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Lewis Smedes

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  • My God And I


    “There are some things about God that, were I to stop believing them, my world would change color, my hope would turn sour, and the meaning of my life would be yanked inside out.”In this moving spiritual memoir, finished shortly before his death in December 2002, Lewis Smedes, beloved teacher and best-selling author, takes readers through his own lifelong walk with God.

    In My God and I Smedes gives voice to both the struggles and the joys of his life, revealing his deepest questions to a God who would never let him go and expressing his eager anticipation of the day when, as God promises, all things will be made new. “It has been ‘God and I’ the whole way,” Smedes writes. “Not so much because he has always been pleasant company. Not because I could always feel his presence when I got up in the morning or when I was afraid to sleep at night. It was because he did not trust me to travel alone.”Yet My God and I is more than Smedes’s personal account of his travels with God — the theological odyssey that was his life. Like all his writings, this book also models and instructs. Through his honest confessions on the nature of Christian faith, Smedes offers gentle insights not just about God but also about human life and how it can and should be lived. And for those interested in the particulars of Smedes’s professional life, these pages include many anecdotes by one whose career was linked closely with shifting currents in modern theology and with some of America’s premier educational institutions.

    Above all, My God and I will provide a source of spiritual comfort to those who, like Smedes, continue to strive after the presence of God. It will also be a cherished good-bye for the many people who have been touched by the wisdom, wit, and charm of Lewis Smedes.

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  • Shame And Grace


    1. The Heaviness Of Shame
    2. The Varieties Of Shame
    3. The Sources Of Shame
    4. Grace And The Healing Of Our Shame
    5. The Lightness Of Grace

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    Recognizing and remedying the undeserved shame that burdens our spirit and crushes our joy-from the author of Forgive and Forget.

    If you persistently feel you don’t measure up, you are feeling shame-that “vague, undefined heaviness that presses on our spirit, dampens our gratitude for the goodness of life,” and diminishes our joy. The good news is that shame can be healed.

    With warmth and wit, Lewis B. Smedes examines why and how we feel shame, and presents a profound, spiritual plan for healing. Step by step, Smedes outlines the road to well-being and the peace that comes from knowing we are accepted by “the grace of One whose acceptance of us matters most.”

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  • Mere Morality : What God Expects From Ordinary People (Reprinted)


    Rigorous arguments, provocative examples, lively discussion questions.

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  • Learning To Live The Love We Promise


    Master wordsmith Lewis Smedes helps readers look at relationships and how they work. He answers such questions as: What do committed relationships do for us? To whom should we commit our time and devotion? Which, if any, relationships should last forever and how can we make them last?

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  • Keeping Hope Alive


    In this fearful and cynical age, when doom and gloomers forecast catastrophe and fear mongers try to get us to hedge our bets on the future with insurance policies and safety nets, we need to rediscover real hope. Lewis Smedes says, “Hope is a native to our spirits as thinking is to our brain. Keep hoping, you keep living. Stop hoping, you start dying.” He shows how hope powers every good thing we accomplish and helps us overcome every bad thing we encounter. He talks about how to keep hope alive in difficult times, discern false hope from true hope, and move beyond worry to trust in God.

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  • Union With Christ A Print On Demand Title


    How can a person who lived nearly two thousand years ago radically change a human life here now? How can Jesus of Nazareth radically affect us, as persons, to the depths of our being? How can he reach out over the great span of time that divides us from him and change us so profoundly that we become “new creatures” in him?

    The answer, according to the Apostle Paul, lies in the fact that Jesus Christ enters into union with us. Lewis B. Smedes believes that union with Christ is at once the center and circumference of authentic human existence. Union with Christ is Smedes’ probing and sustained exegetical study of what Paul means when he speaks of our being in Christ and Christ being in us. Hailed as “a thoughtful, discerning, and thoroughly scriptural study” when it was first published in 1970 under the title All Things Made New, the book has been greatly streamlined in this edition. By judiciously cutting away what now strikes him as “scholarly clutter,” Smedes has produced a carefully condensed version of his earlier work while retaining its basic substance.

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