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Senior Adult

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  • Age Of Opportunity


    A companion to the author’s earlier book Designing an Older Adult Ministry (Discipleship Resources, 1999), this book will provide new information and outline ways to develop and strengthen ministries by, with, and for older adults that can, and will, enhance the spiritual growth and well-being of people of all ages. The church is beginning to recognize that there are vast numbers of older people in its membership. It is becoming aware of its indebtedness to them for the leadership, support, service, and faith that has made the church of today possible. The church is uniquely positioned to help older adults respond to the challenges of aging; to see the tremendous potentialities in the lives of older adult for making the church and community better; and to assist older people as they experience new meaning and purpose in their later lives. Chapters include “Why Older-Adult Ministries?”; “Understanding the Aging Process”; “Aging and the Spiritual Journey”; “The New Seniors: Boomers?”; “Intentional Ministry by, with, and for Older Adults”; “Organizing for Intentional Ministry in the Local Church”; “Organizing for Intentional Ministry in the Conference”; “Congregational Care Ministry”; “Additional Ideas for Intentional Ministry”; and “Trends in Aging.” Appendixes include a “Facts about Aging” quiz, information on creating and using older adult surveys, and suggested resources for further reading and study.

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  • At The Crossroads


    Discover your purpose, passion, and mission for your retirement years. In recent years we have been hearing our church members ask, “What do I need to do to be ready for retirement? I want the next part of my life to the best. I want to make a significant difference!”

    As many as 10,000 men and women are retiring each day but many dislike and are anxious about the idea of retirement; they very much would like to be redirected or redeployed to a life in retirement years that is meaningful and significant. Yet, transitioning into retirement without adequate planning can be very frustrating, confusing and stressful for almost everyone.

    For too many there may be an unfortunate lack of purpose, significance and identity. We have seen many people who really are at the prime of their life miss out on opportunities that bring fulfillment and joy. This six week study can offer hope and help! We hear of too many stories about friends and neighbors that fall into a retirement syndrome that may lead to distress, anxiety, depression, divorce, poor health, and even suicide. Many more worry about the increased costs of health care and financial resources necessary to sustain a long life.

    Will the Boomer Generation become a burden or a blessing to our global society? This Bible based six week small group study offers a very positive and encouraging outcome.

    By following biblical principles from the lives of Moses, Abraham, Elijah, Nehemiah, Jesus and Paul, as well as other encouraging Bible passages, participants can discover their purpose, passion, and mission for their retirement years.

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  • Stepping Aside Moving Ahead


    Henri Nouwen’s statement that too many clergy are “lonely ministers practicing lonely ministry” can be amplified in the years leading up to and immediately following retirement. Although there are books about retirement in general, clergy have unique personal and professional dimensions to retiring. Stepping Aside, Moving Ahead provides a clergy-oriented context. The author begins with letters from clergy nearing retirement about the issues they are facing and structures the book in the following way: Opening Letters from clergy Foundations (the formative dynamics that create a good retirement) Movements (the formative transitions that lead to a good retirement) Actions (the specific behaviors that produce a good retirement) Outcomes (the attitudes which emerge from a good retirement)

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  • God Me And Being Very Old


    Death and dying are a constant presence in the life and work of care homes. Residents stay, on average, around 20 months (nursing homes) or 36 months(residential/social care homes/assisted living) and die there. The care home is therefore the setting for the last major event of each residents life. Yet these experiences of the very old at the close of their lives have received remarkably little attention either in practice or in research. Nor have churches and theologians given their oldest members anything like the concern for their spiritual wellbeing that they give to the young. The heart of this book will aim to give voice to something similar from some of the oldest old as they reflect on their pilgrimage of faith from the perspective of extreme old age (over 90). In particular the authors explore what this perspective has to say to the other members of their faith communities, particularly in terms of the things that are seen as being of importance and value. The particular significance of reflections arising from the experience of approaching death will be explored. This is one area where religious thinking is often out of step with contemporary imagery and language.

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  • I Love Growing Older But Ill Never Grow Old


    Growing older is a process. Growing old is a conclusion. If you’re growing older you see some hope because you have perspective and you keep learning. If you’ve grown old, you may cynically think that times have never been as bas as they are now, and that they can only get worse.

    This book is about learning how to “make peace with where you are right now.” It’s about learning from the past and then moving past it. It’s about growing – personally, spiritually, and in our relationships with God and with others. If we think properly about growing older we’ll never have to grow old.

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  • Pilgrimage Into The Last Third Of Life


    From age 60 to 90 and beyond, people face a time of special challenges and opportunities to draw closer to God. This book offers readers Bible-based meditations that address 7 tasks essential to living the last third of life with purpose. Inspiring topics covered include facing limitations, continuing spiritual growth, and leaving a legacy.

    Helpful reflection questions make this book suitable for group use or for personal growth.

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  • Vision For The Aging Church


    James M. Houston and Michael Parker believe now is the time for the church to offer ministry to its increasing numbers of seniors and to benefit from ministry they can offer. They issue an urgent call to reconceive the place and part of the elderly in the local congregation, showing that seniors aren’t the problem–they are the solution.

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  • Alzheimers Depression And Dementia


    What would you do if your spouse, or anyone close to you, suddenly developed Alzheimer’s, Depression, and Dementia? Can you imagine how this would change your life-and the life of the one you love? This book tells how one couple faced this situation. It started as a daily journal with the idea that it would be very private and a short-term journal till his wife came home where they could live a normal life again. She was in a hospital first and then in a nursing home. She was away from home for almost ten months. Her husband took her out from the nursing home as often as possible. Sometimes they were able to spend a few hours at their home. Then she was able to go home where she lived with her husband for a little over two and a half years. This was a total of almost three and a half years from the beginning of her illness till the date of her death. D L Bennett, who compiled these notes, says he just wrote it like they lived it.

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  • Living With Purpose In A Worn Out Body (Large Type)


    Buchanan fosters empathy for and expresses the deepest concerns of the frail elderly without tap-dancing around the tough issues. Forty-two short, comforting devotionals offer much-needed spiritual encouragement to the once-vibrant who now cope with daily limitations and failing health.

    The devotions are written in the first person, allowing readers to speak directly to God about the pills they take, the walkers they need to be mobile, the ambulances that take away their friends. Supporting scriptures from the New Testament and Psalms are included with each meditation. Buchanan writes to the experiences of lifelong Christians as well as elderly non-believers who are thinking anew about God.

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  • Called For Life


    Called for Life reflects on our calling to serve God and neighbor in the context of retirement. People facing retirement ask a variety of questions, each framed by a different perspective. “Will I ever be interested in retiring?” some baby boomers ask. “Who am I now?” newly retired clergy ask. “What, if anything, is God calling me to do and be after retirement?” all inquire.

    This book is built on the assumption that most people don’t want to spend the last third of their lives doing nothing. What they want is a life that is worth living, an occupation that will help others, a retirement in which they can continue to exercise their calling. Clayton uses examples from his own experience and from others, laity and clergy, to explore retirement and the three components of our calling: our identity, our gifts, and our occupation. He also examines the role of community in our calling and retirement; the challenges of the transition into retirement; options for meaningful activity; the importance of identifying our purpose; doing and being in retirement; and the final call to death. Readers will be encouraged to see retirement as an opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do and to become the kind of person they have wanted to be.

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  • Some Things You Just Have To Live With


    Everybody figures it out sooner or later: Even in a Botox world that promises eternal youth, some things-from aches and pains to wrinkles, from menopause to the empty nest-you just have to live with. But despite the challenges, those who are reaching middle age-yesterday’s Baby Boomers-might not want to turn back the clock. Instead, as their bodies change and their priorities shift, they’re looking to cull wisdom from their experience and find spiritual meaning in their re-examined lives. In Some Things You Just Have to Live With, author Barbara Cawthorne Crafton explores the “spilled milk” of our lives, the physical changes our bodies endure, and the new and energizing purpose we can discover by plunging into the middle of life in a deeper-and sometimes mystifying-relationship with God. A wonderful storyteller, Crafton writes with humor and pathos rather than a heavy hand, allowing readers to see themselves and their own lives in the unfolding pages. Some Things You Just Have to Live With is a source of inspiration-and smiles-to those navigating the turbulent waters of the middle of life.

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  • Long Distance Grandma


    According to an AARP survey, 45 percent of grandparents report that the primary barrier to seeing their grandchildren is the physical distance that separates them. Yet, the desire to communicate is strong. Janet Teitsort, a long-distance grandma herself, comes to the rescue with a year’s worth of ideas to remain close even when the miles divide. Among her numerous ideas are art projects, recipes, and simple gifts that keep hearts knitted together. Whether children are toddlers or collegiates, Teitsort offers a cornucopia of connection possibilities including a strong recommendation for grandparents to embrace technology with ideas involving audiotape, videotape, email, and the internet. As the grandparent population swells with Baby Boomers, this book is truly timely.

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  • Forgetting Whose We Are


    FORGETTING WHOSE WE ARE by David Keck Compassionate and theological response to questions of identity and humanity posed by Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Senior Saints : Growing Older In Gods Family (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Continuing Significance – Psalm 92
    2. Being In The Right Place At The Right Time – Luke 2:21-38
    3. Building A Godly Heritage – Psalm 90
    4. Climbing And Growing – Numbers 13:1-14:9,20-38; Joshua 14:5-15
    5. Telling The Next Generation – Psalm 71
    6. Recalling God’s Faithfulness – Joshua 3:14-4:9; 23:1-5, 14; 24:14-31
    7. Learning And Teaching – 1 Timothy 5: I- 10, 16,Titus 2: 1 -5
    8. Trusting God In Changing Circumstances – Isaiah 46:1-13
    9. Finding Now Opportunities – Luke 1:5-25,57-66,80
    10. Facing Limitations – Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14; 2 Samuel 19:31-40
    11. Anticipating Resurrection – 1 Corinthians 15:1-8,20-28,35-58
    12. Looking Forward To Heaven – Hebrews 11:8-10,13-16; Revelation 21:1-22:5

    Additional Info
    How can you develop a godly perspective toward aging? Biblical writers speak honestly about the blessings and limitations of growing older. You will discover promises to claim and examples to follow as you study this important topic. Recalling God’s faithfulness will challenge and encourage you to keep trusting and growing.

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  • Fire In The Soul


    1. Discerning God’s Call At Retirement
    2. Moving To Deeper Contemplation
    3. Accepting Our Aging
    4. Discerning The Meaning Of Our Stories
    5. Mentoring The Next Generations
    6. Facing Loss And Death
    7. Redeeming Suffering

    Additional Info
    Fire in the Soul is a sourcebook of prayers and reflection for a variety of occasions and for many different kinds of users: older adults themselves, those ministering to older adults, and those just beginning to grapple with the reality of aging-all of us who desire to become emblazoned with the fire of God’s blessing of one hundred twenty years.

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  • Graying Gracefully : Preaching To Older Adults


    When pastors look out over their congregations, there’s a good chance that they see a lot of gray hair. This book gives practical instruction and examples of biblical and theological sermons to this growing population, enabling the preacher to proclaim the gospel more clearly for older adults. Covering topics from biblical and historical views of age to older adults’ need for social justice, each chapter concentrates on the practical issues for preaching to this group and contains a sermon to illustrate the application of the principles discussed.

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