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  • Your Mission In Gods Army


    Your Ultimate Mission Briefing

    As the enemy wages war against the Lord’s army and the world hurls toward the Second Coming of Christ, God has a unique Kingdom deployment for each of us.

    Highlighting both the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days, retired U.S. Army colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson initiate you into God’s army. With sharp clarity and motivating biblical instruction, this hands-on manual prepares you to

    * discern your divine destiny and mission
    * develop your hidden spiritual gifts
    * walk in supernatural power, protection and provision
    * glean wisdom from U.S. military intelligence tactics and strategies
    * employ powerful techniques and disciplines used by biblical heroes
    * find your place in the greater mission to help bring in the end-times harvest

    Rather than huddle in fear and uncertainty, you can live with boldness and security, walking by faith as a dynamic, purpose-filled, fully armored warrior of God. You are not just a bystander in these extraordinary times–you are a crucial and remarkable part of God’s divine plan.

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  • Triumph : Your Comprehensive Guide To Spiritual Warfare


    Wage War against the Powers of This Present Darkness–and Win

    Every person is born in a spiritual battle and for a spiritual battle. Yet so many of us are under-equipped and even losing battles we should be winning.

    With his trademark prophetic insight, bestselling author and intercessory leader James W. Goll offers wisdom, hands-on training, and practical instruction presented in short chapters you can apply immediately, learned from the trenches of spiritual warfare. Through comprehensive research, biblical teaching, and a battle plan for victory, Goll equips you to

    * arm yourself with personal and corporate spiritual weapons
    * discern the real enemy and his tactics
    * stand firm and fight effectively
    * enforce the victory of Christ on the cross

    The battle is raging, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front line. But do not fear: You were born for this–and made to triumph in Christ Jesus.

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  • Deliverance From Evil Spirits


    The Most Trusted Resource on Healing and Deliverance, Now Revised and Updated

    Never has the need for inner healing and deliverance ministry been more critical than now. As culture glorifies sinful lifestyles and ideologies, people–both in and out of the Church–are falling prey to the enemy’s lies, desperately wondering where their promised freedom is.

    Now revised and expanded for the times in which we live, this landmark book is based on over forty years of international ministry. Comprehensive and biblical, this foundational resource is full of prayers, practical application, and invaluable new content, answering key questions and equipping you to

    *understand the scriptural basis for deliverance and its relation to inner healing
    *discern between psychological problems and demonic oppression
    *minister in the power of your authority in Christ
    *listen, love and pray for those under the enemy’s influence
    *empower people to step into their identity in Christ

    Here is everything you need to engage the enemy with boldness and wisdom, bringing the light and love of Christ that sets the captives free.

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  • Awaken The Dreamscape


    Most Christians dismiss their dreams, yet they’re the gateway to the supernatural realm, the place where God reveals his plans and purposes. Diving deep into the supernatural side of your dreams, pastor and bestselling author Jennifer Eivaz offers a thorough, practical guide to navigating the vital, God-given dreamscape. Laying out a biblical framework, she empowers you to:

    – reawaken your spirit to God’s voice at night
    – discern the source and meaning of your dreams
    – discover the plans God reveals as you sleep
    – access supernatural weapons for any battle you face
    – overcome sleep disorders and night terrors
    – protect your sleep with night watch prayer

    God’s supernatural provision and communication never cease. Here is everything you need to live victoriously all day–and all night–long.

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  • Abiding In His Presence


    Get Ready to Reveal the Fullness of God’s Glory

    Do you have a passion to fulfill God’s purpose in your life, yet find yourself repeating the same old patterns? Do you long to move in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, yet continue to hit wall after wall? Offering healthy doses of hope and help, global prophetic leaders Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu reveal that the key to a life of purpose and power lies in the hidden path to abiding in Christ.

    Through sound biblical teaching, prophetic insight, and real-world application, they guide you through the process of walking with him and remaining in his presence, including how to:

    * be set apart
    * pay the price of obedience
    * seek His face persistently
    * link godly desire to faith
    * embrace your covenant relationship with God
    * overcome the deception of the enemy

    In the coming days, it’s vital that we, as the Body of Christ, learn to abide, making presence-driven lives our reality–and bearing the supernatural fruit this world so desperately needs.

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  • Supernatural Dimension Of Dreams


    Making the Most of Your Days Starts with Hearing God at Night

    We all have dreams. But many of us have no clue what they mean–or that God is speaking, even imparting matchless wisdom, to us through them.

    Cutting through the confusion and unbiblical teachings on dreams, prophetic leader Demontae Edmonds offers a hands-on guide to this supernatural realm grounded in biblical truth. You’ll discover how God uses dreams to heal, give direction and answers, expose the enemy, give warnings, reveal mysteries–and more. You’ll come away equipped to:

    * discern the source of your dreams
    * perceive direction and solutions
    * unpack biblical dream language and symbols
    * unlock hidden potential in your life
    * prevent demonic dreams from becoming reality
    * remember and archive your dreams
    * receive supernatural impartations

    Here is everything you need to step into a greater dimension of God’s prophetic dream realm each night–so you can make an eternal impact each day.

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  • Heart On Fire


    You are alive right now for a reason–your purpose predestined for such a time as this.

    As the world slips deeper into darkness, most Christians feel stuck, powerless to effect change. Yet changing the world–your world–starts with you, right where you are, with a heart full of fire for Jesus.

    Grounded in biblical teaching and drawing from his own renewal experiences, pastor and revivalist Glen Berteau emboldens you to get fed up with the ineffectual status quo, showing you how to:

    * ignite the supernatural power God has placed in you
    * be filled up with the Holy Spirit
    * get fired up for what God can do through you
    * see beyond your current circumstance
    * and live a faith without limits

    You’re a Kingdom weapon, energized by God’s mighty power and forged to stand strong for what you believe, tear down strongholds, eradicate hatred and bring dead things to life. You are chosen to change the world.

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  • Gift Of Prophetic Encouragement


    Full of powerful testimonies and practical application, this book helps you break out of your comfort zone and embrace a lifestyle of encouraging others–just as Jesus did. Learn how to deepen your relationship with God, open a direct line of communication with him, share his words with others, and change the atmosphere and lives of others everywhere you go.

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  • Live Like Jesus (Reprinted)


    What if there is more to the Gospel than we imagined? What if a life of more lies not in what you do but in who you are? When you discover the power of your true identity, you will discover a vibrant, thrilling life of impact, adventure, and freedom–a life, like Jesus’, that is connected to and empowered by a God who is and does more than we ever imagined.

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  • God Gives Second Chances


    Everybody’s sinned—whether we’ve been found out or not! Kendall looks at wrongdoing and the judgment of ministry leaders and laypeople, assuring those who’ve fallen that they can be used again—and warning those who condemn them. Exploring his own vulnerabilities, he presents a compassionate, biblically balanced case for a God of second chances.

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