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Daniel Amstutz

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  • Place Of His Presence


    When was the last time you felt God’s presence?

    Does a sense of the Lord’s presence seem to elude you, despite your earnest seeking? Does Heaven seem silent, despite your patient listening?

    Many Christians have been on a similar journey, but Scripture makes it clear that the Holy Spirit is within you–not just with you. The secret to experiencing the Lord is simply to live from the reality of His already-intimate presence within your own heart.

    Author, teacher, songwriter, and worship leader, Daniel Amstutz wants to revolutionize how you think about God’s presence. In The Place of His Presence, Amstutz makes the bold, biblical claim that, while you’ve been looking for God, He already dwells within you!

    In this important work, Daniel Amstutz helps you…

    *Understand the important distinction between God with us and Christ in us

    *Recognize that you are God’s dwelling place, the temple for His presence

    *Discover that a lifestyle of true worship has nothing to do with music

    *Enrich your ability to operate in the supernatural

    If you’ve been frustrated by the fruitless results of your fervent search for God, this book is for you. Discover the power of this life-changing truth: you are The Place of His Presence!

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