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Emily Morrow

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  • Really Very Crunchy


    Find your Inner Crunchy without becoming that person with this helpful guide from social media star Really Very Crunchy.

    Are you tired of being bombarded by toxins at every turn? Do you want a more natural, “crunchy” approach to the world (with or without the beige aesthetic)? Well, grab your kombucha and join Emily Morrow on a journey to a more wholesome existence with Really Very Crunchy: A Beginner’s Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life without Adding Them to Your Personality.

    Emily Morrow, creator of the viral “Really Very Crunchy” social media accounts, guides you through the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a crunchy lifestyle. With her signature humor and a delightfully sincere approach, she will show you how crunchy is a spectrum and how every little choice you make is one small step away from crunch-ifying your own life. From the basics of crunchy to the more advanced choices (beets instead of blush, anyone?), you will quickly say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to a healthier, happier way of living.

    Funny, accessible, and encouraging–never judgmental or fear-based–Emily will help you:

    *Learn how to make simple, mindful steps toward natural living

    *Implement healthy, life-giving activities into your family’s routine

    *Navigate the challenges of adopting the crunchy way of life with sensible, easy-to-implement ideas

    *Develop a new mindset when it comes to shopping for clothes, food, and cleaning products

    *Discover natural remedies for just about everything

    So what are you waiting for? Embrace your inner crunchy (or silky, if that’s where you’re starting) and dip your toes into a healthier, more sustainable life. Who knows? You may find out you’re Really Very Crunchy after a

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