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Sailboat Church : Helping Your Church Rethink Its Mission And Practice


Is your church a rowboat church or a sailboat church?

Rowboat churches depend largely on human effort. In a time of often shrinking budgets and membership, rowboat churches frantically row harder against a current, often frustrated and disappointed at their efforts. Sailboat churches, on the other hand, take up the oars, hoist sales, and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Arguing that churches should be “sailboats,” author Joan S. Gray encourages readers to shift concern from the many daily, practical concerns of their local church to consider how new directions might be found by allowing the Holy Spirit to provide fresh ideas. The book includes 40 days of sailing prayers, quotes from Scripture, brief reflection questions, and an extensive bibliography that is arranged by theme. Perfect for groups to read together, this book will help leaders reframe their church’s mission and practice with the Holy Spirit as their guide.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780664259587
ISBN10: 0664259588
Joan Gray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2014
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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