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  • Im A Christian Now What


    Where to begin when you’ve begun with Christ

    If you are a new Christian, you are on a new path. But where are you going and how do you get there? As an adult convert, Aaron Armstrong had to face these questions himself. In I’m a Christian–Now What? A Guide to Your New Life With Christ, Aaron helps you take those important first steps, including:

    *How to read the Bible and pray
    *How to think about your favorite TV show
    *How to find the right church
    *How to disagree with other Christians
    *How to rethink sex and marriage

    You probably have a lot of questions. You might not even know which questions to ask. This practical and friendly book helps make sense of your new life with Jesus. It ends with suggestions for how you can take the next step by helping other new Christians.

    I’m a Christian–Now What? is a perfect handbook for new believers and those who want to disciple them.

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  • How To Succeed In The Christian Life


    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not upon thine own understanding: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

    “I have for years felt the need of a book to put in the hands of those beginning the Christian life that would tell them just how to make a complete success of this new life upon which they were entering. I could find no such book, so I have been driven to write one. This book aims to tell the young convert just what he most needs to know. I hope that pastors and evangelists and other Christian workers may find it a good book to put in the hands of young converts. I hope that it may also prove a helpful book to many who have long been Christians but have not made that headway in the Christian life that they long for.”
    – Reuben A. Torrey

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  • Beginning With God (Expanded)


    1. What’s In A Name?
    2. Beginning With God
    3. A Name For God
    4. The God Who Is
    5. Man And Woman: The Image Of God
    6. The Bad News About Human Beings
    7. Sin: From The Inside Out
    8. God In Search Of His People
    9. God’s Finished Work
    10. New Life In Christ
    11. A New Lifestyle
    12. God’s Forever Farmily

    Additional Info
    In this personal, easy-to-read book, James Sire offers a basic introduction to the foundational beliefs of Christians at all times and in all places. The chapters are organized around a simple scheme: creation, fall, redemption, new life in Christ, life in the church. A first book for seekers and believers wanting to understand the Christian faith.

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  • Risen : The First 40 Days Of Your Christian Life


    When you were baptized you identified yourself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. You “died” to the practice of sin when you repented, made up your mind to live for God and were “raised up to walk in newness of life.” Risen! You are a new creature embarking on a new journey. The activities for the next forty days are to get you started on that wonderful journey.

    Most of the sections of this book are brief considerations of much larger subjects. People have written entire books on prayer, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, heaven, hope, temptation, judgment, and so on. The daily readings in this book, however, will serve as valuable introductions for new Christians to the larger subjects.

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  • Becoming A Christian


    The Fundamental Problem
    The Christian Answer
    What Must I Do?
    Some Sobering Thoughts
    A Prayer
    Some Final Suggestions
    Further Reading

    Additional Info
    Written by John R. W. Stott, a Christian leader known worldwide for addressing the hearts and minds of contemporary men and women, this booklet describes the fundamental human problem, outlines the Christian answer to it and shows readers how to respond to God’s truth.

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  • Being A Christian


    I. The Privileges Of The Child Of God
    II. The Responsibilities Of The Child Of God
    Further Reading

    Additional Info
    Written by John R. W. Stott, a Christian leader known worldwide for addressing the hearts and minds of contemporary men and women, this booklet discusses the privileges of being a child of God and helps Christians grow to maturity in their responsibilities to God, the church and the world.

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  • Gods Promises For New Believers NKJV


    A new book for new believers-destined to become a classic!

    A new life in Christ is something to be celebrated. Brand-new believers are overflowing with excitement and anticipation about their new journey of faith. They deserve a meaningful guidebook that will help them know where to turn for the wonderful things God has promised for them throughout scripture. Divided topically and filled with Scripture promises and teachings for new Christians, this book is a wonderful gift for anyone who has recently become a new believer.

    For more than thirty years, the God’s Promises series-which has sold more than 15 million copies-has been guiding and comforting people through topically arranged scriptures addressing many facets of life.

    This promise book features short, topically based chapters teaching readers about the basics of their newfound faith. Interwoven within each chapter are scripture verses that address questions and topics that specifically answer the needs of new believers. This book will bring biblical answers to many questions new believers face, offering encouragement, hope, and a taste of the abundant promises of God for those who believe in Him.

    Sample topics include:
    *New believers in the faith
    *What is salvation?
    *What to do when you need wisdom
    *How to overcome temptation

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  • But God : The Forty Things That Happen To You The Instant You Became A Chri


    Positional Truth Series Chapter 1
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 2
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 3
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 4
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 5
    Positional Truth Series Chapter 6

    Additional Info
    Do you desire victory in your walk with God? Do you want to see God’s kingdom move forward? Well Believer you do not lack an experience nor do you need to get something more from God. The moment you became a Christian forty wonderful positional truths instantly became yours. You already have everything you need. As presented in Eph. 1:3 “We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.” And in Col. 2:10 “In Him you have been made complete.” So the secret to growth, the secret to victory and the secret to seeing the gospel and the kingdom of God move forward is learning how to apply what is already true of you. We need to learn how to draw on the position that is already ours in Christ. We need to step out in faith presenting ourselves to the reality of the forty things that happen to a believer the instant they become a Christian. In “But God…” you will learn what those forty positional truths are and how they can by faith become real in your life.

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  • Beyond Baptism : The First Steps Toward Heaven


    Beyond Baptism walks new Christians through the first few weeks of their young spiritual lives, integrating them into the congregation, strengthening their faith, and helping them to become active as Christians. Designed for Bible classes, personal work, or individual study, Beyond Baptism offers gentle guidance, challenging questions, and practical assignments to make baptism a prelude to faithful Christian living.

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  • Whats New About You


    Olive Press Messianic (

    Not every new believer has a friend or mentor strong in the Lord who can walk alongside them in their new life. New believers have just made the most important decision in their life–to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior–but perhaps they know little or nothing about the Christian faith, and Christians might be using words they don’t understand to tell them what is happening in their life. This booklet is like a mentor who explains it all using pertinent Scriptures and defining all Christian terms clearly. Then it gives suggestions of what to do next. It is a great booklet to have on hand to give out to new believers.

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  • Welcome To The Christian Faith


    Important new addition to the strong-selling “Welcome To” series
    Well known author is already part of the series
    A foundational volume for seekers in formation programs and a “refresher” study volume for individuals and congregational study groups.

    We live in a world increasingly separated from the Christian tradition and the basic understanding of the faith that previous ages might have taken for granted. The voices of faith seem increasingly strident and off-putting to many. There is a need for a calmer, basic introduction to faith that recognizes the value of doubt and the questions raised in a secular society.

    A systematic introduction to Christianity for newcomers needs to begin with a discussion of faith itself, which this new book does. It then moves on to a discussion of such Christian basics as God, Trinity, Church, sin, atonement, prayer, and Christian living.

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  • Beginning With Christ


    Beginning With Christ, designed for new believers, provides the format for telling others about salvation and the Christian life. Topics include assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Includes Scripture memory cards.

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  • New Christians Handbook


    A guide to the whats, whys, and hows of the Christian faith for new believers. Well-respected pastor Max Anders helps ground new Christians in the faith. Thirty-six, easy to follow chapters deepen your understanding of biblical doctrines, while helping you apply them to everyday life. Learn what God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have done for the world and for you. Gain a better understanding of the spiritual world, salvation, and the Bible.

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  • I Have What The Bible Says I Have


    Following on the heels of “I Am What the Bible Says I Am”, this new book from Jake and Keith Provance is written to help new believers, and those who have been God’s kids for a while, see the gifts and promises in God’s Word and seeks to empower them to live the life God destined them to live.

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  • Got God


    Do you think you are going to Heaven when you die because you are a decent person? Do you think you’ve done well enough without a personal relationship with God? Then Part I is for you!

    Are you a “Christian” who is struggling and living a defeated life and can’t figure out why God isn’t speaking to you? Do you want to live the life Jesus died to give you? Then Part II is for you!

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  • Hitchhiking To Heaven


    I have barely scratched the surface of the information that the Bible contains. I hope that this book will at least ignite your curiosity enough that you will want to know more. As an introduction to the Bible, it is intended for the person who is not familiar with the Bible to get acquainted with God’s Word and know God’s grace and mercy.

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  • Scripture Confessions For New Believers


    Salvation is received by what new believers say and believe and that same principle is true for all the promises of God. Now pastors and small groups have a resource just for new believers filled with God’s promises to declare for their life. As new believers begin to say these Scripture confessions over their life, they put themselves in agreement with what God has promised. Those words go to work and bring God’s abundant blessings of peace, joy, favor, wisdom, and more!

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  • Welcome To The Family


    When you become part of God’s family and join a local congregation, you encounter new expectations, privileges, vocabulary, and more. In this accessible book, Pastor John MacArthur shows new Christians how to process all this and “plug in” to the church. He gives converts the big picture of what it means to be a part of the fellowship of believers.

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  • New Way New Life


    Just what does it mean to be born again? Are we truly new creatures? Do you need to feel or become different when you become ‘born again’? Will God forsake you if you sin? Ever wondered what your fate will be after you die, or if the ‘rapture’ suddenly occurred? This book ‘New Life New Way’ will: Increase your understanding concerning life in Christ Jesus and regeneration Answer a lot of the questions you have on this subject. Set you apart for your new life and keep you motivated on that path You will learn How to live and maintain a transformed life To differentiate holiness from righteousness You will know where to draw the much needed help Knowledge is power. . “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” The truth you know is what makes you free!

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  • I Once Was Lost


    Don Everts and Doug Schaupp tell the stories of postmodern people who have come to follow Jesus. They describe the factors that influence how people shift in their perspectives and become open to the Gospel. They provide practical tools to help people enter the kingdom, as well as guidelines for how new believers can live out their Christian faith

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  • Restored : Experience Life With Jesus


    re*stored (ri-‘stor-d); to bring back to or put back into a former or original state

    Best-selling author of Victory Over the Darkness, Bondage Breaker, Steps to Freedom in Christ delivers Restored; a concise guide for new and long-time believers to walk in life restored, the way God intended for you.

    If you are just learning about Jesus or have been a Christian for years; Neil Anderson gives foundational truths in this reminder of where you came from, who you are, and how much God really does, love you. When you look deeper at your true identity, you’ll discover freedom and experiencing the life you were meant to live, restored in Christ.

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  • Growing In Christ Series (Student/Study Guide)


    Growing in Christ is designed to help you master the fundamentals of the Christian life as you explore the Scriptures. Growing in Christ has two parts:

    Lessons on Assurance– Basic Bible studies on five beginning principles for following Christ, plus five corresponding Scripture memory verses entitled Beginning with Christ.

    Lessons on Christian Living– Bible studies on eight more principles for Christian growth, plus eight Scripture memory verses entitled Going On with Christ.

    For use in groups or individually, Growing in Christ can help you establish a firm, scriptural foundation for your life as you develop habits of Bible study and Scripture memory.

    You will study these topics:
    Assurance of salvation -Answered prayer -Victory over sin -Forgiveness -Guidance -Putting Christ first in your life -Relying on the Lord’s strength -The importance of the Bible -Giving -The church -Good works -Witnessing

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  • Quick Start Beginners Guide To The Bible


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    From the author of the bestselling Complete Book of Bible Trivia (over 700,000 copies sold) comes this instant reference guide to God’s Word. This is the perfect foundational book for anyone who wants to learn about the Bible, its books, and the wonderful treasures within. Not everyone knows what the Bible is, why it was written, how chapter and verse numbers work, and why we even read it today. In this helpful guide, author Stephen J. Lang answers many key questions, includinga What are the books in the Bible named for? Why are there two testaments? Why are there so many versions? What do the chapter and verse numbers mean? Is the Bible the only “holy” book? This is an ideal resource for anyone who has never used the Bible before, as well as for new believers. It will give them a running start on getting to know the God who loves them, and understanding the written Word He has given them.

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  • New Believers Handbook


    How do you share the next step after salvation? This booklet lays a firm foundation for new Christians to build their faith. Its easy-to-read style is organized by questions every new Christian asks: What happened to me? Where do I go from here? What does God expect of me? How can I understand the Bible? How can I pray effectively? How can I know the will of God? What are the two baptisms? The answers are clear and point to the Bible for more discovery. It’s the booklet you want to give every person who comes to salvation through your ministry; and it’s economical enough to do just that.

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  • Im Saved Now What


    Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior there are many questions, like… What happens now? How do I share what I’ve just received with my family and friends? Who is the Holy Spirit? How do I hear from God? Well.. .thank God in advance-today you have just found some of the answers to your questions in, I’m Saved! Now What? In this book, the author, Ivorine Brown addresses the questions and concerns of a new person in Christ. It is also a refresher to the seasoned Christian and can be used as a tool when ministering to a new believer. I’m Saved Now What? is a wonderful introduction to Christianity and it will assist the new believer as they grow and develop into a more mature Christian. It is written with simplicity for everyone to understand. Most importantly, you will feel the love and compassion, with which it was written. It will penetrate your heart and soul to want to know more about God through Jesus Christ and the Bible.

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  • Rescued From Darkness


    Your Life Is About to Take a Dramatic Turn for the Better. Life with God is an extreme adventure! Rescued is your personal growth resource, supplying fifty essential truths that will take you higher with God than you ever imagined possible. Expect positive and lasting changes in your life as you discover these God-invented ways of living: You Can Change: Leaving Your Past Behind Finding God’s Will for Your Life Secrets to Living in Peace Who is Satan? What Does He Want With Me? Dealing with Temptation How to Pray So God Will Answer How to Reconcile with People Choosing a Church and Making New Friends Many, many more practical, life-transforming concepts! Rescued from Darkness will inspire you to fulfill your destiny as a follower of Jesus Christ. “Excellent and concise walk in 50 days through the Book of Colossians. You’ve done a superb job covering the bases; each day is well-illustrated and practical and stays true to the text…it will be a great blessing and resource to persons starting the Christian life, as well as those who are in continuing stages of the journey.” Dr. George O. Wood, General Secretary, Assemblies of God “Lisa Clay has provided the body of Christ an outstanding resource designed to move the reader from complacency to commitment and from exaltation to evangelism. Her approach to Colossians is compelling, creative, and captivating from the beginning to the end. If you are interested in life-change, then this book is a must for you.” Dr. James O. Davis, Co-Founder/President, Global Pastors Network

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  • Spiritual Aliens : In The World Not Of The World


    Have you ever wondered… What happens to a person when they become a Christian? What are some of the benefits of being a citizen of God’s kingdom? Is there really a matrix designed to deceive mankind? Why even though you pray for things they are not happening? How to gain more clarity about your role as a Christian? Spiritual Aliens: In the World Not of the World will prove to be an invaluable tool to every reader from the seasoned minister to the newly converted Christian. It impacts every part of a Christian’s life regardless of where they are spiritually. Pastor George offers cutting-edge clarification into the walk with Christ by using a unique approach that opens the mind of the reader to look beyond what they can see and feel. The reader is taken by the hand and mentally led from the tangible to the intangible, being exposed to the sci-fidepiction of aliens from outer space in order to portray the Christian life from a spiritual perspective.

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  • New Believers : A Personal Guide For Spiritual Growth And Maturity In Jesus (Stu


    New Believers, a two-volume set, is a conservative, practical workbook and daily Bible study guide written specifically for pastors to help new Christians. It presents and teaches basic theological principles that will instruct and guide new believers in their daily walk. Now that you’re a new Christian, what do you need to know, and how do you begin to build a closer relationship with Jesus Christ? New Believers can also be used as a devotional study or as a discipleship lesson and teaching guide to sharpen yourself, your congregation, and your family or accountability partner. With New Believers and prayer, you will discover your spiritual gifts, allowing you to be more fruitful in the kingdom of God.

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  • What Now Lord


    Now That I Am A Christ Follower The purpose of What Now Lord? is to help you move from where you are now in life toward where God wants you to be. From the non-believer to the most mature Christ follower, my prayer is to help you move forward in your life’s journey and to make the principles in the Bible relevant to everyday living. What Now Lord? takes the reader on a sojourn from “just what is the Gospel” to discovering what God wants us to do once we accept the Gospel. The book is written in a conversational style that candidly takes you along my trek from believing to doubting, drifting away, and coming home again. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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  • 40 Lessons I Should Have Learned In Sunday School


    The perfect book for someone who has recently accepted Jesus as their savior. A terrific gift to help the new believer set the right foundation in their walk with Jesus Christ. The book is written specifically for: ?The Baby Christian? who has recently come to the Lord and has little or no knowledge of Him, or ?The Non-Believer? who?s heart is open and showing some interest in learning more about the things of God The book consists of 40 short, easy to understand and ?to-the-point? chapters about God, Jesus, The Bible and your personal salvation. Sample chapters include ?How Do I Know That I Am Saved?,? ?God?s Plan For Marriage and the Family,? ?Temptation?, ?God Is Still Performing Miracles Today,? ?God Answers Prayer? and ?What Are You Worried About?.? 40 subjects that will help answer frequently asked questions regarding Christianity, cut through all the lies of the world and set a solid foundation for further spiritual growth. The lessons are ?non-denominational? and the author purposely stays away from any controversial subjects or minor doctrinal issues. It can be read straight through, or the reader can skip around to read about topics that interest him or her the most.

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  • Inward Journey : The Road Towards Transformation


    The Inward Journey is the companion volume to The Secret to the Christian Life. A beautiful story of a dying uncle explaining to his nephew–a new Christian–the ways and mysteries of the cross and of suffering. Everyone has a favorite Gene Edwards book. Tens of thousands have selected The inward Journey as that book.

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  • If I Really Believe Why Do I Have These Doubts (Revised)


    1. When Faith Goes Flat
    2. Tracing Your Tracks
    3. Blind Alleys: How Faith Does Not Come
    4. What Faith Is Not
    5. What Faith Is: A Walking Definition
    6. Stages Of The Journey
    7. A Will To Believe
    8. Touching Faith
    9. Targeting Faith
    10. Feeding Faith
    11. Doing Faith

    Additional Info
    (When placing your order, please mention that this is a Lightining Source book.)

    Faith is the most fundamentally important aspect of following Christ. Yet there are times in every believer’s life when the inevitable question arises in the heart and works its way to the soul: If I really believe, why do I have these doubts? The question may have been planted by tragedy or trial. It may have been ignited by rejection or heartbreak. It may even be as simple as an intellectual burr that can’t be shaken. If you or someone you know is asking this question, this book will bring help and hope to every heart in search of a deeper faith.

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  • Newcomers Guide To The Bible


    Michael Armour wants to help you see the “hidden” pictures within the Bible. He wants you to see that it is more than a dry book of moral guidelines. Look how the family tree of Jesus jumps from the pages of the Old Testament. Examine how some of his family lived only for the moment, while others lived by faith. The New Testament begins by telling the life story of Jesus while he was on this earth, followed by the resulting change for those who believed in Jesus as a personal Savior.

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  • 30 Days To Understanding The Christian Life In 15 Minutes A Day (Expanded)


    Like the nearly 200,000 readers who have used Dr. Anders’ 30 Days to Understanding the Bible with great success, every Christian will benefit richly from 30 Days to Understanding the Christian Life. In this volume, innovative Christian communicator Max Anders answers the question “What does God expect of Christians?” exploring God’s goals and plans for humankind, as well as His general strategies for those who seek to follow Him.

    Dr. Anders’ effective writing and teaching style make some of the most challenging scriptural concepts-such as knowing God’s will, spiritual warfare, and using spiritual gifts-understandable in just 15 minutes a day. New believers will appreciate this concise overview of the Christian life; experienced Christians, Bible study leaders, and teachers will thank Dr. Anders for helping them “mentally organize” their beliefs and articulate the basics of the Christian life to others.

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  • Beginning The Christian Life Pupils Book (Revised)


    This pupil book is a workbook with 12 lessons for 12 weeks of work. Instead of a catachism with questions and answers, Krabill has interwoven Christian doctrine into the lessons. Included are projects which put the new believer to work.

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  • Beginners Guide To The New Testament


    Is there a dominant and unchanging theme in the New Testament? If so, what does that say about God and his relationship with humanity? Barclay answers these questions in this clear and concise discussion of the main themes of each N.T. book. This classic reissue is ideal for individual or group study.

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  • Beginning The Christian Life Teachers Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Includes all of the pupil book plus additional instructions on each lesson helps in presenting the lesson. Answers to workbook exercises are included.

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  • Lessons On Assurance (Student/Study Guide)


    LESSONS ON ASSURANCE presents short Bible studies on five basic promises God gives to Christians, assurance of salvation, answered prayer, victory over sin, forgiveness, and guidance. Each study concentrates on a Bible passage which presents one of God’s promises. As you meditate on these five passages and compare them with other Scripture, you’ll want to memorize and make them part of your life.

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  • Right With God


    A straightforward book to help those searching for personal faith in God.

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