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David Baggett

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  • Morals Of The Story


    The Players
    The Playbill: Our Focus And Intended Audience
    Spotlight: Socrates And Paul In Athens

    Act I: Setting The Stage
    1. The Comeback Of Moral Apologetics
    2. Stubborn Moral Facts
    3. Pre-Twentieth-Century History Of Moral Apologia
    4. Moral Arguments In The Twentieth Century And Beyond

    Intermission: Answering Euthyphro

    Act II: The Main Characters
    5. Moral Goodness
    6. Moral Obligations
    7. Moral Knowledge
    8. Moral Transformation
    9. Moral Providence

    Act III: Enacting The Comedy
    10. A Gala Performance

    Encore: A Play At Mars Hill
    Curtain Call
    Additional Resources
    General Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    What arguments best affirm the existence of God?

    Do our moral obligations and choices support a belief in God? For centuries, the moral argument-the affirmation that morality is best explained by the existence of God-has been a powerful apologetic tool.

    In this volume, husband and wife duo David Baggett and Marybeth Baggett offer a dramatic, refreshing, and even playful reconsideration of the moral argument. Tracing both its historical importance and its ongoing relevance, they contend that the moral argument helps to explain the existence of a good God and contributes to our own ongoing spiritual transformation.

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