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Eric Odell-Hein

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  • Finding My Son


    Eric was perfectly happy being one half of a dual income, no kids family. Having the freedom to travel the world with his wife Christine, while indulging his hobbies and furthering his education and career, was a pretty sweet life.

    Christine wanted to be a mom.

    Though he was scared he didn’t have what it took to be a good dad, Eric wanted to fulfill his wife’s dream. After years of trying to conceive, however, the couple received a devastating diagnosis: infertility.

    For Christine, adoption was the obvious answer. Eric wasn’t so sure.

    In Finding My Son: A Father’s Adoption Journey, author Eric Odell-Hein offers an unfiltered view into the heart and mind of a man who has experienced the sometimes messy and often awkward process of becoming a father through adoption. Encouraging men to acknowledge the fears they don’t want to admit while advocating a thoughtful, deliberate transparency as the best approach to even the most unnatural, uncomfortable aspects of the adoption process, Eric shares his misgivings and mistakes with an honesty that does not deny his insecurities.

    A valuable resource for any man considering growing his family through adoption-or anyone seeking to understand the process-this engaging memoir is a testament to the beautiful gift of adoption and a touching account of a father’s love.

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  • Systems Of Evil


    How can a Christian off er a unique, attractive path for
    understanding and defeating evil among the world religions?

    “It is my conviction that for Christians to eff ectively communicate with non-Christians regarding the supremacy of God over evil and suff ering, they must be well informed about the relationship between Christian theodicy and the explanations for evil and suff ering found in other belief systems.”

    In Systems of Evil, Dr. Odell-Hein provides an unbiased examination of how each of the major religions in the world deals with the problem of evil. Th e study fi rst looks at the concept of evil in Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Next it develops a framework for comparing the systems to each other based strictly on unbiased data and native sources.

    Finally, the Christian system of evil is examined to discover the key ministry points for explaining that it is a suffi cient explanation for the problem of evil while being uniquely attractive to prospective adherents.

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  • Recovering Lost Treasure


    God used symbolic patterns in the Bible to communicate His truth and plans for humanity. Th ese little-known patterns in the Bible have continued through time and spread around the world. Th is exploration of myths, symbols, and rituals shows how they are all related and reveals what the patterns show about God’s plan through Christ.
    Dr. Eric Odell-Hein brings a unique approach to understanding biblical symbolism, backed by academic expertise and biblical orthodoxy. Personal stories illustrate each point.

    – The universal pattern to religious symbolism
    – How the Bible points to Christ through use of this pattern
    – How Christ is the superior, literal fulfillment of all mythical patterns.

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