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Dan Allender

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  • Cry Of The Soul


    For the person who struggles with negative emotions such as anger, fear, or jealousy, The Cry of the Soul tells us how even negative emotions can lead us closer to God.

    OPEN A WINDOW INTO YOUR HEART. Our dark emotions are much more than just uncomfortable feelings we struggle to control. They are windows into our heart. They are the cry of our soul. These emotions, the ones we tend to suppress and hide, actually have something important to tell us. They can reveal, in a very graphic way, where we are in our relationship with God.

    So often we find ourselves caught between extremes. Either we feel too much or not at all. We tend to ignore our feelings or fight them off as if they were an enemy. But all emotion, whether positive or negative, can give us a glimpse of the true nature of God. We want to control our negative emotions and dark desire. God wants us to recognize them as the cry of our soul to be made right with Him.

    Beginning with the Psalms, Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman III explore what Scripture says about our darker emotions. In this ground-breaking work they reveal that often our attempts to control our emotions, far from an attempt to be Christlike, are really a form of rebellion against God or an attempt to flee from Him.

    The Cry of the Soul is a penetrating look at the condition of the human heart. You won’t find the kind of answers that alleviate struggle or help you overcome anger, jealousy, or despair in three easy steps. But you can encounter God Himself, who exults in using darkness to reveal the brilliance of His infinite goodness.

    The result is joy. Not a superficial happiness that ignores the problems of our lives, but a profound emotion that can confront darkness with open eyes and confidence

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  • Sabbath : The Ancient Practices


    To rest does not mean to cease all activity.

    Bestselling author Dan Allender presents an insightful and fascinating look at the origins and purpose of Sabbath. Serving as volume three in The Ancient Practices series, Sabbath examines the key issues of this oft-misunderstood day of the week.

    This “day of delight” as instituted by God has become a dirge for millions of believers. For many, it is simply a break from the busyness of the work week. So, what keeps us from properly understanding, sanctifying, and celebrating this important day? Allender looks at not only the history of this discipline, going all the way back to ancient Israel, but also at the modern manifestations and misunderstandings of its practice. Allender bases his premise on the Hebrew word for rest, Menuha, which is best translated as “joyous repose, tranquility, or delight.” It is through this lens that he resurrects this lost definition of what it really means to rest.A volume in the eight book classic series, The Ancient Practices, with a foreword by Phyllis Tickle, General Editor.

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  • Intimate Mystery : Creating Strength And Beauty In Your Marriage (Student/Study


    Table Of Contents
    1. A Man’s Best Friend . . . Is Not A Dog
    2. The Meaning Of Marriage
    3. The Matrix Of Marriage
    4. Leaving: Making Space For Faithfulness
    5. Leaving: Walking Away From Home
    6. Weaving: Connecting Communication
    7. Weaving: Bringing Our Souls Together
    8. Cleaving: United Into One Flesh
    9. Cleaving: Playing With Glory
    10. In The Garden
    Bonus: The Goal Of Marriage Bible Studies

    Additional Info
    Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III have together written this brief, simple and engaging introduction to help couples build healthy and happy marriages. Following the “leave, weave and cleave” imagery of the Bible, they help couples learn how to leave their parents, weave a life together and cleave to each other.

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  • Wounded Heart Companion Workbook (Workbook)


    Sexual abuse knows no religious or social boundaries. Studies indicate that at least one in three women has been sexually abused as a child. Fixed on biblical foundaitons, Dr. Dan Allender shows that there is hope and healing when survivors call on the Great Physician for relief from their suffering.

    Now repackaged but with the same life-giving insights, survivors and their loved ones will find professional skill and spiritual direction to learn that they can heal from the trauma of abuse.

    The workbook is designed to be used alone or in a group. Using the special secitons for men and group discussions, survivors can take specific steps to work through the pain of abuse.

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  • Communication : 6 Studies (Student/Study Guide)


    How can you “give life” to your marriage with your words?

    Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III have together written this inductive Bible study guide to help couples build healthy and happy marriages. Through six study sessions for individuals, couples or groups, they help you explore differences that might hinder communication and learn strategies that can strengthen your marriage.

    Intimate Marriage Bible studies bring spouses into deeper communion with God and with each other. In marriage a man and a woman are called to leave their families of origin, to weave their individual lives into a unity and to cleave to each other. How can fallen human beings even begin to contemplate this ideal–God’s ideal?

    These studies will help you take small but real steps toward honoring the image of God in each other and living out God’s goal for marriage. As you explore and respond to Scripture together, you will discover strength and beauty in your marriage and become even more intimate companions.

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  • How Children Raise Parents


    Parenting with Humility…We often realize that we learn as much from our children as they learn from us. So why don’t parents approach the task of child-rearing as a learning experience, rather than a mandate to make sure their kids succeed in life?

    To reduce the pressure and enjoy greater closeness in your family, turn your parenting upside-down by allowing God to use your children to help you grow up. Imagine what would happen if you began to prize what you’re being taught by your children’s quirks, failures, and normal childhood dilemmas, rather than worrying about whether you’re doing everything right as a parent. Now you can let go of the pressure to make sure your children succeed, and instead learn to grow into spiritual maturity by listening to your children. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition

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  • To Be Told (Workbook)


    God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future.
    It Starts with Reading Your Past.

    In this companion workbook to Dr. Dan Allender’s groundbreaking book To Be Told, you will find practical, easy-to-follow exercises to help you explore and embrace the stories of your life. The exercises inside will equip you to:

    *recall past experiences and find the meaning God has written there
    *understand how individual events fit into the bigger themes of your life
    *write down your stories in a way that reflects God’s authorship of your life
    *identify the passions that drive you, and see how God uses them to guide you into the future
    *tell your story in a way that brings glory to God and reveals him to others

    Learn how to read and study your story, and then start telling it to others. God invites you to co-author with him the rest of your life’s story-a story that opens up your future and glorifies God.

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