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Francis Grubbs

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  • Train Up A Child


    TRAIN UP A CHILD is a teacher education textbook for Christian parents engaged in laying the foundation for life and learning during the preschool years. It defines the meaning and purpose for education and provides a curriculum for the parents in developing the necessary educational awareness in all areas of learning. Following are several quotations that highlight the Christian character and Biblical worldview of both the author and the Book.

    You have given birth to a one and only model, with a potential never before registered on earth, and now God also tells you that you are responsible to train up this little one in the way he should go-both for time and for eternity.

    Teaching/Learning should begin in the womb and never cease.

    Learning is (1) the acquisition of knowledge, (2) the structuring of the knowledge processing systems resulting in a proper understanding and use of knowledge, and (3) the structuring of the individual-building what we know as character.

    The way he should go- is the path especially belonging to this child fitted for his individual characteristics.

    A child must be systematically instructed, initiated in the way of life, from the earliest dawn of intelligence.

    First, the parents must be characterized by their supreme love for God. Loving Him as LORD with all their hearts, with all their souls, and with all their might. This is the highest teaching credential for training children in the way they should go.

    If you desire to raise your children to love and obey Jesus Christ then you must give prime attention to instilling a value system within their minds that is truly minted from the gold of heaven-values that have eternal meaning.

    Think of it this way, God is trusting you to work with Him to conform your child into the likeness of Christ. This is the great goal, and reward for faithful parenting.

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