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Linda Darlington

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  • My Soul Thirsts For God


    Every Christian yearns to have that strong, spiritual relationship with God; a relationship where whatever petitions are on one’s mind are immediately received and handled by the Heavenly Father.

    Connecting with God must be developed on a foundation of prayer, dialoguing with God and listening for His still small voice to provide guidance, direction and love.

    Author Linda Darlington understood the importance of adopting a resilient prayer life, one that overcomes struggle and distraction as it gives hope and encouragement in personal and/or corporate situations.

    Her comprehensive Bible study on prayer, entitled My Soul Thirsts for God, journeys into the different aspects and characteristics of prayer.

    Encompassed into seventeen Bible study sessions, the prayer focus begins with why people pray to how one can create meaningful prayers for families, missions and even the nation.

    As we begin this communion with the Lord, He expands our prayer lives beyond ourselves and our families to His Kingdom building, our churches, cities, states, nation, missionaries, the hurting and needy. The foundation of all prayer is our love relationship with the Lord, and that grows as we commune with Him through prayer and He works in our lives.

    Each session begins with a biblical-minded explanation about a specific focus of prayer, followed by scripture references and activities for group discussion or individual reflection.

    By cultivating one’s prayer life through Bible study and quiet time with God, one becomes more cognizant of God’s clear intentions and guiding hand in building a greater spiritual relationship with Him.

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