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  • God Who Heals


    Have you ever found yourself wondering if it is God’s will to heal you? Have you prayed and asked God to heal you, but you still have all the symptoms of sickness and disease? Have you prayed diligently and believed with all your heart for the healing of a loved one, yet they died anyway? Dr. Georgianne Summer takes you through her journey of discovering the answers to these questions and more. She shares what Scripture says about healing, God’s will to heal, how Jesus healed all, wrong beliefs concerning healing and our role in healing.

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  • Healing Prayer : God s Idea For Restoring Body, Mind, And Spirit


    Surprised by Healing

    What if you never expected miraculous healing was possible but were surprised when it actually happened, or by the way in which it happened? And what if you found out that, all along, the Bible had principles for healing prayer that we could apply to our lives for restoring spirit, mind, and body?

    Join authors Maxie Dunnam and David Chotka in their unexpected journeys of discovery that healing prayer is God’s idea, not a human concept, and that He invites us to intercede for healing in our own lives and on behalf of others. Prayer, including healing prayer, is one of the greatest activities in which Christians can participate with God to fulfill His purposes. God wants us to pray as an integral part of our relationship with Him and as a vital aspect of our life of faith.

    This intriguing book covers such topics as:

    *Healing prayer: what does the Bible say?
    *Medicine, miracle, and mystery: how they interrelate
    *Why and how we pray for healing
    *The role of compassion in healing
    *Christ’s forgiving and healing presence within us
    *How to prepare yourself for prayer
    *Eight ways healing prayer is misunderstood

    Healing Prayer includes accounts of God’s power to heal today, and it provides guidance for how to organize a prayer team in your small group, church, or denomination.

    Above all, this book shows that it is God who initiates healing prayer. Our part is to respond to His instructions and leading as we pray. All He asks is our openness to Him. Read this book and you, too, may be surprised by the power of Healing Prayer.

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  • Follow The Healer


    There is a simple, yet transformative, truth that fundamentally changes the way we think about and approach the ministry of praying for others to be healed. It’s the simple truth that Jesus heals– the healing ministry to which we are called is not primarily our ministry, but Christ’s. What we are called to do is to participate in his ongoing healing ministry. And as his ministry continues today through his body, the Church, he invites us to join him.

    In Follow the Healer, Stephen Seamands draws upon four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in healing ministry to help us grasp the “why-to” of healing that comes before the “how-to.” He lays out the essential theological foundations for healing ministry in a way that is simple and accessible. This holistic, Wesleyan approach to healing will help traditional evangelicals more readily embrace healing ministry and lead Pentecostals and charismatics already engaged in this ministry move toward a more wholistic and discerning approach to healing.

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  • Unshackled : Finding God’s Freedom From Trauma


    Break through Barriers to Healing from Trauma and Discover Paths to Healing
    Trauma can either be used as a catalyst for growth, sparking empathy and a closer relationship with God, or as fuel for shame, avoidance, and isolation. Many veterans and first responders know firsthand the toll that trauma can take but lack the knowledge of how to grow from it and move forward.

    In Unshackled, Elizabeth Stevens uses her unique perspective as both a trauma survivor and a professional psychiatrist to help veterans and first responders, as well as other trauma victims, learn how to grow and heal from their traumatic experiences so that they can experience the abundant life God has for them.

    Specifically, you will come to understand and learn:

    *the effects of trauma from Elizabeth’s story of brain injury, multiple sexual assaults, an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, depression, and loss of independence;

    *how to get past barriers to healing;

    *which paths will move you forward;

    *the importance of holistic healing–physical, psychological, and spiritual; and

    *that Jesus Christ delivers the ultimate healing.

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  • Healing The Sick


    God Wants You Healed!

    This is a powerful book–so powerful that tens of thousands have been healed just by reading and acting upon the scriptural truths it contains.

    A living classic that continues to be one of the body of Christ’s foremost teachings on healing, Healing the Sick is written in clear, simple language that blesses all who read it.

    Authored by T.L. Osborn, legendary evangelist and Christian statesman who proclaimed the resurrection power of Jesus to millions around the world, this book will radically transform your understanding of supernatural healing.

    T.L. uncovers Biblical truths regarding…

    *Who God heals
    *Where sickness comes from
    *The language of faith
    *Why some don’t receive healing
    *The foundation of steadfast faith

    Take hold of the supernatural principles revealed in this modern-day classic, and start walking in divine healing power today!

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  • Jesus The Healer


    For years, this book has challenged and inspired readers to step out in faith and receive the healing that Christ purchased for us. Many people have been healed while reading these pages! Legendary Bible teacher Dr. E. W. Kenyon has a rare gift for presenting the deep and profound truths of God’s Word in a simple and easily understood way. His teachings on expressing “positive confessions of faith” formed much of the foundation for Word of Faith Pentecostalism. In Jesus the Healer, Dr. Kenyon fully explores the powerful gift of healing that Jesus demonstrated throughout His ministry. Sickness and disease are not God’s will for believers. So Kenyon unpacks God’s methods of healing and how to live the abundant life that Jesus promised. God’s healing promises are no good unless you act on them. Believing is acting on God’s Word. Faith is the result of acting on God’s Word. Healing miracles are available today for those who believe and step out in faith!

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  • Miracles For Veterans


    Military veterans experience stress and trauma that civilians cannot even begin to imagine. No matter what branch they were in, whether they saw combat or not, their service left an indelible mark on their bodies, hearts, and minds, souls and spirits. Even those who have not suffered external injuries can be affected by post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, anger, and other issues. They need healing on multiple levels. Joan Hunter tackles all of the problems that veterans face in her new book, Miracles for Veterans. She covers some of the root causes; the positive aspects of service, such as growth and maturity, as well as the negative effects, including physical, emotional, and spiritual injury; and the consequences of service on general and cellular memory. Joan offers guidance to those ministering to veterans, healing prayers, and insights on prevention. Among the testimonials included in Joan’s book is that of Auston O’Neill, 71, who travels throughout the United States to play “Taps” on his bugle for any deceased veteran whose family requests it as a member of Bugles Across America. Auston is battling terminal cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes, but his faith is strong. “You know, I believe in God for my healing,” he says. “I’m getting stronger as the days go by. I’m not getting weaker.” Joan notes God is limitless and His Word is true. He is ever ready to heal us if we only will believe.

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  • Ministry Of Healing


    Classic Christian author A. J. Gordon expresses curiosity about whether the healing miracles from the Middle Ages up to his day can be verified as a continuation of Christ’s Spirit in the church. Through deep study and inquiry of the established history, Gordon concludes that the power to heal followers remains with the church–there was no special era of miracle working. God and His powers remain the same in the modern era as they have right through human history. For Gordon, God’s intervention in the suffering and sickness of His followers is frequent; the will of the Lord however is variable–but He will not prolong the pain of someone whose illness is too great. Throughout this text, A. J. Gordon makes his argument from a biblical perspective, citing passages in both the Old and New Testament that support the continuation of spiritual gifts. Quoting testimonies of believers across the ages, he offers a convincing argument that the church ministry is, to this day, one of healing.

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  • Breaking Emotional Barriers To Healing


    Far too many Christians are waiting, hoping, and praying for healing, but either it doesn’t last or it doesn’t come at all. Doctors shrug and say there is nothing they can do. Pastors say it is your sin or attacks of the devil that blocks your healing. This only leaves people more helpless, hopeless, afraid, ashamed, and still sick or in pain. Craig Miller experienced his own miraculous physical healing, and he has dedicated his life to helping others receive the permanent emotional and physical restoration that is available through the healing power of God. Craig ministers to the spirit and soul to identify root causes that block your healing. He lends particular focus to cases in which no cause of an illness can be identified and what to do when healing does not occur. He provides easy-to-use, step-by-step practical methods that are viable, available, affordable, and effective at bringing real solutions to long-term pain and suffering. Includes real-life examples of healing testimonies.

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  • Beads Of Healing


    The first step in healing from trauma begins with telling one’s story. Many people are afraid to tell the story of their trauma; they may feel they can’t even share their story with God. Survivors often carry deep spiritual wounds–thinking the trauma was God’s punishment or that God abandoned them. They may wonder how they can ever trust a God who allowed something so awful to happen. Kristen Vincent shares her personal story of childhood trauma and how Protestant prayer beads helped her find spiritual and emotional healing. In sharing her own story, she models how to name feelings of grief, shame, and anger and engage in honest conversations with God. Once trauma survivors have named their feelings and learned to talk frankly with God, they can begin to hear God’s words of healing and love. Beads of Healing offers practical ways for readers to use prayer beads to enter conversations with God, stay focused when their minds begin to wander, and sense God’s presence.

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  • Receive Your Miracle Now


    Jesus brought people into direct contact with the power and authority of God. Every healing and miracle revealed the glory of God and the reality of His kingdom. Jesus gave the disciples authority to exercise this realm of God’s kingdom. He commanded the disciples to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom, to heal the sick, and deliver the oppressed.

    Receive Your Miracle Now presents a strong argument for the legitimacy of a Christian healing ministry in today’s church. By studying key passages of Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments, examining the thread of healing throughout church history, and presenting a theological basis for healing and deliverance ministry, Bob Sawvelle demonstrates that through the healing gifts Jesus is glorified, the sick are healed, the oppressed are freed, and God’s kingdom advances in the earth.

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  • Paralyzing And Eradicating Cancer By The Power Of Faith


    Walters Gob

    This book builds and grows your faith to a level where it can be unleashed to paralyze and eradicate cancer cells and the tumor. It also teaches you how to pray. As you read this book diligently and follow the instructions, every cancer cell and the tumor will be paralyzed and eradicated in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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  • Chronic Healing : Hope And Healing For Body Soul And Spirit


    Everyone needs a healing touch, whether physical, soulful, or spiritual. While there can be frustration facing a chronic issue, hope can be yours in the waiting. Sharing her personal journey with Type 1 diabetes, Courtney Cohen, author of Refining Identity, shows how God has manifested healing throughout her life, in the midst of this disease.

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  • Healing In The Gospel Of Matthew


    1. Methodology
    2. Matthew 8:1-4
    3. Matthew 8:5-13
    4. Matthew 8:14-15
    5. Matthew 8:16-17
    6. Matthew 8:18-27
    7. Matthew 8:28-34
    8. Matthew 9:1-8
    9. Matthew 9:9-13
    10. Matthew 9:14-17
    11. Matthew 9:18-26
    12. Matthew 9:27-31
    13. Matthew 9:32-38
    14. Conclusion

    Additional Info
    Although healing constitutes both a major theme of biblical literature and a significant practice of biblical communities, healing themes and experiences are not always conspicuous in presentations of biblical theology. Walter T. Wilson adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the healing narratives in the Gospel of Matthew, combining the familiar methods of form, redaction, and narrative criticisms with insights culled from medical anthropology, feminist theory, disability studies, and ancient archaeology. His focus is the New Testament’s longest and most systematic account of healing, Matthew chapters 8 and 9, which he investigates by situating the text within a broad range of ancient healing traditions. The close exegetical readings of each healing narrative culminate in a final synthesis that pulls together what can be said about Matthew’s understanding of healing, how Matthew’s narratives of healing expose the distinctive priorities of the evangelist, and how these priorities relate to the theology of the Gospel as a whole.

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  • Healed Healthy And Whole


    Healed, Healthy and Whole. How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies is a gripping true story of a California couple who overcome devastating odds in a race against time to find healing for the husband’s deadly form of bladder cancer. This exceptional page turner is a journey of discovery full of faith and hope that leads to the world of integrative therapies and natural healing. Packed with resources, lessons and recommendations, the book is a must-read for anyone fighting cancer and other chronic conditions.

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  • Healed


    The healing power of Jesus Christ is available to us today, just as it was to those in biblical times. This power is not limited to only a physical healing. We can be healed in any area of our lives. Jesus hasn’t changed; he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Bernett Higgins shares a powerful testimony of this healing power. While experiencing the declining health of not only her husband, but also herself, she shows us how to have courage and faith in the face of extremely difficult situations. Her vulnerability and inspiring loyalty to her husband, while keeping her faith in the Lord is very encouraging. Her testimony will reignite your faith to believe that anything is possible with the Lord.

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  • Dare To Believe For Your Healing


    Have you ever wondered if God’s healing is for people today? Do you desire to be made whole but don’t know how to go about it? If you are wrestling with these questions, you are not alone. Julia Loren has compiled the writings from heroes of faith-past and present-to show believers that God is still a God of healing and that He delights in manifesting supernatural healing today, just as He did over two thousand years ago when His Son Jesus walked the earth.

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  • To The Land Of The Lost


    It seemed nothing Tracy did for her son would work-testing, counseling, medication, therapy-and violent meltdowns were a daily occurrence. She agonized over What is next? What is to become of my beautiful son? Tracy’s struggles were long and hard, but with a mother’s determination, a supportive family, and God’s love and intervention, she found strength, endurance, and unexpected open doors. To the Land of the Lost is a mom’s gripping, true story account of the trials faced while parenting a child who has Asperger’s syndrome. The story is gut wrenching and heartbreaking, while at the same time loving, uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational. To the Land of the Lost is a must read for any parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend of someone living with an autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Amazing Power Of Grace


    “My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness;” Believe it and your situation will change. This book is all about living by grace: A way of life that most people do not know about. People are going through tough times. They have to deal with multiple issues in their lives, and do not know that there is abundance of grace to help them in their life’s situations. There is grace for every situation under the sun. There is grace for you, waiting to be discovered. ABOUT THE BOOK Everybody who would like to receive God’s grace should read this book and find out how easily it can be discovered. Anyone, who would like to receive the full richness of God’s abiding grace, should read this book in its entirety to find out how easily it will be revealed.” “I feel Humphrey Akparah has placed a lot of deep thought and emotional concern in his decision to write about God’s grace in this book. He defines grace, provides many examples of grace, looks at grace from many angles, shows that grace is ever present and backs it up with many Bible quotations so that anyone, who doubts its presence, has the opportunity to look into the Scriptures and find those quotations for him/herself. He makes grace a very simple and uncomplicated source of power which can be obtained by each and every person who desires it. He/she only has to believe in God and ask for His grace through Jesus Christ. He explains thoroughly why you cannot earn grace. You must ask for it, but only God can provide it. And God decides who receives His grace, when he/she receives it and for what purpose it is given. Rod Woolridge

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  • Pocket Prayers For Healing


    Church House Publishing

    This is a new paperback edition of one of the most popular titles in the Pocket Prayers series. Almost more than anything else, the experience of illness in ourselves or in those close to us – can throw us off course. Realising our vulnerability, prayer is a natural response. This short collection of prayers contains familiar and loved prayers and blessings such as the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm texts, plus a mix of traditional modern prayers that cover:?Being in hospital ?Prayers for medical staff and carers?Healing prayers for others?Healing prayers for ourselves ?Prayers for anointing ?Prayers of thanksgiving for recovery ?Prayers for wellbeing. Pocket Prayers for Healing is an ideal portable companion for all involved in ministry to the sick and as bedside companion for personal use.

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  • Healing For Your Broken Heart


    Olive Press Messianic (

    Publisher Marketing: Is your heart wounded and broken? Are you having trouble picking up the pieces, patching the wounds, and moving on? The authors understand. They have been through it. They know how long it takes and they know what is needed to begin to feel whole again, and to have hope to move forward in life. Come to the arms of Jesus. Drink from His healing fountain and find your heart softening and able to receive love again.

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  • Pray Gods Word Pray With Power


    It is my desire to reach a world that is hurting, broken, and discouraged; to direct them to the Healer, and to bring them into the hope of God’s love and grace. My prayer is that through the blood of Jesus and through the word of my testimony chains of pain, despair, and hopelessness will be broken; lies of the enemy will be uprooted and replaced with the truth of God; that any lies/strongholds of the enemy will be pulled down, thrown down, and destroyed; and that the truth of God will set people free from fear, bondage, and from every form of evil.

    It is also my desire that as you pray through the prayers of this book you will enter into revelation knowledge of God; that you will gain a heart of understanding; that you will come to know the greatness of His love toward us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; and that you will come to know the power of God at work in your life to bring restoration, and to bring faith, hope, and love. It is my desire that you will come to experience love as you have never known before. God knows you. He sees you. He sees you without the mask on, and God loves you. Do you want to know Him? Do you want to experience His love? Do you want to know how deeply cherished you are, how treasured, and how greatly loved?

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  • Healing Your Past Releasing Your Future (Reprinted)


    God has a plan and a purpose for every person’s life–a divine destiny. Yet many people are stuck, arrested in their spiritual development, because of problems in their emotional development. In Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future, readers will explore the developmental process that forms the human personality and discover the impact, both positive and negative, of trauma at each stage of development. They’ll connect the dots between their childhood hurts and their adult “stuckness” and be gently guided toward total healing and restoration in Christ. Based on sound doctrine and solid research, this book will offer healing to any reader with a wounded past, freeing them to move into the future God has planned all along.

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  • Spiritual Cleansing : Getting To The Root


    Have you ever grown weary of going around the same mountain over and over again? Have you ever wondered why you continuously deal with the same issues generation after generation, with no victory in sight? Then you are probably dealing with something that is hidden much deeper within. It may have been planted generations before, unknown to you. This may have produced evil fruit and kept you and your family in bondage, robbing you of their blessings and ultimate destiny.

    In the Book Spiritual Cleansing, you will understand the importance of getting to the root causes of the issue, thereby eliminating the evil fruit that is continuously reproduced in your life. It is time for the body of Christ to walk in freedom in every area of our lives. Sometimes as believers, we get stuck in a particular area of our lives in our walk with the Lord. And we often wonder why we can never gain the victory. The enemy tries to convince us that we can’t get past it and we continue to reap a harvest of pain and defeat.

    It is time we stop settling for less than wholeness. Jesus defeated everything in His death, burial and resurrection. Obtain your Spiritual Cleansing and learn how to gain freedom in every area of your life and to share that freedom with others who need to break the chains of bondage in their own lives.

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  • Set Up By God


    Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision. And make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry (Habakkuk 2:3). God gave me a series of divine vision and then he manifested himself to me in different ways. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life. I have suffered and persevered through abuse and sickness all through the grace of God. God had a calling and a purpose for my life. He also has a purpose for you. I hope that as you read this book you follow my example of staying true to God and trusting in him. Because it is God who has the final say so in all of our lives. Today, I stand strong and healed and filled with God’s Spirit, his goodness and His love and I am washed in his blood. May this book be a blessing and inspiration to you through all of your trials. Know that God will carry you through every trial. He will never leave you and through our weaknesses his glory shines.

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  • Set Up By God


    Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision. And make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry (Habakkuk 2:3). God gave me a series of divine vision and then he manifested himself to me in different ways. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life. I have suffered and persevered through abuse and sickness all through the grace of God. God had a calling and a purpose for my life. He also has a purpose for you. I hope that as you read this book you follow my example of staying true to God and trusting in him. Because it is God who has the final say so in all of our lives. Today, I stand strong and healed and filled with God’s Spirit, his goodness and His love and I am washed in his blood. May this book be a blessing and inspiration to you through all of your trials. Know that God will carry you through every trial. He will never leave you and through our weaknesses his glory shines.

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  • Developing Faith For Miracles (Reprinted)


    Think on His promise!
    Confess it!
    Thank Him in advance for doing it!

    God wants to do miracles in your life. In this powerful faith-building book, Charles Wynn points out the Biblical keys that unlock the doors to emotional and physical health. You can learn to be an overcomer by more wholesome thinking that replaces destructive thought patterns. They will give way to the God kind of faith that results in the healing that the Lord Jesus purchased in His atonement. These vital principles will help you experience a deeper relationship with God that goes far beyond empty religion. God wants you to enter into a more joyous and satisfying life that He intends for you to live on this earth.

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  • Mending The Soul Student Edition


    For teenagers who have experienced any kind of abuse or abandonment, it can often feel like hope is lost and they’re doomed to stay stuck in unhealthy habits and patterns.

    This teenage edition of Mending the Soul was written to show teens that by following a path of restoration and allowing God’s grace to touch their heart’s deepest wounds, they will find hope and healing as they work through their pain. It will help them navigate the emotional trauma of abuse and abandonment, as well as recognize signs of unhealthy families and dating relationships. Armed with a better understanding of their past and how the effects of abuse can lead to risky behaviors, shame, trauma and isolation-teens will be encouraged to face their brokenness, to heal and forgive and to look toward their hope-filled future.

    A practical resource for teens, Mending the Soul, Student Edition also offers insight into the struggles parents and ministry leaders face when working with teenage victims of abuse.

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  • Healing Is A Choice


    Do you want to get well? The power to heal-physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually-is in God’s hands. But the choice to be healed is ours. Everyone, at some level, needs healing. In this book, Stephen Arterburn outlines ten choices crucial to receiving healing and ten lies that can prevent us from making them. Readers will find the wholeness God desires for them in a practical and prayerful way through this book. Now including the full workbook, this combined release emphasizes the fact that we must choose to let the hurt go and let the healing begin.The book asks the participant, “Do you want to be healed?” If the answer is yes, then ten choices are provided to make the path toward healing a restorative experience.

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  • Suffering : Christian Reflections On The Buddhist Dukkha


    What is dukkha? In Buddhism this word encompasses the concepts of dis-ease, unsteadiness, sorrow, and lack of inner calm. In English it is usually translated simply as “suffering”. However it is defined, dukkha is central to understanding Buddhism. The Buddha described not only what it was, but taught that there is a way out of it.

    Suffering is an undeniable theme in both Christianity and Buddhism. Both treat the topic with great intensity. Buddha taught that suffering was inherent to the mortal condition. Christ was born into a life of suffering and called disciples to follow him in this path. Through enlightenment Buddha pointed to a way out of suffering. Through his death Christ suffered once for all. Both groups experience suffering but often talk about it from completely different starting points. Are there insights from each perspective that can inform the other? We believe so.

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  • I Forgrace You


    Most of us are familiar with the golden rule: “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” And if people treat us well, we generally do the same in return. But what about when others hurt us? Jesus gives us an even higher calling: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Luke 6:27-28). David Anderson shows us how we can extend extraordinary goodness to bless those who have hurt us. He presents the radical concept of “forgraceness”: grace beyond forgiveness. God empowers us not only to pardon real-life hurts, but to seek the good of others. When this happens, our relationships can experience amazing transformation and redemptive healing. We can’t do this on our own. We need God’s strength to take us to the next level. With God’s grace, we can go platinum.

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  • Total Healing : You Can Walk In Perfect Health


    Whether you are dealing with a disease, trusting God to heal your loved one, wanting to learn how to stay healthy, or simply questioning whether God wants you well, you will find this book a refreshing and encouraging resource.

    Renowned Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey brings scriptural truths and principles to life. Explore the love of God, which prompts His desire to heal us, and the power of God,
    through which healing occurs. Find out how healing ties into your overall relationship with your heavenly Father. As you do, you will discover the answers to these questions:
    * Why is there sickness in the world?
    * Is faith necessary for healing?
    * Will God heal me?
    * Can sickness return?
    * How can I live in divine health?
    * What are the four components to miraculous living?

    Your faith will increase as you read the compelling personal, ministry, and biblical accounts of others who have been healed so that you, too, can receive healing. You will also be encouraged to reach out to those around you and allow God’s healing power to flow through your life to the sick and hurting.

    Our loving Creator is also our Healer. He desires that all of His children live in divine health and wholeness in their spirits, bodies, emotions, and minds. Like all good things, health and healing come from God, and He still heals today.

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  • Faith Has No Feelings


    One way to obtain God’s mighty healing power is believing in James 5:14-15. Norvel Hayes explains how you must confess and believe that you are healed regardless of whether you feel anything or not.

    Norvel recounts what happened when he traveled to Alabama by himself for a two-day meeting. He explains the special instructions the Lord gave him on the way and what happened during the first service when he followed the Lord’s instructions.

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  • Gods Healing Arsenal


    Like the Art of War which teaches the battle plan for the military, God’s Healing Arsenal reveals the ultimate battle plan against distress and disease.

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  • By His Stripes We Are Healed


    By His Stripes We Are Healed

    God loves us and He wants us healthy, not sick. He has given me a mandate to reach the world with the message that God is still healing, and delivering people today. God can turn your negative report around; He did it for me, by healing me twice from cancer, and He wants to do it for you. God has blessed me to tell my testimony and pray for many people that were deaf, lame, had M.S., cancer, growths, injuries, back problems and much more, that are now healed. To God be the Glory!

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  • Sacred Prayer And Sacred Healing


    Do you long to know God better? Do you want to understand how to pray more effectively? Are you struggling with healing in your body, soul, or spirit? Are you currently disappointed in your healing process and progress? You no longer need to feel hopeless or helpless in difficult or painful situations. You can learn sacred prayer for yourself and others for sacred healing. Dr. Dolores P. Jacoby has dedicated her life to serving God and helping those bound by hurt, pain, and suffering, that they may find freedom and wholeness through the prayer process. Internationally, she has conducted thousands of hours of inner healing prayer.

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  • Healing In The Bible


    18 Chapters

    Additional Info
    In the midst of an ongoing debate about health care, what does the Bible say about healing? Here a respected scholar reads biblical texts on health and healing with care and imagination, engaging the reader in lively conversations with the text and with questions of contemporary theological and pastoral concern. Gaiser offers close readings of fifteen key Old and New Testament passages, considering their significance for the church’s understanding of healing and its ministry today. The book examines such significant matters as God’s role in healing, the relation between sickness and sin, healing and prayer, God’s healing and medical science, and healing under the sign of the cross, offering fresh insights for anyone interested in Christian views on healing.

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  • On My Way Down I Looked Up And


    My prayer for those who are reading this book is that the spirit of change will take control of your total being, and drive you from Lodebar to grace. One of the saddest parts about the unexpected challenges that life brings is that, people around you do not always understand what you are suffering or why. This kind of misunderstanding validates why Job maintained his integrity; in his challenges, he said: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him” (Job13:15). Job did what some of us do in suffering; we get the source of our affliction twisted. We blame God for what is wrong, not realizing that what is meant for evil, God meant for our good.

    We need to learn how to trust God when everything around us is falling apart. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). We must activate this truth during our time of despair. We must trust God even when we cannot trace Him. When everything is pointing in the opposite direction, we need to have our faith in God. No matter what you feel like in your downward state, God is in control. He “works all things after the council of His own will” (Ephesians 1:11). “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:5). Don’t give up or give in to the tactics of the enemy.

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  • When Healing Doesnt Come Easily


    Perhaps you or someone you know is seeking healing. Whether it’s restoration of physical, emotional, financial, mental, or spiritual health, Lynne Hammond shows you that healing is already yours. Whether it’s restoration of physical, emotional, financial, mental, or spiritual health, Lynne Hammond shows you that healing is already yours.

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  • Pebbles From Gods Courtyard


    Pebbles from God’s Courtyard

    * Have you ever wondered about the reason for and purpose of all the trials you went through?
    * Maybe your whole life is just an accumulation of happenings you can’t make sense of?
    * Or do you feel it’s too late, that you simply are too old to take on a new venture?

    This intimate account of a life set in the turbulent storms of the past century displays the wonder of discovering God’s guidance and involvement in Eva’s life; as well as the blessing of peace that came from her dawning comprehension of meaning in all she went through, illuminated by God’s steadfast love.

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  • Surviving The Desert


    Life is filled with many heartaches, pains, sickness, diseases, and civil unrest. There are adversities on every side and the more advanced science seems to get the greater the adversities seem to get. This was never the plan of God for this earth nor for you. All the adversity that we face today physical, mental, emotional, relational etc. has been brought about by sin. When sin was brought into this world by the rebellious act of Adam & Eve the whole earth has been corrupted from that time forth. Man has had to suffer sickness, pain, discomfort, heartaches, diseases and a world filled with civil unrest on every side.

    The pressures that we face everyday can sometimes be overwhelming. Life seems uncrossable desert. No matter which way we look all we can see is the hot dry sand, there is no oasis in sight, it seems to be endless. Our hearts are distressed and we are brought into a deep depression over the situations we have to face and nothing seems to help no matter what we try. This is not the way that God plans for you to live! God planned to give you a life filled with joy and blessing! Jesus Christ said: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10b KJV)

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  • Hope Beyond Diagnosis


    The fear of cancer: how many millions of families have received that dreaded news or call? My wife received our call the morning of April 1, 2005. The doctor’s office advised the second biopsy taken on the lump removed from inside my throat was confirmed by the Mayo Clinic, Stage 3 melanoma. My wife asked if this was treatable and was told it most probably had metastasized and the prognosis was not good. The news, prognosis and surgery tell Part 1 of the journey.

    Part 2 of the journey graphically details the intervention of a God whom we in this country constantly debate, defend, disclaim and simply want little or no part of.

    Whatever your status in life, so many of us have been affected by this dreaded, killing disease that has no regard for age or gender. Just about everyone- those battling cancer, Christian people wondering if God still heals, people looking for a source of joy, hope and peace, people wondering if there is a God and are looking for something to grab hold of, and people who adamantly deny the existence of any God- should take the time to read this story.

    Part 3 is my attempt to share four years of intimacy with a God who has shared His heart, beginning in November of 2004. There is no hidden agenda here, just an average man wanting to share a very unique journey of a profound healing and intimate conversations with the “God of Hope.”

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  • 10 Hours To Live


    “I give him ten hours to live.”

    That’s what the doctor said after diagnosing twenty-two-year-old Brian Wills with one of the deadliest and fastest-growing cancers, known as Burkitt’s lymphoma. Incredibly, this rare tumor grew from the size of a golf ball to nine inches in diameter in only three days. Thus began Brian’s life-threatening battle-both physical and spiritual-to receive a full recovery by focusing on God’s powerful promises of healing. Through his incredible, true-life testimony of healing against all odds, find out how you can:
    *Overcome the most hopeless of circumstances
    *Learn how to apply God’s Word for healing
    *Build your faith for the miraculous
    *Discover joy in the midst of suffering
    *Receive comfort in times of trial

    10 Hours to Live includes many other testimonies of people who have been supernaturally healed by the power of God.

    God wants to heal you, too!

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  • John G Lake On Healing


    John G. Lake was one of the most powerful healing evangelists of the twentieth century. His life’s work included countless conversions, healings, and deliverances, as well as the establishment of hundreds of churches and ministries. Now, the wisdom and experience of Lake’s teachings on healing have been condensed into one book. Through these teachings, you, too, can: ” Receive physical and emotional healing. ” Discover the spiritual roots of sickness. ” Overcome fear and hopelessness. ” Remove hindrances to healing. ” Defeat the attacks of Satan. ” Walk in divine health. ” Minister healing to others. ” Win souls for eternity. ” Experience a new joy in your life. The power of John G. Lake’s healing ministry and its effect on the world is finally at your fingertips. Healing is available for you and your loved ones today!

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  • Shattered : One Mans Journey From Sexual Abuse


    Shattered. There is no crime more devastating than childhood sexual abuse. It steals the innocence and soul of its victims and leaves them in a world of silence and shame. Attempting to live in safety, survivors create a world of false security praying no one will ever discover the ugly secret and no one will hurt them again. For too long, these stories have hidden in the shadows, countless souls longing for freedom from the pain and suffering in their hearts. This is just one story that speaks for millions who are holding on to hope.

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  • Healing Words For The Body Mind And Spirit


    Multidenominational appeal
    Easy to use in a variety of ways, Healing Words is complementary medicine for the mind, body, and spirit that has a history of proven efficacy for people of all faiths on their journeys to healing and wholeness. Every two-page spread is a “chapter” headlined by one of 101 words that relate to healing the mind, body, and spirit as a process or event. The word is followed by a definition, a personal reflection or a story that relates to the healing power of the word, quotes, and an affirmation for the reader to use on his or her healing journey. The quotes include contemporary excerpts as well as words from the sages, plus proverbs, psalms, and more.

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  • Gods Word Heals


    From best-selling author and Bible teacher Derek Prince comes his most detailed teaching on God’s miraculous gift of healing. Writing from decades of ministry experience, as well as his own miraculous healing, Prince explains how God heals. Through this incredible resource, you, too, can:
    –Understand the causes of sickness and disease.
    –Learn why healing happens and why it does not.
    –Understand what blocks healing.
    –Overcome depression.
    –Break generational curses.
    –Defeat the schemes of Satan.
    –Gain freedom from oppression.

    Here are powerful truths about being healed and being whole. Prince shows the Bible’s easy-to-follow guidelines so you can apply God’s instructions for your complete healing. You can be healed and see others healed!

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  • Choices Not Chosen


    A Journey of Brokenness My first introduction to brokenness came at the young age of seven. My parent’s divorce chained our family to everyday terms such as “broken home, single parent family, and child support.” Not wanting to experience the pain, I constructed walls of determination to become a survivor. A survivor determined to “never divorce.” I discovered however, love and determination wasn’t enough when my own marriage of 29 years crumbled to infidelity. Now broken again, the walls tumbled down and forced me to embrace the pain of brokenness. Grieving the losses in my life hurt so deeply, my heart actually ached. Embracing the pain began the transformation of God’s restoration plan to set me FREE! Choices Not Chosen will: Walk you through the valley Hold you close to reality Show you God is present in times of trouble Bring another perspective of brokenness Reveal healing in surrender

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  • Power To Heal


    ” [Those who believe] will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” -Mark 16:18

    There are many medical options available today for healing the body and mind, but few accomplish true healing-and none bring creative restoration. Many people live in the cycle of dependency and the endless search for relief, even allowing the fear of losing their healing to take hold after a small success.

    With wisdom, revelation from God, and plenty of scriptural support, Joan Hunter reveals powerful truths about healing and being whole. There is good news! God wants to heal every person. His power is limitless, His plan is great, and He will provide for everything. We simply have to accept his vision and believe.

    God knows everything, including the root causes of our diseases. Sin gives the devil permission to attack our bodies with sickness. God wants you to come before him in humble repentance and receive healing. He wants you to become the person He designed you to be.

    Through this powerful book, you will…
    ” Gain complete and utter freedom from every type of oppression.
    ” Experience the unmatched power of forgiveness.
    ” Understand why blocks to healing exist in the church.
    ” Become proficient in prophesying the Word over yourself and others.
    ” Learn to sense the constant anointing, love, and power of God.
    ” Break the cycle of dependency and end the constant search for relief.
    ” Embrace the secure authority and anointing that every believer possesses.
    ” Allow God to reveal to you the causes of your sickness.
    ” Learn how to break personal and generational curses.

    You are qualified simply because God has called you. He is not looking for your ability; He’s looking for your availability. God believes in miracles. Do you?

    “I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” -Ephesians 1:18-19

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  • Secret Survivors : Real Life Stories To Give You Hope For Healing


    Written for teens, but also incredibly helpful to anyone working with students, Secret Survivors tells the compelling, true stories of people who have lived through painful secrets. As teens read stories about rape, addiction, cutting, abuse, abortion, and more, they’ll identify with the universal pain in each story and find the strength to share their own story and start healing.

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