper-busy, market-driven society that surrounds us. In this helpful and engaging volume, Brueggemann discusses both why we sing and what we sing. The first part of the book examines the Psalms and what they can teach us about the reasons that corporate song is a part of the Christian tradition. The second part looks at fifteen popular hymns, including classic and contemporary ones such as “Blest Be the Ties That Binds,” “God’s Eye Is on the Sparrow,” “Once to Every Man and Nation,” “Someone Asked the Question,” and “We Are Marching in the Light of God,” and the reasons why they have caught our imagination.

    “To know why we sing,” Brueggemann writes, “may bring us to a deeper delight in our singing and a strengthened resolve to sing without calculation before the God ‘who is enthroned on the praises of Israel’ (Ps. 22:3).

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  • Michael Jackson Speaks From Heaven


    17 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Did you know that it is possible to visit heaven and see who is living up there? Do you know that if you have a great relationship with Jesus, and if God has a purpose for it, that people who are living in heaven can come down to earth and visit you and spend time with you? One day, while Matthew watched a documentary called “This Is It” by Michael Jackson, Michael appeared to him. He proceeded to sing the songs on the film and dance in the room with Matthew. Soon, through multiple visits, Matthew grew to know Michael fairly well. In April 2016, Michael got Matthew out of bed and with the help of God’s Spirit, did a three-hour interview with Matthew. It was a divine revelation of heaven and more. Why don’t you read this message and spend some time to see what Michael has to say about: What heaven is like What he is doing up there What Jesus is really like The keys to a happy life and What true love looks like. Jesus wants you to read this message, and Michael wants to speak to you, so what are you waiting for?”

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  • 25 For 25


    Behind the music that has shaped and expressed a generation’s faith.

    Very few artists have impacted the faith of so many as Phillips, Craig and Dean has. For twenty-five years, the group has communicated God’s love through worship with some of the most well-liked inspirational music ever performed. In the pages of this book, you will now discover what the music has meant to them, the stories behind the songs, and how the music has touched so many lives. Your faith will also be impacted and deepened as you refresh your spirit with this music and find powerful messages of grace, love, and hope. God has shaped and used Phillips, Craig and Dean in amazing ways in their years of working together, and now you can have an inside view of God’s artistry through their music.

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  • Michael Jackson Speaks From Heaven


    17 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Did you know that it is possible to visit heaven and see who is living up there? Do you know that if you have a great relationship with Jesus, and if God has a purpose for it, that people who are living in heaven can come down to earth and visit you and spend time with you? One day, while Matthew watched a documentary called “This Is It” by Michael Jackson, Michael appeared to him. He proceeded to sing the songs on the film and dance in the room with Matthew. Soon, through multiple visits, Matthew grew to know Michael fairly well. In April 2016, Michael got Matthew out of bed and with the help of God’s Spirit, did a three-hour interview with Matthew. It was a divine revelation of heaven and more. Why don’t you read this message and spend some time to see what Michael has to say about: What heaven is like What he is doing up there What Jesus is really like The keys to a happy life and What true love looks like. Jesus wants you to read this message, and Michael wants to speak to you, so what are you waiting for?”

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  • Reflect Reclaim Rejoice Study Guide


    This small-group study serves as a companion resource for the 2015 Emmy-winning DVD, Reflect, Reclaim, Rejoice: Preserving the Gift of Black Sacred Music. Four centuries ago, Blacks enslaved in America created a music form that gave solace even during the most inhumane conditions. Reflect, Reclaim, Rejoice: Preserving the Gift of Black Sacred Music traces the music’s history and invites readers to see and experience the ways it is being kept alive.

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  • Does God Listen To Rap


    A lot of people think that if there is one style of music in the world that God hates, it has got to be rap. Some have even gone so far as to call rap, “An unclean thing before the Lord.” They don’t believe something originally associated with so much evil can ever be redeemed for God’s glory.

    Lots of other people love and accept rap as their preferred form of musical expression. Many of these who are Christians can’t imagine why God would have any issues with rap – at least, not with songs by believers that encourage and edify them in the faith.

    Who’s right? And maybe more importantly, who cares? You should. And here’s why.

    In the past 30 years, rap music has become a vital artistic and cultural force globally, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Like it or not, you are probably exposed to rap in one form or another on a fairly regular basis. If you’re interested in this book you may be a believer in Jesus who likes rap a lot, and as Christians, when we love something that is (if you hadn’t noticed) closely associated with sin and rebellion, our justification for being involved with it really does need to go beyond, “Dude, this is good stuff.”

    But maybe you’re in a different category. Maybe you’re a Christian parent, concerned that rap music may have a negative impact on your child. Maybe you’re a youth pastor worried about having a rap concert at his church because of the potential pushback. Or maybe you’re just a rap fan who is curious to see if there’s even any biblical evidence for or against rap.

    To put it simply, if you’ve made it this far, this book is probably for you. Does God Listen to Rap? covers two areas. First, it presents a sociological history of the emergence and development of rap. If you enjoy rap and hip hop culture, you’ll love this part of the book. Then the book explores the Scriptures to bring some biblical (not just personal or anecdotal) resolution to the question of God and rap. Ultimately, this involves a set of larger questions involving God and the arts. This is more than just an apologetic for rap music, this is a biblical way to think about how Christians can be in the world yet not of the world, and how they can express themselves to the glory of God.

    So, does God listen to rap? Come find out.

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  • Music For Your Heart


    Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days? Whether it’s a favorite tune or a song whose title or lyrics we can’t remember, something about it impacts us and holds our attention. Why? How did the song come to be? Why was it written? And what does the song really mean? In Music for Your Heart, bestselling and award-winning author Ace Collins takes you behind the scenes of your favorite songs to show how the lyrics and music began. Through insider stories, artist bios, and inspiration from Scripture, Collins weaves stirring reflections on the biblical truths displayed in our adored and popular classics. Whether the featured song is a holiday carol, children’s worship tune, or love song, each short chapter will inspire curious music enthusiasts as well as those seeking a book for a devotional meditation. Digging deep into the words and history of the music, these uplifting and informative reflections will warm the heart-like the songs themselves. [show interior spread in catalog] Songs include: Jesus Loves Me You Are My Sunshine Teddy Bear White Christmas Amazing Grace California Dreamin’ Blue Moon Jingle Bells You Raise Me Up Deep and Wide I Will Always Love You Moon River

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  • A Cappella Music in the Public Worship of the Church


    This book employs a methodology that I have found helpful in dealing with other topics. This procedure is to assemble the New Testament texts on the topic and interpret them, then check this interpretation against usage in early Christian literature outside the New Testament, and finally to examine the doctrinal considerations to determine if the interpretation rests on solid biblical theology. Rather than gathering quotations from secondary literature, my approach is to read the source documents in the original and present the texts in their context. At the time of first edition of the book, mine was the fullest collection of historical statements on early church music readily available. Other studies since that time are largely supportive of the historical facts presented in my work, even if the authors do not consider the evidence normative for today. My conclusion is that the practice of unaccompanied congregational singing rests on good biblical, historical and doctrinal grounds.

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  • All Things Necessary


    A very successful music leader resource that has served the church well for nearly 20 years – now completely updated, revised and retitled.
    Formerly A Guide to the Practice of Church Music by Marion J. Hatchett

    A Guide to the Practice of Church Music was first published by Church Hymnal Corporation in 1989. It was an essential resource for church musicians using The Hymnal 1982. It also became part of the core materials for the Leadership Program for Musicians, which began in the Episcopal Church (along with the ELCA) in 1991.

    In keeping with the original work, this new book – developed by career church musician Marti Rideout – provides comprehensive information about the resources available to the Episcopal church musician; promotes a contemporary philosophy of music in the church; captures the specific intent of music in the Episcopal Church, and supplies detailed instruction for planning music for liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Occasional Services.

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  • You Cant Keep A Good Tune Down


    Warbling sopranos, bellowing basses, someone in the back row at least a line ahead of everyone else, fusty robes, intransigent organists and temperamental clergy – welcome to the world of the local church choir. There is no better observer of the volatile relations between the clergy, the choir, the organist and the congregation than Reg Frary who has seen it all in over seventy years’ first hand experience of sitting in the choir stalls Sunday by Sunday and at weddings, funerals, carol services, festivals and other occasions.

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  • Sounds Of Our Offerings


    The Sounds of Our Offerings is good news about the music of the church. It recounts what has been learned from studying nine congregations where music promotes the full, active, conscious participation of the worshipers and where it has done so consistently and coherently for many years. Pastors and musicians reflect on their work together and offer rich insights about what works and what does not. Lay musicians and members of the congregation also share their experiences with music in worship.

    Though no site was without its struggles, and at times difficult choices had to be made, for the most part, we see unremarkable, week to week, year to year, faithful rendering of music for prayer and praise. We see that sometimes the nature of the music took a slightly different turn, one that built upon the foundations of the past. The music choices in these churches are not restricted to one particular era or style, but rather reflect the broader church’s music repertoire, including the best recently written music.

    These are the stories of churches with a reputation for their fine music programs, churches that, with their leaders and congregations, have worked out these programs in consistent, coherent ways. In most cases, the programs span multiple priests/pastors and musicians. The Sounds of Our Offerings is about excellent music and how it has found its way into the life and faith practices of these congregations.

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  • Music And Vital Congregations


    A guide for clergy to develop a church music program
    Addresses key issues in the musical life of the parish
    Outlines how vital music leads to a vital parish
    Provides the rationale for using a variety of music in the parish

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  • Hymn Writers Of Early Pennsylvania


    William Penn’s promise of religious freedom brought many diverse religious groups to Pennsylvania in the 17th and 18th centuries. Each brought pre-existing hymns and hymn tunes, but many also wrote original texts and music. This book examines the hymns of the 1694 Wissahickon settlement under Johannes Kelpius, the 18th century Ephrata Cloister of Conrad Beissel, and the hymn life of the Bethlehem Moravian Unitas Fratrum. Among the later writers of hymn text or music selected for this study are William Kirkpatrick, John Wyeth, William Gustavus Fischer, Francis Hopkinson, Eleanor C. Donnelly, and many more. Sample texts are included for many hymns, and six musical scores are reproduced. Of special interest are the earliest texts and music from the Wissahickon and Ephrata communities. Pennsylvania’s hymn background is unique and compelling. The stories of the writers and their hymns should appeal to anyone interested in hymns, theology, music, or American history.

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  • Better Get It In Your Soul


    This book offers hope to parishes searching for a way to make their liturgies more meaningful in the local context. Written by a priest and a musician who have worked together for many years in the Canterbury House ministry at the University of Michigan, this book describes methods that demonstrate a respect for others’ gifts and skills, discernment of spiritual needs, and welcoming the creative force of the Holy Spirit into the planning process. Though thoroughly based in the Book of Common Prayer liturgy, the experience and ideas presented here are described in ways that will be useful to all liturgical denominations.

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  • Guitar And A Pen


    Nothing tells a story better than the story-songs of country music. A GUITAR AND A PEN presents, for the first time, the literary work of some of the best storytellers in the world: the songwriters who cut and polish tales down to sparkling three-minute gems. A blend of humor and poignancy, these tales range from Kris Kristofferson’s charming tale of how an explicit natural rock formation causes chaos in a small farming town, to the domestic drama of a Kentucky family with six daughters, to Charlie Daniels’ character-driven fable of money and unhappiness, to Gary Nicholson’s riveting tale of an albino African American singer/songwriter who inspired him to be a musician.

    A celebration of music and storytelling, other contributors include Hal Ketchum, Janis Ian, Mark D. Sanders, Tom T. Hall, Marshall Chapman, and Robert Hicks, among many other notable Nashville luminaries.

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  • Music And Theology


    This volume explores the major concerns and questions regarding music as it intersects with theology – past and present. Saliers, a senior scholar in this field, addresses in a clear and concise style the scope and contours of these issues as they relate to theological inquiry and application. He sketches the nature and significance of the subject, the history of reflection, the current lines of inquiry, and his own contribution to the discussion. He then opens the broader lines of discussion in suggestive, evocative, and programmatic ways.

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  • Art Of Worship (Reprinted)


    Provides in-depth instruction to every aspect of contemporary worship leadership-from assembling the team to choosing the music to conducting rehearsals.

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  • Modern Organ Guide


    The Modern Organ Guide was written to assist organ committee members who are engaged in the task of selecting a new organ or keyboard instrument for their church. This guide seeks to embrace the diversity of music and worship styles that are represented in the Christian church today. Therefore, many types of organs are discussed, from traditional pipe organs to their electronic counterparts, tone wheel organs, and MIDI keyboards. Technological advancements that have been incorporated into these instruments are discussed in order to familiarize committee members with these concepts. Additionally, a wide spectrum of organs is discussed, along with the companies that build them.

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  • Pickin Up The Pieces


    When a young Richie Furay moved to New York hoping to make it big in folk music, God wasn’t one of his concerns. But destiny was.
    Later, when he started Buffalo Springfield with Neil Young and Stephen Stills, it seemed Furay’s destiny had finally arrived. Although the band recorded only three albums, it remains a touchstone of sixties rock music-with all five band members now enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Furay remained a musical pioneer, forming Poco and recording some of the first-and best-country rock music of the sixties and seventies. His work was a major influence on the Eagles and innumerable other bands. But he still had not found his destiny.
    It wasn’t until his marriage almost disintegrated that Furay confronted his need for God. After co-founding two legendary bands and recording with a rock super-group, Richie Furay finally found his destiny. The long journey took him from sold-out arena concerts to the pulpit of a Colorado church, from rock royalty to the Rock of Ages.
    Destiny is often found in the places where we’re not looking. As you follow the twists and turns in Richie Furay’s inspiring journey, you’ll gain fresh insight into your own.

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  • Nurturing Spirit Through Song


    Mary K. Oyer is a remarkable woman whose teaching has touched many people. Rebecca and Shirley, editors, offer a look at her remarkable life and contributions to church-related music and hymnody.

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  • Then Sings My Soul Book 2


    Rob Morgan’s unmistakable talent for storytelling continues to help reacquaint people with the hymns of the faithful. With Then Sings My Soul, his goal was to keep traditional hymns vital and meaningful to all generations. Over 300,000 copies have been sold, and it’s still going strong!

    In Then Sings My Soul Book 2, don’t look for a recounting of boring stories. These devotional-style stories brim with emotion and drama about the people whose faith led them to write the hymns, and about the people whose lives were changed by them. Designed to be personally reflective, these stories speak to your soul and add depth and meaning as you worship God through the beauty of song.

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  • Songs Of The Isles


    Many people know of the Carmina Gadelica, the collection of Gaelic songs, prayers and blessings from the Hebrides, yet few have access to its five volumes published in Scotland between 1900 and 1952.

    Here, an attractive selection is made for the contemporary reader and freshly translated to reflect the particular Christian experience of the people who composed them: Celtic Christians in the 7th to 9th centuries who worshipped the Trinitarian God, had a devotion to the Virgin Mary, the Archangels and the Saints, and a love of the Bible, especially the Psalms. Some 130 poems and prayers are included, arranged in eleven sections including The Power of Heaven, Home and Family and Soul Journey. An extended introduction opens up the world that produced these extraordinary and beautiful prayers and blessings.

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  • Earth And All Stars


    All ages will enjoy this collection of songs by the author of Earth and All Stars and Love, Love, Love! Herb Brokering, a treasure among hymn writers of our time, has selected 170 of the best of his hymn and song texts for this volume. Includes over forty “Songs to Children’s Rhymes” set to melodies known by young and old. These songs are easy to learn and fun to sing at home, in learning settings, in worship, and wherever God’s people join their voices. Developed with the assistance of Wheat Ridge Ministries.

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  • Then Sings My Soul


    The Favorite and Most Loved Hymn Stories!

    Rob Morgan’s inimitable style will help people reacquaint themselves with the hymns of the faithful. His goal is to keep these traditional hymns vital and meaningful to all generations.

    Don’t look for a dry recounting of boring stories. These devotional-style stories will show the emotion and drama behind the hymns of faith that have changed many lives throughout history — the people whose faith led them to write these wonderful hymns and the people whose faith was affected by reading, hearing, and singing the songs. Designed to be personally reflective, these stories will speak to your soul and add depth and meaning as you worship God through song.

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  • Music In Ancient Israel Palestine



    Geographical, Chronological, And Cultural Parameters
    Musical Instruments In The Bible
    The Instruments
    ‘ Aseberoim
    mesiltayim, Selselim
    nebel, Nebel ‘asor
    pa’ Amon
    qeren Hayyobel
    opar And operot Hayyobelim
    Instruments In Daniel
    Collective Expressions – Typological Terminology
    Terminology In The Psalms And Unresolved Questions
    Instruments In The New Testament

    (12th Millennium-3200 B.C.)
    Natufians (ca. 12,000-8000 B.C.)
    Syncretism Of Work, Cult, Adornment, And Sound
    The Chalcolithic Period (ca. 4000-3200 B.C.)
    Music In The Dumuzi Cult
    The Appearance Of The Harp

    (3200-1200 B.C.)
    Dance With Lyres And Drums
    The Lute
    Egyptian-Canaanite Music – Gods And Musicians
    Music In The Symposium
    Clay Rattles: Mass Music – Mass Cults – Mass Culture
    The Priests’ Bronze Cymbals
    The Megiddo Flute

    (1200-587 B.C.)
    Female Drummers In The Israelite-Judean Kingdom And Surroundings
    From The Sacred Female Double-Reed Blowers To Male Double-Reed Players
    Lyres In Solo And Ensemble Performance
    Pottery Drawings
    Musicians And Dancers Of The Philistine And Phoenician Coast
    Conch Trumpets
    The Mystery Of Absence, Or An Argumentum Ex Silentio?
    The Babylonian-Persian Period (587-333 B.C.): An Interlude

    (Fourth Century B.C.-Fourth Century A.D.)
    Apotropaic Bells
    Idumean Hunting And Mourning Music And The Jewish Temple Trumpets
    The Nabatean-Safaitic Culture
    Instruments Of Avant-Garde Professionals And Conventional Folk-Musicians
    The Cult Of Dionysus
    Musical Instruments In Samaritan Areas
    Musical Instruments As Symbols Of Cult, State, And Identity
    The Shofar: Tool Of Sound And Ritual, Symbol Of Faith And National Identity
    Index Of Subjects And Names
    Index Of Scripture References

    Additional Info

    This book contains the first study of the musical culture of ancient Israel/Palestine based primarily on the archaeological record. Noted musicologist Joachim Braun explores the music of the Holy Land region of the Middle East, tracing its form and development from its beginning in the Stone Age to the fourth century A.D.

    This is not a study of “music in the Bible” or music in “biblical times” but a unique, in-depth investigation of the historical periods and cultures that influenced the music of the region and its people. Braun combines significant archaeological findings – musical instruments, terra cotta and metal figures, etched stone illustrations, mosaics – with evidence drawn from written (mainly biblical) texts and anthropological, sociological, and linguistic sources.

    The portrait Braun assembles of this past musical world is both fascinating and innovative, suggesting a reconsideration of many views long accepted by tradition. Enhanced with numerous illustrations and photographs that bring the archaeological evidence to life, this exceptional work will be a valued resource for scholars, students, and general readers interested in the history of music, biblical studies, Jewish studies, and the cultures of the ancient Near East.

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  • Fire For The Choir


    One of the eternal challenges facing church choir directors is how to recruit new members, and then, how to keep them interested and retain them. No matter how large or small the congregation, it is the energy and commitment of a music program’s participants that ultimately determines how successful it is.

    While there are plenty of books about the musical techniques of choir directing, there are precious few that deal with the organizational nuts-and-bolts and the people skills required for a smoothly functioning music program. Ellis Dillard Thompson, a veteran choir director and music educator, shares his tried and proven methods for getting choir members excited — to keep them serving and loving it! He focuses on the role of a church musician as a spiritual leader, and stresses that the road to true success involves basing a music program on spiritual values that uplift, inspire, and motivate participants. And as a bonus, Thompson includes three original choral responses that you can copy and use.

    This is an excellent guide that is designed for anyone who participates in music ministry: choir directors, choir members, organists, pastors, music committee members, and worship committee members.

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  • Celtic Psaltery


    David Adam’s wonderful compilation celebrates the enduring Celtic themes of Creation, Protection, Glory, Guidance and Praising God, through songs and poems that have enriched his private devotions and public ministry.

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  • Songwriters Handbook


    The Songwriter’s Handbook teaches the secrets of becoming a successful songwriter. “How can I find ideas for songs?” “What are the best ways to deal with a publisher?” “When I sell my song, how will I get paid?” A glossary of definitions and terms and more. Illustrated and indexed.

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  • Choosing Contemporary Music


    A one-volume reference work designed to aid worship planners in the selection of contemporary song. Organized by the three- year lectionary cycle, this book also contains integrated scriptural, seasonal, and topical indexes. Song collections indexed include With One Voice; This Far by Faith; Worship & Praise; The Celebration Hymnal; Gather Comprehensive; Glory & Praise; Maranatha! Music Praise; Renew!; Spirit Calls, Rejoice!; and Worship Songs of the Vineyard.

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  • My Only Comfort


    Bach was the pre-eminent composer of the Reformation. In case you’ve forgotten his deep theological and scriptural roots, Stapert quotes the texts and translates them, then skillfully interprets and illustrates how the music conveys their meaning.

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  • Reflections On The Spirituality Of Gregorian Chant (Revised)


    A riveting work reflecting on the characteristics of Gregorian chant that have attracted the attention of so many: its permanence, beauty,and history, as well as its liturgical, sacred, and philosophical qualities.

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  • Faith We Sing Worship Planner Edition


    This important tool for worship planners contains introduction and acknowledgements, directions for use, informative articles, and commentary (history, when, and how to use) on all 284 songs in The Faith We Sing. You can also find a sample order of worship, copyright information, modulation charts, medley suggestions (contemporary and blended; includes suggestions from other hymnals), and numberous indexes (scripture, topics and catagories, song titles, authors and composers, first line and common titles, meters, and keys).

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  • With Ever Joyful Hearts


    SKU (ISBN): 9780898693218ISBN10: 0898693217Editor: J. Neil AlexanderBinding: Trade PaperPublisher: Church Publishing Inc. Print On Demand Product

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  • Magnetic Music Ministry


    SKU (ISBN): 9780687007318ISBN10: 0687007313Bill Owens | Editor: Herb MillerBinding: Trade PaperEffective ChurchPublisher: Abingdon Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Turn Your Radio On


    Turn Your Radio On tells the fascinating stories behind gospel music’s most unforgettable songs, including “Amazing Grace,” “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “He Touched Me,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Were You There?” and many more. These are the songs that have shaped our faith and brought us joy. You’ll find out: What famous song traces back to a sailor’s desperate prayer, What Bill Gaither tune was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1969 — and won a Grammy, What song was born during a carriage ride through Washington, D.C., at the onset of the Civil War. Turn Your Radio On is an inspiring journey through the songs that are part of the roots of our faith today.

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  • Unbroken Circle : A Quotable History Of The Grand OLE Opry


    Unbroken Circle: a Quotable history of the Grand Ole Opry, edited by Randall Bedwell, is a tribute to this most homegrown of American institutions. Filled with quotations from Opry stars — from Uncle Dave Macon to Patsy Cline, Hank Williams to Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl — it is a loving, respectful tribute to the stars and the show that have made country music the music of the people.

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  • Rehearsing The Soul


    The church choir prepares musically and vocally at each of its 52 weekly rehearsals. It is the purpose of this book to assist in choir members’ spiritual preparation, as focus is aimed away from notes and rythms and temporarily toward matters of faith and life. These thoughtful, easy-to-use devotions are ideal for use during choir rehearsal, before a choir program, or as food for personal meditation. Written by a life-long participant in the music of the church, each devotion is geared toward church choir members and their particular faith-walk. Each week’s devotional reflection begins with a Scripture or hymn passage and concludes with a brief prayer.

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  • 52 Arrival Activities For Childrens Choirs


    A collection of reproducible activities designed for use by children’s choir directors in the pre-rehearsal time when chilren are coming into choir rehearsal. Includes paper-and-pencil activities such as music word searches, music mazes, “find the picture,” musical symbols matching games, and other similar activities.

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  • Just Mahalia Baby


    The queen of gospel and a symbol of integrity, Mahalia Jackson was the embodiment of an era. Accurate, well-researched, and rich with the music, faith, people, and events that sparked the spirit of the time, Just Mahalia, Baby is a fast-paced and engaging biography. From the poverty of her New Orleans childhood, where she sang in church and was exposed to the rhythms of ragtime jazz, through troubled times and triumphs, and on to Chicago, wealth, and worldwide acclaim, her biographer Laurraine Goreau chronicles Mahalia’s storied life and career. Mahalia went to receptions for presidents, sang at a freedom rally to set the mood before Martin Luther King spoke, toured the world, and remained a dedicated fighter for black people’s rights. Generous and warm-hearted, she won the respect and admiration of those who knew her, whether personally or through her music. Downbeat magazine named her one of the top four jazz vocalists along with Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughan, yet she remained undaunted by fame. “Don’t make me no saint, baby!” she told Laurraine Goreau. “Tell the real story of me.”

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  • Choir Members Companion


    The Choir Member’sCompanion is designed for use by individual choir members in a local church adult choir. The book is intended for purchase by the choir director to be given to choir members as gifts or as a way for choir members to better understand musical symbols, terminology, and symbols used in choral music. The Choir Member’sCompanion is designed for use by individual choir members in a local church adult choir. The book is intended for purchase by the choir director to be given to choir members as gifts or as a way for choir members to better understand musical symbols, terminology, and symbols used in choral music. CONTENTS: 1. Introduction to Choir Membership 2. Basic Music Reading Skills 3. Musical Road Map 4. Basic Vocal Techniques 5. Sight-reading New Music 6. How to Mark Your Music 7. Preparation for Worship 8. Preparation for Other Performances 9. Glossary of Musical Terms and Symbols

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  • Contemporary Worship Music


    240 Pages

    Additional Info
    Is contemporary worship music shallow and self-centered? Does it “dumb down” worship, as some critics claim? This noted professor of apologetics and systematic theology answers these and other objections with a clear defense of contemporary worship music. He exposes careless and divisive criticisms and demonstrates the music’s biblical strengths and benefits in worship.

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  • Great Christian Hymn Writers


    Consider the worshipful lyrics of “Holy, Holy, Holy”; the comforting assurance of “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”; the trusting submission of “Have Thine Own Way, Lord”; the bold declaration made by “O for a Thousand Tongues.” They are some of our greatest hymns-and some of the most powerful words in Christendom. Lyrics that help us grasp the reality of faith, set to beautiful music that speaks to our hearts.

    The stories behind the hymns are powerful as well. In this book the authors have detailed the intriguing and often tragic circumstances from which many of our best-loved hymns came. They are stories about the private struggles and personal triumphs these men and women hymn writers experienced-stories that give their already-meaningful songs added significance.

    Great Christian Hymn Writers is a wonderful resource for worship services, devotional talks, and home schools, as well as!for use in your private devotions. And it’s worthwhile reading for anyone who’s interested in learning where these hymns came from and how it is that they continue to affect us so much,

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  • Church Musician (Reprinted)


    Originally published in 1988, this practical resource has become a basix text in the study of church music, as well as a handbook for the current challendges of contmeporary culture, musical and worship styles, and integrity to the gospel.

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  • White Soul : Country Music The Church And Working Americans


    White Soul examines the social, political and religious foundations of country music as the soul music of the white, working-class Americans. Country music gives voice to an economically battered subculture of hard-living and hard-working people who find self-expression in the music of honky-tonks and heartaches. It celebrates the “wild side of life” as a form of populist anarchism and escapist festivity. This unusual medley of sociology, theology, and country music history is also a compelling critique of the elitism of “good taste” in the dominant culture. Tex Sample challenges the church to reach out to working-class people, who have often been ignored and demeaned by churches held captive to the tastes and lifestyles of the upper middle class.

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  • Music Of The Great Composers


    Patrick Kavanaugh shows that great music was written to be enjoyed, not merely admired. In Music of the Great Composers, he displays his gift for making the classics easy to understand and a delight to listen to. This practical book lets you select a listening program that’s based on your needs and interests. Choose from a variety of approaches to pick the one that fits you best. From chorales to concertos to solo repertoire, Music of the Great Composers lets you customize your listening to broaden your understanding and love of music. You’ll find: – Guidance for building a personal listening library – Fascinating insights into instruments, history, composers, compositions, musical terms–even simple music theory for the layperson – A lively guide to hundreds of masterworks–for hours of reading and listening enjoyment. Kavanaugh removes the intimidations from “highbrow” music, taking it out of its ivory tower so everyone can enjoy it. Written in a refreshing, popular style, Music of the Great Composers will bring an exciting new depth to your enjoyment of the classics.

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  • Theology In Hymns


    Of the many hymnbooks published by John and Charles Wesley, the most important was A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists (1780). Taking this volume as a case study and concentrating on the Charles Wesley hymns included in it, Teresa Berger clarifies the relationbetween the language of doxology of worship and praise of God and the substance of theological reflection. She identifies the central theological themes and emphases in this body of hymnody, and raises the question of how theology can be embodied in hymns. Central to her argument is the claim that the theological analysis of doxological material is possible only when it takes care to recognize and safeguard the characteristics, the criteria of authenticity, and the tests of authority and legitimacy peculiar to doxological language. Part One of the book sets the whole discussion within the context of a renewed interest in doxological and liturgical traditions across Christianity by showing how the relationship of doxology and theology is an importopic of theological discussion in Roman Catholic, Protesttancircles. Part Two is devoted to a thorough theological analysis of the central themes and images of the 1780 Collection. Part Three attempts to clarify the nature of doxology in its relation to theology.

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  • 5 Wheels To Successful Sight Singing


    Bertalot’s fresh approach motivates both experienced teachers and novices alike. He identifies five basic principles and twelve steps to success.

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  • Companion To The United Methodist Hymnal


    Includes for each hymn in the Hymnal historical background of text and tune; suggested uses for today;name origin;text/tune changes over the years; commentary on Hymnal treatment; and theological base of texts.

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  • Music Thru The Eyes Of Faith


    “Christian musicians know of the obligation to make music as agents of God’s grace. They make music graciously, whatever its kind or style, as ambassadors of Christ, showing love, humility, servanthood, meekness, victory, and good example . . . Music is freely made, by faith, as an act of worship, in direct response to the overflowing grace of God in Christ Jesus.”

    Co-sponsored by the Christian College Coalition, this thought-provoking study of music-as-worship leads both students and experienced musicians to a better understanding of the connections between music making and Christian faith.

    “Christian music makers have to risk new ways of praising God. Their faith must convince them that however strange a new offering may be, it cannot out-reach, out-imagine, or overwhelm God. God remains God, ready to swoop down in the most wonderful way, amidst all of the flurry and mystery of newness and repetition, to touch souls and hearts, all because faith has been exercised and Christ’s ways have been imitated. Meanwhile, a thousand tongues will never be enough.”

    Best relates musical practice to a larger theology of creation and creativity, and explores new concepts of musical quality and excellence, musical unity, and the incorporation of music from other cultures into today’s music.

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  • Overview Of Gregorian Chant


    The modern liturgical movement owes a great debt to Solesmes monk Dom
    Eugene Cardine (1905-1988), whose tireless research in the ancient
    manuscripts uncovered the elusice secrets of Gregorian Rhythm, thus
    revealing some of the original pristine beauty of Gregorian chant. In this
    volume, Dom Cardine sums up the origin, decline and restoration of the
    chant, and challenges researchers to continue his work.

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