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Frank Thielman

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  • Filipenses – (Spanish)


    Aprende la retadora pero importante tarea de transportar el mensaje antiguo de la Palabra de Dios a un contexto moderno y claro, utilizando Los Comentarios Biblicos con aplicacion NVI.

    Estos comentarios ademas de enfocarse en la aplicacion de un pasaje, tambien nos permite pensar en el proceso por el cual se desarrolla un texto en su sentido original hasta llegar a su significado contemporaneo. Son verdaderos comentarios, no exposiciones populares. Siendo obras de referencia y no de literatura devocional.

    En cada comentario encontraras:

    *El significado del texto biblico en su contexto del primer siglo (Sentido Original)

    *La conexion entre el contexto original de la Biblia y su aplicacion contemporaneo (Construyendo Puentes)

    *La aplicacion de un mensaje biblico contemporaneo con el mismo poder que fue escrito en el pasado.

    NVI Application Commentary: Philippians

    Learn the exciting but important task of translating the ancient message of God’s Word into a clear modern context using the NIV Bible Commentaries with application.

    These commentaries not only focus on the application of a passage, but also allow us to think about the process by which a text develops from its original meaning to its contemporary sense. These are true commentaries, not popular expositions. Being works of reference and not devotional literature.

    In each commentary you will find:

    *The meaning of the biblical text in its first century context (Original Meaning).

    *The connection between the original context of the Bible and its contemporary application (Building Bridges).

    *The application of a contemporary biblical message with the same power as it was written in the past.

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  • Ephesians Philippians Colossians Philemon


    *How the springs at Hierapolis help us understand why Jesus described the church at Laodicea as “lukewarm”
    *The background and circumstances of certificates of divorce in Judaism
    *How Jewish dietary laws provided a powerful metaphor for God’s acceptance of the Gentiles

    Brimming with photos and graphics, the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary walks you verse by verse through all the books of the New Testament. It’s like slipping on a set of glasses that lets you read the Bible through the eyes of a first-century reader! Discoveries await you that will snap the world of the New Testament into gripping immediacy. Things that seem mystifying, puzzling, or obscure will take on tremendous meaning when you view them in their ancient context. You’ll deepen your understanding of the teachings of Jesus. You’ll discover the close, sometimes startling interplay between God’s kingdom and the practical affairs of the church. Best of all, you’ll gain a deepened awareness of the Bible’s relevance for your life. Written in a clear, engaging style, this beautiful set provides a new and accessible approach that more technical expository and exegetical commentaries don’t offer.

    It features:
    *Commentary based on relevant papyri, inscriptions, archaeological discoveries, and studies of Judaism, Roman culture, Hellenism, and other features of the world of the New Testament
    *Hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and line drawings
    *Copious maps, charts, and timelines
    *Sidebar articles and insights
    *”Reflections” on the Bible’s relevance for 21st-century living

    Written by leading evangelical contributors: Clinton E. Arnold (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen), General Editor S. M. Baugh (Ph.D., University of California, Irvine) Peter H. Davids (Ph.D., University of Manchester) David E. Garland (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) David W. J. Gill (D.Phil., University of Oxford) George H. Guthrie (Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) Moyer V. Hubbard (D.Phil., University of Oxford) Andreas J. Kostenberger (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) Ralph P. Martin (Ph.D., University of London, King’s College) Douglas J. Moo (Ph.D., University of St. Andrews) Mark L. Strauss (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) Frank Thielman (Ph.D., Duke University) Jeffrey A. D. Weima (Ph.D., University of Toronto) Michael J. Wilkins (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) Mark W. Wilson (D.Litt. et Phil., University of South Africa)

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  • Theology Of The New Testament


    34 Chapters Divided Into Three Parts Plus A Conclusion

    Additional Info
    Emphasizing the theological unity—and recognizing the cultural diversity—of the New Testament, Thielman provides an orientation to each individual book and an overview of the NT as a whole. Pastors, scholars, teachers, and laypeople will appreciate this review of historical, doctrinal, and cultural contexts and their relationship to contemporary scholarly debate. Complete and cohesive.

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