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  • Creative Ideas For The Family Eucharist


    Find everything you need to lead a Family Eucharist in this comprehensive and versatile all-age resource. Building on the new Eucharistic Prayers for use in services with children, it balances formality and informality to help you create engaging worship for all. Easily adaptable for large and small all-age congregations, it offers ready-to-use worship ideas and service outlines for themed occasions throughout the year. Imaginatively-planned and well-structured Family Eucharists are a key part of growing churches, and this resource will give you both the structure and the confidence to lead all-age worship well.

    It includes:
    -advice on recruiting and training leaders
    -ways of getting children involved
    -a guide to creating a basic structure
    -suggestions for using music and props creatively
    -themed services for different seasons
    -imaginative service outlines for a variety of occasions, including a baptism in the context of a Eucharist
    -downloadable scripts and illustrations for use throughout the year

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  • Prayer And Prayer Activities


    ROOTS is a joint initiative by all the mainstream churches in the UK and Ireland. For ten years it has provided lectionary-based resources for worship and learning for the whole church. Over 10,000 local churches use its regular magazine and online programmes.

    This versatile and adaptable participative prayer resource for all-age worship is taken from the extensive material the ROOTS authors have created. Based on the lectionary readings for each Sunday of Years A, B & C it includes:

    * gathering prayers* seasonal prayers of thanksgiving* a creative response to the day’s readings* responsive prayers of intercession* a children’s prayer activity* an all-age prayer activity* responsive prayers for sending out

    All the texts can be downloaded or projected from the accompanying CD Rom.

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  • Creative Retreat Ideas


    Time apart to listen to God is an essential component of the Christian life. This wide ranging practical resource offers complete programme ideas – from short spiritual breaks for those who can only manage a couple of hours from their work or family responsibilities, to a range of ideas for whole day and full weekend retreats. aaExperienced retreat conductor Sue Pickering explores the elements that are commonly used in retreats:silence, journalling, using craft materials, reflection, lectio divina, imaginative prayer, music and movement, and more. aaOut of these building blocks, unlimited retreat programmes can be created. Part two offers themed retreat programme outlines complete with handouts which are downloadable from the accompanying CD Rom. These include Quiet Breakfasts, A Prayer Walk, A Garden Retreat and much more.

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  • Taking Flight With Creativity


    Pastors and church leaders in many congregations have attempted to form teams for the purpose of planning, or designing, worship. Getting a group of people together in one room is fairly easy. But whether large or small church, staff or volunteer, most discover that it is difficult to form a team that actually works.

    Using the metaphor of early flight, this resource analyzes how to be a part of a worship design team that works. Major sections include discovering a strategic approach to worship, tips for team composition, a look at how to overcome a series of obstacles that frequently keep teams from finding success together, and some of the usual “mechanical difficulties” that keep teams grounded.

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  • More Excellent Way With DVD


    Author Henry W. Wright not only equips the church with respect to defeating sickness, but he also demystifies it by showing, from God’s perspective, why mankind has disease in the first place. A More Excellent Way is a valuable resource in assisting spiritual leaders, health-care professionals, and all individuals in understanding the spiritual dynamics behind diseases of the body, spirit, and soul. The book will help you to discover:
    * Why mankind has disease.
    * The spiritual roots of disease.
    * Blocks to healing.
    * Effective disease prevention.
    * Spiritual pathways to wholeness and health.

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  • Effectiveness By The Numbers


    Chapter One: The Fear Of Numbers
    Chapter Two: If You Could Count Only One Thing
    Chapter Three: How Many And How Often
    Chapter Four: How Many Stick?
    Chapter Five: How Many Serve?
    Chapter Six: Who’s New?
    Chapter Seven: Growing By Staying Small
    Chapter Eight: What’s More Important Than Dollars?
    Chapter Nine: What Product Are You Producing Anyway?

    Additional Info
    Accurately counting the right things can profoundly impact ministry effectiveness. Knowing “the story in the stats” can inform decisions and lead to the things that produce the results most pleasing to God. Gathering and studying the right numbers can help a church wisely invest its resources of time, effort, people, money, and facilities. Effectiveness by the Numbers will help ensure that your church is measuring the right things for the right reasons. Counting what counts enables a church to fulfill its mission–making mature followers of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus and his disciples counted. They knew how many he fed with the five loaves and fishes. When a crowd gathered they often knew and recorded the number of men, women and children present for the event. The early church counted. They knew that on the day of Pentecost about 3,000 were added to their number. The book of Acts reports that “many believed,” “people were added,” and “many of the Corinthians who heard him believed and were baptized.” If Jesus counted and the early church kept track of numbers, it is not unreasonable to expect churches today to use metrics to increase their effectiveness in doing God’s work on earth.

    This title contains a CD-ROM containing Excel templates for calculating some of the measures discussed in the book.

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  • Big Book Of Job Descriptions For Ministry


    Match the right people to the right ministries—right now! Here are 200 professionally prepared, simple, ready-to-use position descriptions for every church job you can imagine—from senior pastor to cookie baker. Customize your documents with the included CD-ROM. Windows 3.1 or higher, Macintosh System 6 or higher. Requires a word processing system with RTF file-reading capability.

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