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Object Lessons for Sermons

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  • Feasting On The Word Childrens Sermons For Year B


    Many pastors are confused about what to say during children’s time in churches. Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year B offers practical suggestions for preparing and delivering the children’s sermon. After explaining the importance and purpose of the children’s sermon, noted Christian educator Carol Wehrheim provides a retelling of each Sunday’s Bible story- based on the Revised Common Lectionary-for the entire church year. In addition, she provides a few stories for special Sundays, including the Jewish Celebration of Purim, the Jewish Celebration of Passover, and Thanksgiving Day. This resource provides pastors and other church leaders with fresh, engaging stories that children will understand and enjoy.

    Also available: Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year A and Feasting on the Word Children’s Sermons for Year C.

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  • Feed My Lambs


    Feed My Lambs is a collection of 103 children’s object lessons, written in script form, so that those who desire to give fun and effective sermons will be able to easily prepare the message.

    I hope to encourage people who might pick up Feed My Lambs to give children’s sermons a try. I think about how I went about it years back. I walked into a Christian bookstore, asked where the children’s sermon book section was, picked up a few books, and wondered if I were biting off more than I could chew. I want people to know they can. God will certainly bless them and all the little ones they are trying to help. Jesus said, “Feed My Lambs.”

    *Included in Feed My Lambs
    *Index of Seasonal Themes
    *Notes to the Reader
    *Index of Bible references
    *Liturgical calendar suggestions
    *Chapter-by-Chapter synopsis
    *Some of the chapter titles in this book are:
    *Having a Right Relationship with God
    *Trust in the Lord and His Perfect Plan
    *Our Sins and Jesus’ Forgiveness
    *Talking with God

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  • Richer Descriptions


    Healthy Life Press

    A unique and handy manual, covering all NINE human senses in seven chapters, for Christian speakers and writers. Exercises and a speaker’s checklist equip speakers to engage their audiences in a richer experience. Writing examples and a writer’s guide help writers bring more life to the characters and scenes of their stories. Bible references encourage a deeper appreciation of being created by God for a sensory existence.

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  • Moments Of Wonder


    A resource full of children’s messages with a “Wow!” factor

    Moments of Wonder includes 52 fun and distinctive theme-based sermons that will connect with children ages 3-8.

    Offers a year’s worth of children’s sermons that help pastors reach children effectively with a “wow factor”

    Each of the sermon lessons is theme-based and includes a selected Scripture text

    Format offers messages that are distinctive, fun, and easily presented

    Ideal for children’s church

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  • Preachers Sourcebook For Creative Sermon Illustrations


    The Ultimate Contemporary Resource for Preachers Features thousands of real-life stories, illustrations, and quotes edited by popular author and pastor Rob Morgan Cross-referenced by subject and Scripture Alphabetized for easy access The ultimate gold-mine for speakers – humorous, serious, thought-provoking, and heart-warming material The book includes space for noting when/where each illustration is used Stories for today’s sermons and today’s lives

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  • Sunflowers Sparrows And Salt


    Sunflowers, Sparrows, And Salt provides a year’s worth of simple, Bible-based lessons perfect for use in the classroom or the sanctuary, coupled with easily reproducible, ready-to-use activities that keep young people interested while helping them grasp the main concepts. There are coloring pages for younger children, plus puzzles and word games for older children — all working together to reinforce scriptural wisdom and Christian values. The lessons follow the seasons of the year, with material for both general and special occasions. This all-new collection of children’s sermons and activity pages from popular CSS author Julia Bland is sure to become an indispensable resource for pastors and Sunday school teachers.

    Lessons are included for these special days:
    * New Year’s Day
    * Valentine’s Day
    * Palm Sunday
    * Easter Sunday
    * Mother’s Day
    * Memorial Day
    * Father’s Day
    * Independence Day
    * Labor Day
    * Thanksgiving
    * Christmas

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  • Retelling The Story


    Is the typical didactic sermon still an adequate vehicle for communicating essential biblical truth? In this provocative and enlightening volume, Larry Lange contends that story sermons are a far more effective way to proclaim the Good News in a modern world that largely communicates through narrative-driven multimedia spectacle.

    The powerful stories in the Bible don’t need to be turned into morals or ideas to convey the gospel. But because they were composed in a radically different cultural context, they may require additional explanation or interpretation to make them relevant for contemporary audiences. So how can a preacher add narrative elements to these stories without diminishing their dramatic impact or changing their meaning?

    Retelling The Story outlines an innovative process for retelling biblical stories that utilizes fictional elements and contexts yet remains faithful to the scriptural text. Several creative and homiletical issues are comprehensively examined, and six sample sermons are included to illustrate various aspects of this process at work. Inject exciting new life into the old, old story with this primer for developing dramatic sermons that touch hearts and minds and souls.

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  • Lions And Cows Dining Together


    Stimulate your creativity with 112 imaginative “sermon starters” in this companion volume to Shaking Wolves Out Of Cherry Trees… Each idea consists of a clever title that’s sure to pique the interest of the people in the pews, along with a purpose statement and a brief discussion of the subject (including outline points and scripture references). Full of striking imagery, Lions And Cows Dining Together provides plenty of seeds for developing riveting, thought-provoking messages on a wide variety of critical topics. This homiletic “do-it-yourself” kit will be a treasured addition to any pastor’s library – combined with the material in its companion volume, there are over five years’ worth of pump-priming ideas for weekly sermons that apply Jesus’ teachings to contemporary living. But Lions And Cows Dining Together isn’t just for preachers – it’s also an excellent source of meditations for men’s, women’s, or youth groups as well as inspiring devotional reading.

    Here’s a sample of some of the inventive entries:

    * God Always Wins At Hide And Seek
    * Worship Is More Than Just Staying Awake
    * Can Pagan Objects Be Sanitized?
    * You Can Learn To Like Spinach, Liver, And Theology
    * Hell: But It’s A Dry Heat
    * Will Reverend Tortoise Ever Catch Doctor Hare?
    * Pearly Gates Entrance Exam
    * Pilgrim Or Tourist?

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  • Big Influence Of Small Things


    Anyone who has done children’s sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that “I learn more from the children’s sermon than I do from the real sermon.” And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it’s no accident that children’s sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches.

    Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year’s worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the “lesson” uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the “application” connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim.

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  • Lifetime Of Blessing


    In the same successful formula as ‘World of Blessing’, Geoffrey Duncan has compiled blessings from a great variety of resources to commemorate every conceivable stage of life from planning and praying for a child to bidding loved ones farewell. aaIn between there are a wide range of thanksgiving and blessing prayers for pregnancy, the birth of a baby, adoption and fostering, christening or naming ceremonies,godparents, growing up, starting school, birthdays, confirmation or church membership,friendship, love, work, leaving home, engagement, marriage, moving house, anniversaries, the big’O’s(!)and all important occasions in life-joyful or sad. aaA unique pastoral and personal resource that will be used over and over again.

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  • He Who Laughs Last


    Have you ever been asked to… …make a speech? …write a newsletter? …emcee for a banquet? …introduce a guest speaker? …participate in doing a roast? …place quotes on a marquee? …locate filler for a church bulletin? …come up with a sermon illustration? Then this is the resource for you. It is categorized topically to make it easy to find just the right material for that special event or that audience waiting for something new. Are you tired of poring through thousands of pages, finding nothing just right for your occasion? This book has been written out of the author’s frustration in those same situations. Even if you don’t have any speeches to make, you’ll enjoy reading He Who Laughs, Lasts just because it’s fun! The author has been a public school teacher, principal, college professor, and church staff member.He draws from all of these venues for his material. This book contains real life illustrations from the church house to the school house. It includes dozens of tried and proven audience pleasers. Anson Nash has spent a career collecting material to use in speeches and presentations given to PTA groups and principal workshops. This material is also for emceeing banquets, preaching sermons, and entertaining friends. The author decided to share his files with others who might experience the same frustrations in searching for clean, appropriate material.

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  • Movie Based Illustrations For Preaching And Teaching


    A handy reference volume of movie clip illustrations that connect with today9s audiences and reinforce biblical truths Movies have become the stories of our culture. People love to discuss favorite movies and actors, and this interest can help you communicate God9s Word with power_if you have exciting, movie-based illustrations at your fingertips. Now the editors of have gathered the best movie-based illustrations, the scenes that convey biblical truth convincingly. This collection contains 101 complete illustrations straight from popular movies that your listeners can relate to. Each illustration is easy to use_you don9t even have to be familiar with the movie to share the truth it portrays. * Complete index includes multiple keywords and relevant Scripture passages for easy selection. * Each illustration provides plot summary and detailed description of the scene_you can tell the story well even if you haven9t seen the movie. * Exact beginning time and ending time are given for each illustration, if you9d like to show the video clip. * Each illustration gives background information on the movie, including year created, MPAA rating, and more. Bring home biblical truths for your congregation or class in a dramatic way by incorporating these movie illustrations into your future messages and lessons and then receive a FREE 90-day trial membership and access to over 7,600 sermon illustrations at!

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  • Story Time At The Altar


    Jesus told stories, and the scriptures are the sacred story of God and his people … and since children love stories as well, what could be a more appropriate way to plant the seeds of faith than with stories? This outstanding collection provides 86 enchanting parables that you can share during “children’s time” on Sunday morning, as well as at home, school, camp, or any other setting where young people are gathered together and want to hear a story. Brief talking points and questions in each message help youngsters clearly understand the good news of God’s incredible grace and unconditional love. Many of the stories illustrate biblical themes — but a wide variety of other topics and approaches are included, along with a convenient scripture index. Written in a simple, direct style that children of all ages can easily relate to, these delightful stories will inspire joy and hope.

    Stories include:
    * Elijah And The Voice (1 Kings 19:11)
    * Timothy’s Questions (Psalm 100:3a)
    * The Aspen And The Wind (Mark 10:44)
    * The House On The Rock (Matthew 7:24-27)
    * Teach Us To Pray (Matthew 14:22-33)
    … and many more!

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  • Gods Word Alive And Active


    Here are more ready-to-use children’s sermons from the prolific pen of Julia Bland which are sure to appeal to busy pastors and teachers. In this collection, Bland compares God’s Word to a variety of concrete objects, teaching youngsters that although the scriptures were written a long time ago, they remain a powerful and unequaled guide for good and holy living. Like all of her other acclaimed CSS titles, each message in this collection comes with a two-sided activity sheet including a coloring page for young children along with puzzles and word games for older children that reinforce the lesson’s theme and key concepts. In addition to “children’s time” during the worship hour, this resource is also excellent for Sunday school or Vacation Bible School.

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  • Gospel Telling : The Art And Theology Of Childrens Sermons


    When was the last time you took a moment to consider the purpose and effectiveness of your children’s sermons? After all, nothing is more important than sowing the seeds of faith early in life. In this comprehensive look at all aspects of preaching the gospel to young people, Richard Coleman challenges you to examine your approach with a critical eye and gives you plenty of practical guidance for developing simple, direct messages that help children form a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    In the first section of Gospel-Telling, Coleman discusses what constitutes meaningful children’s sermons, offering a thoughtful rationale for the idea that we must proclaim the gospel so youngsters experience God’s love. You’ll learn how you can mine your own experience for inspiration and proclaim gospel stories that flow from your specific circumstances. Then in the second portion of the book you’ll see this process at work, with over 30 examples illustrating several different types of children’s sermons.

    Whether you’re a pastor, Christian educator, or engaged in the teaching ministry, you’re sure to profit from the practical advice and in-depth reflection in these pages. With Gospel-Telling, you’ll be equipped to share with young people the Good News — with creativity and theological integrity.

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  • Giant Book Of Childrens Sermons


    The youngest members of your congregation have trooped up the aisle in their Sunday best. Be prepared with these 260 object lessons and simple visual aids such as crayons, scissors, and salt shakers! Features five years of 10-minute “sermonettes” that complement New Testament Scripture passages. Includes a companion CD-ROM.

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  • Perfect Illustrations For Every Topic And Occasion


    Good communicators are always on the lookout for fresh, relevant anecdotes and examples to drive home the point of their words. This handy reference contains 300 anecdotes and illustrations for pastors, writers, teachers, and other Christian communicators on a variety of topics. Each entry includes Scripture references, cross-references to related topics, an anecdote or illustration, and a citation of its source.

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  • Childrens Sermons For Special Days


    Children’s stories are important times for pastors and laypeople to relate to children in the context of worship. But resources that will hold their attention and help them learn about the Bible and the Christian faith are hard to find. Children’s Sermons For Special Days is both relevant and easy to use. The biblically based stories are told in a manner children can understand, and the pictures and activity sheets help to reinforce the learning experience. I highly recommend this book as a valuable tool for enhancing worship and learning for children.
    Marvin Zehr
    Conference Minister
    Western District Mennonite Conference

    Looking for children’s material specifically tailored for holidays and other special, out-of-the-ordinary days? If so, then Julia Bland’s latest collection is a practical resource that you’ll draw on for fresh ideas throughout the year. Like all of her other popular titles, each children’s message in Children’s Sermons For Special Days is accompanied by a two-sided activity page — one side is a coloring page for younger children, while the other has a variety of puzzles and activities that emphasize the lesson’s key points for older children. Busy pastors and teachers who have little preparation time will love these scripturally sound and ready-to-use presentations — and better yet, so will your young people!

    Lessons are included for:
    * New Year’s Day
    * Valentine’s Day
    * Palm Sunday
    * Easter Sunday
    * Mother’s Day
    * Father’s Day
    * Independence Day
    * Start of School
    * First Day of Autumn
    * Halloween
    * Thanksgiving
    * Christmas

    During nearly 50 years as a pastor’s wife, Julia E. Bland has taught church groups of all ages from children through senior adults. She has been active in United Methodist Women and served as district chairperson of Global Concerns as well as Publicity and Public Relations. Bland’s award-winning oil, watercolor, and pen and ink artwork has appeared in private and public collections. Among her many CSS titles are Lessons We Can Learn From The Animals and Praises From The Psalms.

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  • Bethlehems Closet A Reunion Of Grace


    If you want to try something different for Advent this year, Bethlehem’s Closet — A Reunion Of Grace is a great resource that provides congregations with an intriguing learning experience. It’s a unique series of five monologues telling the fascinating stories, warts and all, of the women mentioned in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus. Donald Neidigk believes that the embarrassing events in some of these women’s lives are important for us to know, since they demonstrate that Jesus was born into an imperfect family, with secrets in the closet, just like you and me. And that makes him a sympathetic Savior — exactly what we need. So even though the shepherds and wise men may be more typical of the season’s characters, Bethlehem’s Closet — A Reunion Of Grace offers a refreshing way to celebrate Christ’s birth. Each monologue comes with a children’s message (using easily obtained objects to reinforce the lesson) and a convenient order of worship.

    The monologues examine these women:
    * Tamar — A Wronged Widow
    * Rahab — A Former Prostitute
    * Ruth — A Moabite Convert
    * Bathsheba — A Violated Wife
    * Mary — A Young Mother

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  • Learning From The Lizard


    The Bible is filled with fascinating and intriguing references to birds, animals, and insects. This wonderfully illustrated resource discusses 25 of the most significant animals in the Bible using scriptural references and scientific research. Each message is attention-getting, inspiring, and enriching. Specific lessons for an animal are accompanied by a prayer and a detailed drawing. It’s a spiritual resource you’ll refer to again and again!

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  • Gospel Subplots


    If over the centuries Christians have become used to sermons being a string of assertions, explanations, or exhortations — with a sprinkling of stories as illustrations — the sermons have not been preached in a manner consistent with how the Bible communicates reality. Most of the Bible is stories. Story sermons do today what Jesus did in his stories — they sneak up on people. Listeners can ward off moral exhortations, and they become resistant to three points, a poem, and a prayer. Intellectually they can parry with information doled out in a series of reasoned arguments. But stories win us over before we understand what is going on. Stories quietly tip the scale of our minds toward agreeing with God’s graciousness. (from the Introduction)

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  • Gifts Of Lent


    This book was written for busy pastors and lay leaders who want to provide their congregations with a biblical, informative, and motivational monologue series for the Lenten season. Each monologue features a Bible character who gave something to Jesus during Holy Week, and one who had nothing to give. A children’s sermon accompanies each monologue.

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  • Behold The Man


    Behold The Man is a sermon/study series for Lent inspired by the words of Pontius Pilate about Jesus. The theme is carefully explored from the First Sunday in Lent through Easter Sunday.

    For each Sunday a sermon, prayer, children’s sermon, order of worship and discussion questions are provided.

    The purpose of these messages is to enable us to look at Jesus in the crucial times of his life and ministry. In beholding him as he was then we will be able to see him now.

    Sections include:
    * Behold the Man Who Was Tempted As We Are
    * Behold the Man Who Takes Away Sin
    * Behold the Man Who Taught By The Sea
    * Behold the Man Who Trained Disciples
    * Behold the Man Who Turned Toward Jerusalem
    * Behold the Man Who Tried To Be King
    * Behold the Man Who Took The Victory

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  • Open My Eyes


    Here are 52 unique messages for relating to children. They can be used by pastors on Sunday morning, by Sunday School teachers, or by mothers and fathers in the home.

    Each Lesson Includes:
    A statement of the purpose
    The item of material used to illustrate the story
    Possible times to use the story at home or church or special occasion
    The scriptural reference or background of the lesson

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  • We Are The Church


    We Are The Church offers 52 easy-to-use children’s object lessons for the entire church year. These lessons are based on New Revised Standard Version Second Lesson texts, mostly from Romans.

    Each lesson offers clear directions:
    Set in italic type, you’ll know when to “let the children answer, or give directions.”
    Easy-to-find objects: A pile of play money, for example, for lesson number 18. This tells about being ransomed from futile ways inherited from your ancestors, not with perishable things like silver or gold. (1 Peter 1:17-21)

    The table of contents lists the scripture passages used with each lesson title. All objects are easy to relate to with children and are fun to Use. For example, you may need a cowboy hat, toy building blocks, a microphone, a mask and a stuffed animal.

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  • This New Life Together


    As an anthology, this book fits many settings facing clergy. Included is a ceremony for an older and once widowed couple, a Protestant and Catholic wedding, an evening ceremony and a simple congregational vow for inclusion in a service. This anthology includes meditations from men and women clergy who are United Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Episcopal and Roman Catholic.

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  • 53 Stories For Preaching Series 1 Year 1


    “Emilio Lopez received a surprise phone call from his bishop one day. “Would you be interested in a call to a white congregation in a neighborhood that is becoming Hispanic? I think you’re just the kind of pastor they need in these days of transition.””
    (excerpt from the story “Light in the Life of Eternity”)
    Following Shakespeare’s philosophy that “brevity is the soul of wit,” this anthology offers readers 53 succinct, insightful stories based on scripture passages. Each narrative faithfully updates the biblical theme in a modern setting from everyday life that everyone can relate to. Many feature surprise endings that will rivet the attention while strengthening believers’ faith. The brief stories in this well-rounded collection make excellent starting points or centerpieces for a sermon, and they’re also ideal for uplifting devotional reading.
    The contributors to “53 Stories for Preaching” represent pastors and ordinary Christians from many denominations across North America. The 16 storytellers include:
    Constance Berg
    Dallas A. Brauninger
    Charles W. Byrd
    B. Kathleen Fannin
    Susan K. Hedahl
    Richard A. Jensen
    James E. Sargent
    Betty Lynn Schwab
    Robert Beringer
    Steve Burt
    Cynthia E. Cowen
    Peter C. Garrison
    Sandra Herrmann
    Paul Lintern
    Henry Scholberg
    John E. Sumwalt

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  • Childrens Sermons A To Z


    Anyone who has done children’s sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that “I learn more from the children’s sermon than I do from the real sermon.” And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it’s no accident that children’s sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches.

    Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year’s worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the “lesson” uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the “application” connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim.

    Bright, innovative, perceptive, creative, grace-filled Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter are all of those and much, much more, and that is reflected beautifully in their new book Children’s Sermons A To Z.
    James W. Moore
    Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Houston, Texas

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  • Praises From The Psalms


    Julia Bland comes to the aid of busy pastors and teachers with more practical, easy-to-prepare children’s messages and activity pages. Based on the Psalms, the lessons call youngsters’ attention to the many blessings we enjoy every day and teach them to praise God for all he does for us. Puzzles and coloring pages keep their interest while reinforcing the message.

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  • Little Animal Sermons


    Because of the natural appeal of animals, they provide a means by which to capture children’s attention and teach biblical truths. With each lesson is a page for younger children to color and an activity page for older children.

    Most children love animals. And because of the natural appeal of animals, they provide an attractive means by which to capture children’s attention and teach biblical truths.

    These lessons provide an opportunity for pastors or Christian educators during Sunday morning worship, Sunday School, Vacation Church School, or any other time of interaction with young people.

    Accompanying each lesson is a page for younger children to color and an additional activity page for older children.

    “I found your manuscript appealing and interesting. We like the activities that accompany the good stories.
    Albert Frederick Mutti
    Bishop, Kansas Area
    United Methodist Church

    Lessons include:
    The Turtle: Sheltered By The Presence Of God
    The Dog, Pansy: Sheltered By God’s Word
    The Penguin: Working Together
    The Rhinoceros And The Tickbird: Working Together Though Not Alike
    The Opossum: Playing Dead To Sin
    The Squirrel: Gathering Treasures

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  • Hoof N Mouth Disease


    Storytelling is older than the Bible, as much of the Old Testament consists of stories that arose out of an oral tradition, and Jesus was a master storyteller. So it makes sense that monologues capture the eyes, ears, and brains of the congregation. Stories captivate audiences – mention any character in the Bible and people recall a favorite story, not the theme of a moralistic three-point sermon. This book of creative monologues will help pastors connect with their listeners in a vital and vibrant way.

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  • Let The Children Come


    The Children’s Sermon during the worship hour is one of the strongest attractions for young families in choosing a church to attend.

    Robert Lantz understands how to talk to children. He brings the meaning and message of the scripture text to their level of understanding. When members of his congregation began asking for copies of his children’s sermons so they could use them as bedtime stories for their children, he decided it was time to put them into print.

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  • Cosmic Witness


    How have preachers handled questions about science and religion? Largely by ignoring them. But many people are asking questions about the significance of the Christian message in an age of technology.

    Cosmic Witness will help…
    Preachers by revealing those scriptural texts where faith intersects with science and technology.
    Teachers who are looking for modern illustrations to help students understand the relationship between faith and science.
    All who are interested in learning more about how the Bible addresses questions about technology and religion.

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  • Honey Bee Dance


    Julia Bland’s children’s messages are popular with pastors, Sunday school teachers, and parents all across the country. That’s because children love them and learn from the stories, drawings, and activity pages. Her work has been translated into Spanish and used by churches in Mexico and South America. The six lessons in this booklet, all based on Ephesians 4:32-5:2a, provide a perfect series for Vacation Bible School, a retreat, or a summer series for children. Using the busy, productive life of a honey bee as a metaphor for the life of a Christian, Bland offers charming lessons.

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  • Speaking With Signs


    Speaking With Signs is a unique series of six object lessons for children during the Lenten season … making worship more meaningful for them (and for adults). Each lesson brings them a story from scripture by focusing upon a symbol related to the Easter story. Lessons are based on texts from Matthew and John.

    Objects include:
    a lantern
    a rope
    a crown of thorns
    dice and a robe
    a stepladder and sponge
    a spear
    a picture of an empty tomb

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  • More Childrens Sermons To Go


    Ever wonder if anybody remembers your children’s sermons? This idea book is for you! Each of the 52 messages features a scripted talk about God, his love, and his Word; materials list; related Bible verse; and suggestions for inexpensive take-home tokens to help youngsters better understand and recall the lesson. Great for family devotions, too.

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  • These Will Preach


    Schmalenberger shares this collection of 475 illustrations and narratives gathered from his own preaching journals. The material will be useful to any preacher and is organized by topic.

    This book contains 475 illustrations, anecdotes, metaphors, and narratives useful to any preacher or public speaker. The contents are indexed according to 63 topics, ranging from Advent, Angels, Blessings, Church … to Prayer, Pentecost, Resurrection, Spiritual Life, Stewardship, Truth, TV Commercial, and Worship.

    Schmalenberger, who has served as senior pastor in some of America’s largest Lutheran churches and who has taught preaching at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, gathered this collection from his own preaching journals.

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  • Childrens Sermons For The Revised Common Lectionary Year A


    “From the Publisher:” CHILDREN’S SERMONS FOR THE REVISED COMMON LECTIONARY YEAR A by Philip D. Schroeder How to use the five senses in delivering sermons. Each volume contains 52 sermons

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  • You Can Preach To The Kids Too


    A variety of ideas for making any sermon suitable for both children and adults.

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  • How Long Is Gods Nose


    Just how long is God’s nose anyway? And why would that have anything to do with controlling your temper? Why are you better off owning a dog or a cat than a pet walrus? Is the Big Dipper just a constellation — or a story of compassion written in starlight? You’ll find the answers in this delightful collection of children’s sermons by storyteller John Timmer. Bible story and fairy tale, true life and myth — Timmer shares each in turn in ninety jewel-like messages that children ages 5- 9 will take to heart . . . and whose freshness and imagination youth workers, teachers, and parents will love.

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  • Sharing Faith With Children


    What kind language and images should we use to communicate faith to children? How can we translate theological abstractions into concrete realities that make sense to children? This book provides insight into the stages of children’s mental and spiritual development in order to enable us to share faith with them in appropriate ways. Juengst gives special attention to the meaning of worship and how children participate in it, the role and purpose of the children’s sermon, the psychological and theological development processes of young children, the use of language and symbolism with children, and the use of appropriate methodologies that help in efforts to share faith with children through sermon.

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  • Jesus The Servant King


    Good morning boys and girls. How would you like to use your imaginations and visit some of the places that Jesus visited during the last week of his life? If you look closely, you will see, with my help, the streets, the palaces, the gardens, the dining room, the church and even the place where Jesus died and was buried. (from the lesson “The Temple”)

    Jesus, The Servant King offers six object lessons for Lent. Each lesson focuses on a place where Jesus visited during the critical final week of his life. Each lesson includes a drawing, which you may use to show children while telling your story.

    The lesson themes are:
    The temple
    The upper room
    The garden
    The streets of Jerusalem
    The empty tomb

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  • Time With Our Children


    With simple props-glitter, blocks, candles, and cookies-Dianne Deming brings Scripture and theology into the world and understanding of children. She speaks their language-to them as equals, not at them or down to them-and God’s love for children and her love for them shine through with every word. She recognizes the dignity of children, their worth as unique individuals and to the church, and creates stories that respect how children view the world and their place in it. A TIME WITH OUR CHILDREN is a collection of stories designed for the pastor or teacher to help children share in the faith of the congregation-not as a separate part of the worship service but integrated into the seamless whole of the people of God worshiping together. Deming believes that the most important benefit children receive from their special time in worship is the underlying message that they are valued and loved by God and their church. Her gentle, charming stories do that with grace and aplomb. The stories are keyed to the New Revised Common Lectionary (NRCL) and indexed by topic for non-lectionary use.

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  • Places Of The Promise


    “The Advent/Christmas story is one that identifies specific places as the font of the rich interactions between God and humanity. The names of such locales are as familiar to us as our own homes.”

    Here are six sermons with accompanying children’s sermons. The series covers Advent 1 through Christmas 1. Each sermon focuses on the particular sphere God used to prepare creation for the gift of Jesus.

    The sermons offer:
    * Texts from Lectionary Cycle B
    * Other suggested texts
    * Suggestions for congregational activities

    The children’s sermons follow an advent wreath-lighting series. Following Christmas, these sermons use the Christmas tree and the creche scene as themes. Each children’s sermon offers at least three objects to use as illustrations.

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  • 6 Presents From God


    Advent is a time to think about gifts. Who should receive them? How much should they cost? What do the people on our list “need” most of all? We scramble every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, trying to “take care of our gift list.”

    Here is a refreshing second look at the whole area of giving and receiving gifts. When all is said and done, it is not us but God who is the gift-giver. By his rich giving we are graced for life and for eternity. Throughout the season of Advent and Christmas, share with members of your congregation the good news of God’s enormous generosity. Look together at the “gift list ” God assembled for us once where shepherds watched and angels sang.

    These six sermons are each supplemented with simple object lessons for young children. The author focuses on God’s gifts to us of:
    The baby Jesus

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  • Call In The Clowns


    Children love stories. (So do their parents.) The Sunday morning worship hour is a perfect time to take five minutes to gather the children and share a story with them. When the youngest in the congregation understand what is being shared, all who are older will as well.
    These fifty object lessons are based on gospel texts. Many but not all are from the gospel of Luke, including familiar parables of Jesus such as the prodigal son and the good Samaritan. Each story makes use of a familiar household object, such as a paper bag, a candle, some construction paper, or a balloon, in order to make a simple teaching memorable to young learners.
    Anyone who loves children and can tell a story can share the stories in this book. It may be the pastor, a Sunday church school teacher, a gifted (or simply dedicated) lay person, or a parent of younger children. The stories can also be used effectively in the church school classroom or in the Christian home.

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  • On The Move With Jesus


    “On the Move with Jesus” is a book of epistle lessons come to life through the spoken word and the use of an easy-to-find object that means something to children. Wesley Runk, in the style that has made him famous and brought the gospel to many thousands of children, offers this volume of 52 object lessons from the Bible to help the pastor communicate with God’s little ones.

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  • Better Childrens Sermons


    The author of the popular resource, Creating Children’s Sermons, continues his efforts to communicate the message of faith to the youngest members of the church. Believing that adult faith–or lack of faith–is directly linked to childhood experiences, Bucky Dann discusses the importance of reaching children with the word of God, and including them in the church’s worship and sacraments. The lessons in this book are organized around fourteen themes that profoundly affect all human beings.

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  • Our Father Friend Of Little Children


    Perfect For a post-Lenten or Easter Season Series, this book of nine object lessons uses the Lord’s Prayer as its basis.

    Chapter titles include: “Our Father Who Art In Heaven.” “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread,” and “For Thine Is The Kingdom.”

    Objects used are:
    a flag
    a microphone
    a large map or globe
    a rule book for a game
    a loaf of unsliced bread
    a box of chocolates, potato chips and popcorn
    a newspaper
    a banner to wave

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