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  • Rock The Road And The Rabbi


    As a lifelong student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has always desired a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a deeper knowledge of God Himself. But it wasn’t until she began studying the biblical texts in their original Hebrew and Greek-along with actually hiking the ancient paths of Israel-that she found the fulfillment of those desires.

    Now you can walk with Kathie on a journey through the spiritual foundations of her faith:
    *The Rock (Jesus Christ): Hear directly from Kathie about her life-changing and ever-deepening connection with Jesus, the Lover of her soul.
    *The Road (Israel): Explore dozens of ancient landmarks and historical sites from Israel, the promised land of God’s covenant.
    *The Rabbi (God’s Word): Go beyond a Sunday-school approach to the Bible by digging into the original languages and deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures.

    As you journey through The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi, you’ll also find additional content from Messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel throughout the book. Jason’s insight into the Hebrew language, culture, and heritage will open your eyes to the Bible like never before.

    Come! Begin your journey toward a deeper faith through The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi.

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  • Travel : In Tandem With Gods Heart


    Foreword By George Verwer (tbc)
    Intro #Wanderlust Destination: Morocco
    1. Travel: In The Land Of The Midnight Sun Destination: The Arctic Circle, Norway
    2. Travelling East Of Eden Destination: China
    3.Travelling With New Lenses Destination: The Middle East
    4. Home Is Where The Heart Is Destination: America
    5. To The Nations. Where Next? Destination: Pacific Islands
    6. Dying To Travel Destination: Antarctica
    7. Made For Better Travel Destination: Out Of This World

    Additional Info
    We live, eat, sleep and dream travel – it’s become a booming industry, a top conversation topic and, frankly, an obsession. But are we really free to roam the world as we wish? What does God say about travel? Shouldn’t we instead be doing evangelism? Where is the clear missionary purpose in all this?The author knows all too well what it is to have caught the wanderlust bug. He skilfully interweaves his, and others, travelling experiences as he applies the Bible’s teaching on this vital subject. Marvel with him at the generosity of our creator God who has given us this amazing world. And learn how to make the most of your travels

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  • Miss Rush Rush


    Ruth leaves her comfortable, settled home in Durban, to live among a tribe of nomads in Uganda. “I waved goodbye to my family at Durban airport, and flew to Nairobi. I half-hoped for a miracle mid-air to change me into the super-heroine missionaries are supposed to be. Nothing happened. I got off the plane, the same Ruth Stranex, who had been assessed by my Oxford college as “not outstanding.” Yet I was facing an outstandingly tough job, only possible with God’s help.”

    Ruth has to adapt to the culture of the Pokot people: to their diet of cows’ blood and milk; their cattle-raiding wars; their frenzied search for water-holes. She delivers their babies, treats their malaria and sews up their spear wounds. She cleans up the infected sores left by witchdoctors trying to let out evil spirits. She challenges their goat sacrifices intended to appease an angry god. She tells them about the one sacrifice offered for them by the Lamb of God who is Love.

    Then, without any warning, she is arrested, driven for 2 days, between policewomen with kalashnikovs and locked in a foul cell …..

    You’ll love her frankness and her humour. You’ll wish you had friends like her African Christian friends. You may wish you had a faith like hers.

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  • Deep Sea Canoe (Revised)


    This updated version of Tippett’s 1977 The Deep Sea Canoe describes a significant but often overlooked aspect of the expansion of Christianity in the South Pacific, that of South Sea Island believers who carried the gospel from one island to another in their deep sea canoes. It is a well-researched study by one who knew the islands and their people, a man known by the Fijians as one who spoke their language.

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  • Pilgrimage : My Journey To A Deeper Faith In The Land Where Jesus Walked (Reprin


    An Intimate Look at a Bestselling Author’s Journey to Deeper Faith

    “The opportunity to tour Israel came at a good time. For months, my life has been a mindless plodding through necessary routine, as monotonous as an all-night shift on an assembly line. Life gets that way sometimes, when nothing specific is wrong but the world around us seems drained of color. Even my weekly worship experiences and daily quiet times with God have felt dry and stale. I’m ashamed to confess the malaise I’ve felt. I have been given so much. Shouldn’t a Christian’s life be an abundant one, as exciting as Christmas morning, as joyful as Easter Sunday?”

    With gripping honesty, Lynn Austin shares with readers a private and intimate look at her own struggles with spiritual dryness in a season of loss and unwanted change. As she journeys through Israel, Austin turns to Scripture at each site she visits. Then with a fiction writer’s eye for detail, she seamlessly weaves events and insights from the Word as she finds hope, renewed faith, and a sense of direction for the future.

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  • Unexpected Places : Young Woman’s Journey Of Self-discovery


    A recent college graduate embarks on her very first international journey-all alone. Armed with nothing more than her suitcases and overwhelming emotions, she arrives in France. As she struggles to establish herself and determine her unique identity in this new world, she is plagued by a past rooted in pain and spiritual emptiness. Over the course of seven months she is forced to examine her beliefs and spirituality. Will her past hurts and resentment suffocate her present and future? Will she open her heart and forgive? In a truly inspirational story of self-discovery, experience God’s incredible mercy and sovereignty as He turns even life’s lowest moments into spiritual prosperity.

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  • From The Kitchens Of Seville Revised


    This cookbook was compiled (and newly revised) in the southern region of Spain called Andalucia. The capital of Andalucia is Seville, a classic European city with old time charm and incredibly satisfying food. Inside these pages you will find tried and true recipes that are, in many cases, centuries old. After describing to Spanish friends and neighbors the type of book we wanted to create, one with everyday authentic recipes, and definitely NOT a coffee table cookbook, our Sevillano friends eagerly jumped to the task of telling us what kinds of food we should highlight. So this cookbook comprises what THEY think ought to be in it. Men and women alike opened up drawers full of aging recipes (written in the script of grandmothers and great-aunts), found cookbooks cracking in the bindings, or just sat and recited from memory the ingredients for this saute or that salad. Here you have the tasty result.

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  • Twinomujuni : The Uganda Chronicles


    It is early daylight in a small mountain town in southwestern Uganda, close to the Rwandan border. The children are dressed in rags they got from a trash dump. They were up early to be at the slaughtering place in town where they will soak up the blood of freshly slaughtered cattle with whatever they can find. This blood will be what they eat today, along with rotting fruits and vegetables obtained from the town garbage. At night, they will sleep in ditches and fields. Their parents died of AIDS, or malaria. Their living relatives are already caring for large households on less than $1.00 per day income. There is no place for them to go. There is no welfare, food stamps or Child Protective Services. A couple from California travel there as representatives of their church as part of a cultural exchange program. They stay with a Pastor and his family. This Pastor’s dream is to build an orphanage for at least some of these hopeless children. The couple stays for a month, meet people, see the children, and go home with no expectations of ever returning. The Pastor fasted and prayed that they would tell the children’s stories, and that they would come back….

    (pronounced Twin ohm zhu nee)
    Means “we have a Savior” in the Rukiga language.

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  • Scandalon : Running From Shame And Finding Gods Scandalous Love


    With vivid and transparent writing, Susan takes us on a fascinating journey into the streets and homes of modern China. The travel memoir is interspersed with Susan’s personal story of emotional and spiritual sabotage, shame and shattered dreams. It all comes together as she opens her heart anew to God’s love – the most “scandalous” love of all.

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  • Story Of Holy Island


    Kate Tristam is a well-known island resident whose talks on the history of Lindisfarne hold visitors spellbound. A historian and a priest in the Church of England, she is ideally qualified to tell the remarkable story of this captivating place. From its misty beginnings as part of the mainland in the Stone Age right up to the present day, this popular history covers: its formation as an island, the Roman and Anglo-Saxon eras, the influence of Columba and Iona, Lindisfarne’s own apostle, Aidan, the making of the Lindisfarne Gospels, Cuthbert, Cedd, Chad and Aidan’s other followers, Hilda and the community at Whitby, Bede and the monastic tradition, the coming of the Vikings, the Benedictine years, the dissolution of the monasteries, and more.

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  • Friendly Sketches In America Civil War


    A British member of the Society of Friends travels through the United States in areas where members of the Society reside, and makes notes on their lives, describing their services, structures, and educational facilities. Includes notes on slavery.

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  • Friendly Sketches In America


    A British member of the Society of Friends travels through the United States in areas where members of the Society reside, and makes notes on their lives, describing their services, structures, and educational facilities. Includes notes on slavery.

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  • Hostage In Taipel


    Anyone interested in world events, true-experience thrillers, and God’s amazing deliverance of his people will enjoy this book.

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  • Peculiar Uncertain And Two Egg


    This compendium of the unusual origins of more than 3,000 American place names is meant to be read, enjoyed, passed around, and taken on family trips. Travelers might even stumble upon Nothing, Arizona, population four. Illustrations & maps.

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  • Traveling Tennessee : A Complete Tour Guide To The Volunteer State From The


    This illustrated guide to the state covers its history, geology, nature, politics, and culture.

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  • Traveling The Southern Highlands


    A complete vacation guide to the mountains of Northeast Georgia, East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southwestern Virginia. Includes the Great Smoky Mountains and the southern portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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  • Emigrants Guide To Oregon And California


    A popular guidebook during the western expansion and a valuable collectible today, The Emigrantsi Guide was first published in 1845. While the book introduced those heading west to the beauty and habitable nature of the Pacific coast, it had considerable shortcomings – it was the guide used by the ill-fated Donner Party. As a corrective, Randolph Marcy published a more accurate guide, The Prairie Traveler (also available from Applewood Books).

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