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  • Nativity Dramas The Third Season


    Keith Hewitt is back with a third volume of clever nativity dramas in which he adapts biblical Christmas stories to popular television programs. In the same way Jesus communicated in a context that people of his time could relate to, Hewitt presents four sharp-witted takeoffs on something our culture can really relate to — TV. The humorous treatments of these biblical narratives will hold people’s attention and breathe new life into traditional nativity texts.

    All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. Props are simple and easy to find.

    The four plays in this third volume are popular television shows from right now:
    “Psyched in Bethlehem” (45 minutes)
    “Everybody Loves Joseph” (45 minutes)
    “Big Bang Bethlehem” (50 minutes)
    “Burned in Bethlehem” (40 minutes)

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  • Healing Traumatized Churches


    This unique and entertaining format offers a plan of healing for individuals and congregations through the power of The Cross. Each Scene is designed for personal meditation, or to be presented as a Sunday School or Book Study Series, or produced in its entirety as a play.

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  • Holy Saturday : An Easter Chancel Drama In Three Acts


    This dramatization of the hours and days immediately following the crucifixion and its effects on the disciples and other followers of Jesus will captivate the congregation. The audience will be drawn into the events as the disciples struggle through the despair of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Day.

    Holy Saturday was written to be presented as a chancel drama or it can be used as a stand-alone drama. Simple costumes are recommended. Also included in the script is communion for the entire congregation, distributed by the disciples themselves. The audience and cast will find the distribution of communion by the disciples to be a moving experience. The players include Peter; John; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and eleven others but can be adjusted according to the number of people available. This drama will take 35-45 minutes plus the time for communion. Copying privileges by the original purchaser are included.

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  • Imagine : Creating Memorable Characters For Kids Church


    Marty Martin has been a children’s pastor for eighteen years and worked as a volunteer with children before that. His mother always worked with children at church and in a daycare center, eventually starting a daycare in her home. Marty first started interacting with children in this setting and creating goofy characters to entertain them. Now he is a dad and has five boys of his own who are the best audience to try his silly acts on!

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  • Awakening The Creative Spirit


    The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

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  • Bible In Action


    The Bible In Action is a collection of 59 Bible dramas for church, Christian school, and home. It uses the dialogue in the Bible (KJV updated), presents the narrative as dialogue, and fills in the gaps with what might have happened in between the lines. These dramas, which provide literature weekly for more than a year, are arranged in historical order with Scripture reference and are available at a fraction of the cost of most literature for a quarter. They are simply the Bible in dialogue.

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  • Who Is This Man This Jesus


    Take your congregation back in time and put worshipers right in the midst of the events surrounding humanity’s salvation with this collection of three sets of five monologues, each centered around a different perspective on the life and death of Jesus.

    Who Is This Man? looks at the death of Jesus through the eyes of ordinary people who through various circumstances find themselves caught up in the passion story, including a soldier of King Herod, Roman centurions, and Malchus, a servant of the high priest.

    In Women of the Promise, audiences will journey through the Old Testament as five women look with faithful anticipation to the future coming of the Savior.

    Come, Follow Me tells the story of Jesus’ life and death as seen by his followers, including Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and even Judas Iscariot.

    Each series of monologues will be sure to enrich the Lenten observances of any congregation, as well as any small group study throughout the year.

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  • Bee Attitudes


    Frank Ramirez believes that youth and children are the church of today and should be invited to participate regularly in worship. To this end, he has written delightful plays that are meant to bring Christ into our ordinary days. Whether performed in elaborate style with costuming and staging, or simply read directly from the script in a much simpler style, these plays that include copy privileges will add whimsy to worship services while teaching deep truths. It will be hard to determine who enjoys them the most — the children and youth who are performing or the parents and grandparents with the cameras!

    From “Witnesses to the Light” — which features angels named Fantastic, Marvelous, Wonderful, and Gabriel — to “Holy Water” — with sheep named Be Bop, Bo Peep, Bah Humbug, and Bill — all six dramas presented in The Bee Attitudes will delight young and old.

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  • Life Scripts For The Church Volume 3 Holiday


    This is the third in a series of volumes, each containing 24 skits of brilliant, insightful, often comedic material ideal for performance during church services, specifically geared to the major holidays. Does not require huge casts or highly experienc

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  • Life Scripts For The Church Volume 2


    This is the second in a series of volumes, each containing 24 skits of brilliant, insightful, often comedic material ideal for performance during church services. Does not require huge casts or highly experienced players — most skits use 2-6 performers,

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  • Life Scripts For The Church Volume 1


    This is the first in a series of volumes, each containing 24 skits of brilliant, insightful, often comedic material ideal for performance during church services. Does not require huge casts or highly experienced players — most skits use 2-6 performers, m

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  • No Stable Too Small


    Here’s a collection of humorous, down-to-earth plays that bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant to one of the magi) or by updating the story with contemporary settings and characters. No Stable Too Small offers a variety of practical material for any situation, ranging from shorter plays with small casts and lines that can be easily mastered by younger children to more elaborate pieces with sophisticated themes for older children and adults. And they’re ideal for use with today’s young people — the dialogue reflects the way they really talk, yet never detracts from the biblical message.

    These flexible scenes offer a mix of speaking parts for all age groups, from preschool through adult, and are especially valuable for small congregations that lack the resources to mount large-scale productions. No sets are required, and only simple costumes and minimal props are needed. The plays can be performed by smaller churches with as few as 8-10 cast members, or parts can be easily divided to accommodate groups as large as 25-30. And with a running time of approximately 20-25 minutes each, it’s easy to fit them within a Christmas Eve or Advent Sunday worship service.

    Some of the charming presentations include:
    * Love Finds a Way
    * It Wasn’t the Hilton, You Know
    * Christmas Eve at Angel School
    * Because God Said So, That’s Why
    * No Small Parts
    * “Unto Us a Child Is Born”… Next on Omar
    * Miracles? No Problem!
    …and eight more!

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  • 6 Advent Plays For Children


    So you’ve just been asked to put together your church’s Christmas pageant — are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry… Six Advent Plays For Children provides you with all the tools you need to make this ministry an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone. In addition to six delightful programs designed for children of preschool age through sixth grade (including a synopsis and stage directions), this book provides comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidelines that walk you through the entire process of planning, rehearsing, and presenting your holiday production. There’s even a step-by-step worksheet to keep you organized and on top of all the details. The material is suitable for congregations of any size: props, sets, and costumes are kept simple for maximum flexibility, and most of the programs require no more than a dozen participants. With all these practical resources, your children’s Christmas program this year is bound to be successful — Six Advent Plays For Children has all the help you need in one convenient volume. Copying privileges are included.

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  • Sampsons First Christmas


    Sampson’s First Christmas is a charming play that’s perfect for a holiday children’s program in small congregations. The story details the attempts of Sampson Squirrel to discover Christmas. After overhearing a conversation between the rustic characters of Ma and Pa, Sampson asks his forest friends where to find this wonderful place. When they are unable to help, Ma and Pa show Sampson the true meaning of Christmas.

    This adaptable piece can accommodate any number of actors, and can be presented as a play, a puppet show, or a readers’ theater. The characters, plot, and message appeal to all ages, with dialogue that’s easy for youngsters to learn and memorize. Costumes are affordable and easy to assemble — and clear and concise directions with reproducible patterns are provided to help you make distinctive animal hats that children will love. Instructions are also included for creating simple Christmas tree decorations that accentuate the animal theme. With all these craft ideas plus production suggestions, Sampson’s First Christmas is bound to be a hit with your church!

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  • Young Womens Monologs From Contemporary Plays


    Edited by Gerald Lee Ratliff. Professional auditions for aspiring actresses. The gender-specific monologs in this new text are highly original works not found in other published versions. All are from very recently produced plays from both well-known and emerging new writers. The selections are for women actors fifteen to thirty years of age, suitable for competitive auditions, acting exercises, forensics, class or studio work. Beginning with an introduction to performance and audition etiquette, the text’s characterizations are divided into ages: The Age of Innocence, Coming of Age, The Age of Rebellion, The Gilded Age and New Age Voices. These monolog characterizations address the major trends and conflicts of today through revealing glimpses of society. A valuable resource for any auditioning female actor or theatre student. Features monologs from: “The General of Hot Desire” by John Guare, “Junk” by Melvin Burgess, “An American Daughter” by Wendy Wasserstein, “Summer” by Edwin Bond, “For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls” and “Betty’s Summer Vacation” by Christoper Durang, “Picasso’s Women” by Brian McAvera, “Relationships” by Ken Friedman, “Stepping Out” by Richard Harris and many more.

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  • Church And Stage


    Church and Stage is a guide for people in churches who want to employ theater in ministry, and for theater people who want to create opportunities to work in churches. The points of contact between religion and theater are numerous, and Dean J. Seal offers guidelines for making the connection work no matter what level of experience or financial commitment a congregation brings to the task. The author, who has worked in the worlds of both church and stage, provides background on the historical and theological relationship between religion and theater. He then offers practical advice and guidelines for the use of theater in the context of ministry-from discussion groups to bibliodrama to play-going to ultimately producing a show. This book is a resource for ministers, lay leaders, youth groups, and members of the theater community who desire greater integration of faith and work.

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  • Cinema Divinite : Religion Theology And The Bible In Film


    Cinema Divinite sets out various critical approaches to the study of film, religion and theology. It provides introduction to major concepts in film studies such as cinema spectatorship, the nature and application of film theory and includes discussion of the extensive literature which has been published recently on film and religion. Here readers will also find in-depth case studies of specific films, filmmakers and genres – from Clint Eastwood to Luis Bruel, from animation to film noir. The final part looks specifically at the significance of religion within film, with a concluding discussion of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

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  • Staging Musicals For Young Performers


    by Maria C. Novelly and Adele Firth. How to produce a show in 36 sessions or less. This book can show anyone how to stage any musical show on any budget. It is a step-by-step guidebook for producing a successful show for young performers. Every aspect of theatrical production from characterization and costumes to insurance and fire regulations is included in this comprehensive text. Includes information on teaching theatrical basics, casting, rehearsals, preparing scenes, costumes, makeup, scenery, props, lighting, sound, publicity and much more. An innvaluable guide for teaching acting, singing and dancing skills. Useful for both novice and experienced directors of musical and non-musical play productions. Sample chapters: Selecting the Musical, Planning Rehearsals, Teaching Theatre Basics, Casting the Show, Preparing Dialog Scenes, Preparing Song and Dance Numbers, Preparing Lighting and Sound, Building an Audience and more.

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  • Scenes From The Life


    Create living illustrations of the Christian life that will make audiences laugh, cry, and even occasionally wince in truthful recognition with this superb collection of comic, dramatic, and seasonal material. Appropriate for any denomination and audience, these brief sketches and monologues examine topics ranging from faith to gossip, from conviction to children’s work, in a humorous and poignant style. The easy-to-stage pieces utilize small casts and can be performed in any setting with minimal costumes and a few simple props, making them accessible to church drama groups of all sizes. Scenes From The Life is a great source for attention-getting sermon introductions, worship enhancers, or just entertaining fun with a message.

    Some of the insightful pieces include:

    ? All Quiet on the Front Pew
    ? The Great Church Trade-In
    ? The Nursery Zone
    ? The Faith Bridge
    ? A Sparrow Falls
    ? Joey The Wise Guy
    …and several more!

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  • Gabriels Horn : Readers Theater For Advent


    Looking for something fresh and creative for the Advent season? Here’s a charming set of five lighthearted plays that’s sure to engage audiences and set the holiday spirit while remaining focused on the scriptural message. Written in whimsical rhyming verse, the scenes detail the prophecies of the Messiah and the story of the Incarnation through the interaction of three angels (Gabriel, Wonderful, and, Marvelous) with several biblical characters.

    Congregations of any size will find these sketches easy to use — only a small cast is needed, and the readers’ theater format means no extensive costuming or staging is required.

    Scenes include:
    * Gabriel’s Horn (Last Sunday of Pentecost)
    * The Honeymooners (Advent 1)
    * The Cleanup Crew (Advent 2)
    * The Reading Club (Advent 3)
    * Step Up To The Plate (Advent 4)

    Two of the angel characters reappear after a 33-year “vacation” in “M.I.H. — Missing In Heaven,” an Easter verse drama (also written by Frank Ramirez) included in the CSS anthology Roll Back The Stone.

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  • Beastly Christmas : A Comedy For All Ages


    Centering around the theme of the familiar song “The Friendly Beasts,” this intriguing program depicts what the animals who witnessed Jesus’ birth might really have been thinking — if they had human minds. There’s humorous interplay among camels, sheep, cows, and the donkey that carried the pregnant Mary as they share their unique perspective on the nativity. This complete presentation allows many different parts of the congregation to participate; speaking roles can be performed in a readers’ theater format by adults or youth, young children can portray the humans at the manger in a silent tableau, and musical selections allow the choir to be involved as well. A special feature is more than 70 reproducible drawings that can be projected for audience viewing. (Purchase of this book includes access to a downloadable PowerPoint file for use in performances.) This adaptable drama is ideal for use not only in church settings, but also in schools or for children’s programs.

    A five-copy package of supplementary coloring books for young children based on the imagery in the PowerPoint file is also available.

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  • Night Before : Two Christmas Eve Services With Childrens Sermons


    Comprised of two compelling services plus a pair of delightful children’s messages, this complete set of Christmas Eve resources provides everything you need to create a special worship experience that your congregation will remember long after the holiday decorations have been stored away.

    A Christmas Gift contemplates Christmas Eve’s mixture of madness and magic through a creative weaving together of carols, prayers, scripture readings, and several brief meditations. By highlighting some of the diverse moments, memories, and traditions that contribute to the gift of Christmas, this worship service evokes the powerful mystery and miracle of the nativity.

    O Come, Emmanuel is a moving candlelight service which utilizes the ancient antiphons of Advent to explore the longing behind our search for the Messiah. As the service unfolds, the singing and reading of each antiphon leads worshipers to reflect on the hopes and desires that bring us to Bethlehem, culminating in the joyful announcement that God has come among us. The service employs two readers and a solo quartet, along with congregational singing of several traditional hymns. An original choral arrangement of the Christmas antiphon is included.

    Two inspiring messages for the “children’s moment” are also included. Featuring an interactive, conversational style that involves young people, these lessons can be used with either service or separately. One message helps children think about where Jesus might be in their town or neighborhood if he were born today, while the other celebrates how Christ’s birth draws us all together.

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  • Why Did Jesus Die


    What really motivated the main characters in the events surrounding Jesus’ death? Was Judas merely a pragmatic man dealing with the unpleasant realities of everyday life in an occupied land? Was Herod an honorable leader of the Hebrew people who was concerned with saving lives? Was Pontius Pilate a talented and efficient representative of Rome who was simply trying to keep the peace? Or did they all intentionally participate in the wrongful execution of an innocent man?

    Written in an easy-to-present format, this fascinating drama series will have your congregation pondering how they would answer these and many other questions. Six biblical characters come to life in new and revealing ways as they take the witness stand in a contemporary grand jury inquiry into the meaning of Jesus’ death. While attempting to explain their thoughts and actions, Judas, Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Mary Magdalene, and Peter face intense questioning by a state’s attorney. The innovative grand jury approach makes audiences active participants in the drama, as they are challenged to determine the true significance of the crucifixion.

    Why Did Jesus Die? is an enlightening six-part resource that’s perfect for weekly Lenten worship, but it can also be easily used as a single dramatic production. Several thought-provoking questions relating to each witness’s testimony are provided to spark follow-up discussion, and a closing argument by the state’s attorney summarizes the evidence pointing to Jesus’ innocence ? and our sinful guilt.

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  • Roll Back The Stone


    Create memorable services that help worshipers experience the profound sadness of the crucifixion as well as the marvelous joy of the risen Christ with this diverse collection of ready-to-use dramatic material. With ample selections for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, there’s something special here for congregations of any size or worship style. Copying privileges are included for all segments. Included are:

    * A Travesty Of Justice: In The Shadow Of The Cross (Kathy Martz), a series of six meditations in which an unusual assortment of “eyewitnesses” – the thorn, robe, nail, spear, shroud, and stone – tell about their extraordinary encounters with Jesus. Designed for use in Lenten vesper services, these spiritual contemplations examine the events leading up to the crucifixion from a unique perspective. Each user-friendly monologue comes with a brief scripture reading and a prayer.

    * Live From Jerusalem (John O. Eby), a short Palm Sunday play that helps audiences envision what it would have been like to be on the scene of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Tying biblical prophecy together with a contemporary view, television-style news anchors and correspondents vividly portray the chaos and uncertainty of the first day of Passover while speculating on how simmering conflicts will be resolved – leaving audiences to ponder the question “What comes next?”

    * Maundy Thursday Testimonies (David H. Covington), a brief set of dramatic readings depicting the Passion events and their meaning from the viewpoint of four characters: Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Judas, and Peter. An excellent vehicle for members to participate in worship, these moving monologues provide an especially powerful contribution to the Maundy Thursday service.

    * God On Trial, Or…? (John O. Eby), a courtroom drama for Good Friday which portrays Jesus’ trial before Pilate ? with the novel twist of Beelzebub as the prosecutor, questioning several witnesses who level accusations against Jesus. While it is ostensibly Jesus who is on trial, it gradually becomes clear that everyone else (including all of us) is actually on trial before him ? giving new and deeper meaning to Christ’s plea, “Father, forgive them, for they do not understand what they are doing!”

    * Sons Of Thunder (Carol Secord), a brief Good Friday sketch in which James and John struggle to come to grips with the stark reality of the crucifixion. As they bitterly lash out in anger and frustration at those who abandoned Jesu

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  • Bit Players In The Big Play


    Do you wonder what the stories in the Bible would look like from the viewpoint of those who were there? If so, then this collection of thirteen first-person narratives and readers’ theater presentations spotlighting a variety of New Testament characters — both familiar and not so well-known — will give you a new perspective on the scriptural witness. After all, while the experience of these people is rooted in the distant past, we still relate to the same fears, joys, and motivations as they did. By listening in on these characters as they converse with themselves, these creative pieces provide an intimate look at their humanity and experience of the Good News, which in turn enables us to better understand our lives and our faith.

    This volume provides material for a variety of seasons and settings — they’re perfect for church drama groups, homiletical source material, and for inspiring devotional reading. And an introductory chapter addresses performance issues (including whether or not to use costumes) as well as how to use this format to develop your own material.

    Some of the intriguing presentations include:
    * Herod — The First Christmas Grinch (Matthew 2:1-12)
    * Leaving Egypt For Home (Matthew 2:19-23)
    * My Name Is Levi (Mark 2:13-17)
    * Kneeling Before Him (Luke 10:38-42)
    * Just A Jar Of Water (Luke 22:7-13)
    * Rock The Boat! (John 21)

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  • Thespian Theology Cycle C


    Stimulate audiences to see the scriptural message in a new light with these inspiring sketches based on Cycle C lectionary readings for the Lent and Easter seasons. Originally developed for presentation by a high school-age youth group, the simple, easy-to-perform scenes in this latest installment of John TenBrook’s popular Thespian Theology series are an excellent tool for sharing the Gospel with unchurched people and getting them excited about Jesus Christ. Each skit is introduced by brief “Thespian Theological Thoughts” on the drama and the scripture texts. These versatile pieces can be staged as an alternative to the Sunday sermon or used for youth programs and other fellowship settings — they’re sure to enlighten audiences of all ages while leaving an indelible impression.

    Some of the intriguing titles include:
    * Dust Thou Art… Art Thou Dust? (Ash Wednesday)
    * Moses The Fig Tree (Lent 3)
    * The Spiritual Struggle Of Sidney Centurion (Passion/Palm Sunday)
    * “But I Wasn’t There… Ya Gotta Show Me!” (Easter 2)
    * Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty Come (Easter 7)

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  • Troubled House : A Play In Three Acts


    Troubled House is a timely reminder that intolerance is not exclusive to religion–and that naturalistic philosophy masquerading as science has become the new orthodoxy. Teachers who truly want to challenge students to think independently will find Troubled House inspiring and challenging. This play will fuel great discussion about the definition of science, intolerance, academic freedom, and integrity. Dan Schwabauer has a rare talent for putting his finger on heart of hypocrisy.

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  • Mrs Johnsons Rummage Sale


    Cultivating good stewardship is vital for strengthening Christian discipleship — but helping congregations focus on what that really means can be difficult because many people treat “stewardship” as nothing more than a pitch for money. Mrs. Johnson’s Rummage Sale is just the fresh and attention-getting resource you need to stimulate discussion and broaden understanding of this important topic. It’s a flexible collection of seven brief dramatic sketches, each highlighting a different aspect of stewardship, that will move audiences to consider stewardship from a variety of angles. With minimal stage directions and props, the scenes can easily be performed in a few minutes as part of a worship service, or as part of a congregational meeting, dinner, or other program. Sprinkled with a light touch of humor, Mrs. Johnson’s Rummage Sale provides you with a different, more accessible method for discussing what good stewardship means… and it’s an excellent supplement to other stewardship programs.

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  • Drama Team Handbook


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a skit may be wortheven-more–especially when you are trying to make the Gospels come alive for a modern audience! Alison Siewert’s Drama Team Handbook helps you do just that. This resource features 11 attention-grabbing scripts to illustrate passages in Matthew, Luke, and John–including sketches for Christmas and Easter. Perfect for evangelism, urban ministry, youth outreach.

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  • Self Supporting Scenery For Childrens Theatre And Grown Ups Too (Revised)


    1. Stagecraft I
    2. Scene Design
    3. Stagecraft II
    4. Scene Painting
    5. Dramatic Lighting
    6. Scenic Progression
    7. Architectural Section
    8. Summary

    Additional Info
    By James Hull Miller. Fifth edition – revised. Free standing scenery creates its own theatre – compact, economical and flexible. It marches right onto any stage platform, into the classroom, the recreation hall and the garden theatre. This book tells how to construct it. Includes 128 pages and over 175 drawings. Covers tools, materials, designs and craft. An excellent reference book. Written by a leading designer in the field.

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  • Elegantly Frugal Costumes


    1. Introduction Resources
    2. Where Do I Start
    3. Period Costumes
    4. What Was That Masked Man
    5. Underneath It All
    6. Helpful Hints And Useful Information
    7. The Play’s The Thing
    8. Epilogue Behind The Scenes

    Additional Info
    Do-it-yourself costume maker’s guide by Shirley Dearing. This wonderfully practical book literally shows you how to make costumes for plays, pageants and musicals at the lowest possible expense! Over 150 detailed illustrations work with the easy-to-follow text to walk you through every step of the process. Just about every basic period is covered: Biblical to Medieval, Renaissance, The Fabulous Fifties, 1800s to World War I, the Roaring Twenties and more.Many helpful hints on making or buying realistic period theatrical costumes on a shoestring budget from cast-offs, donations, scraps, and other easily obtained materials.

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  • Christmas On Stage


    1. Elementary Grades
    2. Middle Grades
    3. Programs For Teens And Adults
    4. Readers Theatre For Christmas
    5. Adaptions From Classics And Legends
    6. Christmas Legends

    Additional Info
    A collection of twenty-seven Christmas plays for all ages and all types of worship services compiled and edited by Theodore O. Zapel.The one-act plays included contain both traditional and contemporary settings, drama and humor, and new offerings and old favorites.The plays are easily staged with a minimum of costumes and props, and many of the scripts require no memorization.Christmas music interspersed with the drama adds a special touch to worship services. Since no royalty payments are required for performances, this low-cost anthology is a money-saving program resource for any drama group.

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  • Mime Book


    1. The Body Isolation
    2. Coordination
    3. The Illusion
    4. The Movement Of The Mime
    5. The Mime Of The Object
    6. The Subject As An Object
    7. Creating A World
    8. The Mime Of The Subject
    9. Pantomime
    10. The Mime
    11. Appendices

    Additional Info
    A comprehensive guide to mime by Claude Kipnis. The great French mime performer, Claude Kipnis, reveals the mechanisms and techniques of mime in an easy-to-understand translation. This book is not a theoretical “art of” book, but a functional “how to” and “why to” instructional guide. Individual exercises are included, together with detailed coverage of body movements, the illusion and how to create a world. We know of no other book that so comprehensively explains how the functions of mime are achieved. Certainly a basic text for any aspiring mime.

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  • Plays For Sunday School


    Dora belief and delivered in Christ Dora Belief is the story of Namaan from 2 Kings 5. It shows that God can use anyone, so don’t despise the words of the little ones. For out of their mouths has God ordained praises and strength. Delivered in Christ is from the New Testament. It shows what the enemy can do with a life sold to him. But at the same time, Jesus Christ, the ultimate power, is able to deliver you and replace the work of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19-26).

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  • Sermon Warm Ups


    Could you use an attention-getting introduction to set up a talk or sermon? If so, the brief sketches in this collection are exactly what you need to create living illustrations of scriptural themes that will stick in your audience’s memory. Jesus explained concepts about God’s kingdom through parables utilizing elements familiar to his listeners; likewise, the modern storytelling in these short, easy-to-prepare scenes helps worshipers understand the gospel by depicting the biblical message in the context of our daily lives. And they’re effective. Since drama draws on both our visual and auditory senses, it’s a proven vehicle for increasing learning and retention rates. When you want a change of pace that will really make a difference, these scenes are great for use in place of the sermon or for various types of fellowship programs.

    Contents include:
    * The Inheritance (Ephesians 1:13-14; Mark 6:14-29)
    * Cooking With Carol (John 6:24-35, 41-51)
    * The Pray-er (James 5:13-20)
    * Are You Calling Me? (Hebrews 5:1-10; Mark 10:35-40)
    … and many more!

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  • 9 Changed Lives


    I found Nine Changed Lives to be an intriguing series of Easter season monologues. Each met me on a personal level and pointed me to Christ. Their unique format enables a great deal of flexibility for their presentation.
    Rev. Dennis H. Greenwald
    Upper Midwest Area Representative for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

    Nine brief monologues for Lent are spoken by:
    * Simon of Cyrene (for Ash Wednesday)
    * Tamar of Jerusalem
    * Zimri the Pharisee
    * King Herod
    * Pilate and Claudia
    * Thomas
    * The Centurion
    * Mary Magdalene (for Easter sunrise)

    This book also includes a youth one-act for Palm Sunday and a Maundy Thursday meditation. Directions to make a cross and whip for use in two monologues are part of the book.

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  • 7 Advent Programs For Children


    In addition to seven delightful programs designed for children of preschool age through sixth grade, this book provides comprehensive, easy-to-follw guidelines that walk you through the entire process of planning, rehearsing, and presenting a holiday production. There’s even a step-by-step worksheet to help you keep organized and stay on top of all the details. Each complete script comes with a synopsis and stage directions, as well as an attractive cover that can be reproduced for your program. You’ll find material suitable for congregations of any size; most require no more than a dozen participants. And props, sets, and costumes are kept simple for maximum flexibility. With these practical resources, your children’s Christmas program this year is bound to be successful.

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  • Christmas Star : Readings And Pageants For Christmas


    The Christmas Star is a potpourri of holiday gifts for those planning worship-the charming collection includes three plays and five brief meditations suitable for reading during services or for use in bulletins and newsletters. Each presentation is simple for small churches to produce, with minimal costumes and props required. Insightful and scripturally sound, The Christmas Star is a wonderful package that you won’t be able to resist!

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  • Provocables


    Robbins intends for these eighteen dramas to provoke reflection and discussion. Designed to be read aloud by one, two, three, four or more “provocateurs,” they require no special sets and only a few simple props. The creative and playful readings bring alive central doctrines of the Christian faith while addressing everyday human concerns.

    In this collection you will find such intriguing titles as:
    “The Adam And Eve Story” (males and females)
    “The Story of Job For Today (evil)
    “Getting It Together” (vocation)
    “Bad Brother Comes Home” (forgiveness)
    … and many more!

    Each selection in Provocables! is biblically based and includes a brief commentary and a set of questions to guide discussion.

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  • Graduation Is Not For Angels


    Many of today’s growing churches are turning to drama to convey the biblical message. These visual portrayals are used for sermon emphasis, general interest, and greater membership participation — with exciting results. Add life to your congregation with over twenty concise, powerful, and life-changing sketches. Needing only simple staging and props, these sometimes humorous skits depict both modern-day and ancient Bible personalities. Several dramas appropriate for youth are included.

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  • At The Foot Of The Cross


    Seven figures who were at the foot of the cross (or might have been there) pour their hearts out to Jesus in these dramatic conversations. Judas opens the series, spiritually wrestling with himself at the cross before taking his own life, pondering what he had done to Jesus. Other characters include the Centurion, Simon of Cyrene, the disciples John and Peter, as well as Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus. An additional monologue for Easter sunrise worship dramatizes the angel at the empty tomb waiting for the women to arrive, reflecting on the week’s events.

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  • Artisans Of The Crucifixion


    These dramatic monologues offer a unique perspective on Jesus’ crucifixion. Viewed through the eyes of a Blacksmith, Carpenter, Stone Mason, Tanner, and Basket Maker, the presentations introduce the congregation to those who crafted items used in the crucifixion. These monologues are flexible, and few if any props are necessary.

    Use these dramatic monologues for a unique perspective on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion. Viewed through the eyes of a Blacksmith, Carpenter, Stone Mason, Tanner, and Basket Maker, the presentations introduce the congregation to those who crafted the whip, wove the crown of thorns, forged the nails, constructed the cross, and chiseled out the tomb.

    Pastors can present these monologues themselves or assign them to church members. They have the flexibility of being performed very simply or quite elaborately. Few if any props are necessary.

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  • People Vs Judas Iscariot The Punishment Phase


    Written in an easy-to-present format, this captivating five-part series takes place in a courtroom, as attorneys present evidence based upon the Bible and tradition. Witnesses who are “subpoenaed” to testify include Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene.

    The People vs. Judas Iscariot is a captivating five-part series for Lenten worship or group discussion. Detailed worship bulletins with an order of service are provided for each of the five presentations.

    The People vs. Judas Iscariot is written in an easy-to-present format (no memorization required) and includes scripture readings that follow carefully defined themes. The homily takes the shape of a court hearing in which Judas undergoes his punishment phase. Prosecution and defense attorneys attempt to sway the judge and congregation with evidence based upon the Bible and tradition. Various witnesses are “subpoenaed” to testify, including Peter, John, Mary Magdalene, and others.

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  • In The Carpenters Workshop 3


    The creativity of preachers and worship leaders is vitally important in this day of competition with television, videos, and CD-ROMs. This third volume by Jerry Eckert is filled with scripts and suggestions for presenting the Gospel in a dramatic and exciting fashion. Using the style of presentation made famous by You Are There, some of these offerings are usable scripts for holiday special services. Unlike volumes one and two, this could be called a “play book.”

    Eckert writes: Very early in my ministry I was told at a Mental Health Association Conference how important the church is in the prevention of mental illness. Over the years I saw how that was true not just for young people but for all ages … my sermons became not only more pastoral but brought in as much of the real lives of the Bible times as I could find.

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  • In The Carpenters Workshop 2


    Have you ever wished you could find ways other than a monologue to express the Sunday sermon? This volume will help preachers who are seeking alternative forms for presenting the life transforming power of the Gospel. It will also be useful to Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, worship committees, and Bible study groups

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  • Drama For All Seasons


    In a time when our culture is becoming dominated by visual modes of communication such as television, movies, videos, and computer games, church people are recognizing the need to keep up with the trends. Drama is a useful tool in the work of the church: it adds interest and variety; it can reveal new insights on spiritual truths; and it appeals to all ages while being non-threatening for those unused to regular church services.

    This collection of easy-to-perform sketches includes both seasonal drama and pieces for any time of the year. They’re suitable for worship services, social programs, or other occasions, as well as just-for-fun reading. Most have a performance time of less than five minutes, and few props are required.

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  • Mary Of Nazareth


    Mary of Nazareth lived a dangerously demanding, yet holy life, She knew loneliness and poverty and endured extreme hardships of faith while maintaining a close relationship with God. During the crucifixion she knew raging and numbed pain which challenged her sanity. But her joy was overflowing after the Resurrection. Her story provides powerful information about God’s sovereignty in the universe toward those who believe in Him and seek Him.

    Based primarily on the Gospel of Luke, the sole New Testament writer to interview and consider the female point of view, this dramatic monologue comes complete with an Order of Worship. It provides powerful insight into Mary’s suffering and, likewise, the joy she felt from her conquering on. The presentation is divided into five sections, making it possible to use as a five week series allowing five different women to participate instead of just one. It also provides hymn suggestions which help to amplify the monologue.

    This easily yet effectively prepared service offers a profound experience any time during the Lenten season.

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  • Through The Eyes Of A Child


    The dialogues in this resource are designed for use between a youth and an adult (pastor, parent, or youth leader). Six bulletin formats are included with dialogue scripts.

    Worship themes are:
    Advent Past, Present, and Future
    Jesus Came To Earth
    Jesus Will Come Again
    Lord Jesus, Quickly Come
    Through The Eyes Of A Child (Christmas dialogue)
    Through The Eyes Of A Child (Epiphany dialogue)

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  • Prelude To Black Saturday


    This liturgical drama provides a stark contrast to the joy and celebration of Easter morning. This service captures the reality of that Friday when our Lord was crucified. The cast includes people who were present on that final Friday – each sharing their emotions, from the sneering soldiers, to the heart-wrenching sobs and pleas of his mother, to Christ himself.

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  • Disciples Redeemed


    Though it is perfect for the Easter season, this series of monologues about the lives of the Disciples following Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, may be used any time throughout the year. Congregations will learn the often overlooked post-Easter story of each of the Disciples as they never have before.

    The staging of Disciples Redeemed can be one with a table set up like the last supper table with the Disciples, except for Judas, seated around the table. The story begins with Saul giving his monologue at floor level with the audience and ends with Paul at the table with the rest of the Disciples. The monologue of Judas is optional.

    Suggestions for staging and optional costumes are included.

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