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Emerson Morris

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  • Daddys Milk : Father Your Milk Does Matter


    Delivery Day
    The Labor Room
    “When Reality Sinks In”
    Let The Parenting Begin
    Don’t Lead By Your Examples
    The Golden Ticket
    Real Men Don’t Cry
    Where Is Waldo?
    Men Don’t Have Breasts
    King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me
    It’s Not Too Late

    Additional Info
    In today’s society, when a mother delivers a baby, majority of the time, she is honored with gifts and verbal congratulations while the father is invisible because he did not physically birth the baby. There are thousands of books, conferences, workshops, and trainings opportunities for mothers who have experienced divorce, miscarriages, and classes dedicated to educating women on how to be a parent for the first time. Unfortunately, there are not many learning tools for fathers. Statistics show that when fathers are absent from the home, children are more likely to become involved in youth gangs, sexually abused, be illiterate, have low self-esteem, become homeless, and abuse drugs and alcohol.

    Emerson will take you on a journey from his delivery room experience, to a low point in his life where he made unsound decisions financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This book delves deep into topics such as:

    * Fathers supporting their children’s education

    * The importance of a father’s presence in the home and community

    * Fathers dealing with their past issues

    * Fathers building a bridge to reconcile with their children

    Daddy’s Milk is a book for all men to read. It will encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire every man to see himself. Men, if you feel like you have a voice but no platform, Daddy’s Milk is for you.

    Fathers Your Milk Does Matter…

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