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Harmony of the Gospels

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  • Parallel Lives Of Jesus


    In this highly readable introduction to the Gospels, Edward Adams demonstrates how the four canonical Gospels function separately-as unique accounts of Jesus’ life-and as narrative renditions of a shared story: the Fourfold Gospel. Building on the premise that the Gospels are ancient biographies or “lives of Jesus,” Adams examines parallel Gospel passages, highlighting the similarities and differences between them. He begins by approaching the four Gospels generally, then looks at each of them individually, and finally considers six key Gospel passages to further explore the unity and plurality of the Gospels in a more focused way. Adams’s lucid prose helps to make this text ideal for beginning students of the Gospels.

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  • 4 : A Survey Of The Gospels


    The Gospels are a fourfold portrait of Jesus.
    Deftly guiding readers through “the four,” Peter Leithart delves into both the unique perspective of each gospel and their unifying witness to Jesus. The gospels are riddled with themes and types; Leithart reveals them and explains the Old Testament prophecies that intertwine with these apostolic books, as well as their underlying literary structures. He discusses the dating of the books, showing how the timeline of the four gospels lace together, and lays out Israel’s history leading up to John the Baptist’s birth.

    For anyone navigating the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, The Four will give you your bearings.

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  • Synopsis Of The Four Gospels


    SKU (ISBN): 9781585169429ISBN10: 1585169420Binding: Cloth TextPublished: January 2010Publisher: American Bible Society

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  • Storyteller : Comparing Jesus Stories


    The Storyteller looks at the parables of Jesus as told in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. By comparing the parables in each gospel we may be able to conclude why the writers of the gospels selected to tell the identical story. Is there a diverse meaning for each one, or do they all communicate the same message. We can definitely tell that some of the parables had multiple meanings and some were surely intended for a specific audience. A parable can be over analyzed, however, knowing to whom they were written and why they were told is a compelling study.

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  • Gospels Side By Side Pamphlet


    The Bible gives us four biographers for Jesus’ life: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. See Jesus from four different points of view and learn how their views of him unite and flesh out an awesome portrait of God. Consult this concise chart to find out: * Why there are four Gospels instead of just one * Why three Gospels are similar, but the fourth is very different * How the Gospels complement-not contradict-each other * Why most of Christ’s story focuses on his last week; and more. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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  • Chronological Life Of Christ


    13 Chapters

    Additional Info
    The Chronological Life of Christ is the definitive resource where all four Gospels have been harmonized into one chronological story line. The reader gets an in-depth look at Jesus’ life, ministry. death and resurrection – a look not attainable when reading each Gospel separately. Written using the Thomas & Gundry NIV Harmony of the Gospels as a frame, The Chronological Life of Christ includes a very helpful subject index and user-friendly table for quickly finding Bible passages. This is a must-have resource for every student and teacher of God’s Word.

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  • Jesus On Trial (Revised)


    The questions of students and scholars about the actual circumstances, legal situation, and subsequent development of the Passion Narratives are here answered.
    Includes additional text, updated bibliography and notes, and a new preface.

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  • Reading The Gospels Today


    As ancient documents, the New Testament Gospels can seem distant from contemporary life or irrelevant to modern society. Further complicating the task of reading the Gospels is the way they seem to introduce differing, if not competing, pictures of Jesus. This book is meant to help Bible readers understand–and move beyond–the difficulties involved in interpreting Scripture in our current context.

    In these insightful studies several biblical scholars explore the content of the Gospels while also discussing how to read these writings in relation to each other and in terms of today’s world. Some chapters consider issues that vex Gospel criticism, others look at particular texts or Synoptic themes: still others demonstrate how one’s immediate interpretive context helps to raise the issues and shape the answers that are found when we read the Gospels. Well organized, thoughtfully written, and widely accessible, this volume will serve to draw readers into the exciting field of contemporary Gospels study.

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  • Social Science Commentary On The Synoptic Gospels (Reprinted)


    Contemporary biblical interpretation has narrowed the gap between modern reader and ancient author—but chiefly regarding individual events and ideas. This commentary mines cultural anthropology, macro-sociology, and social psychology to elucidate the values, conflicts, and mores of ancient Mediterranean culture. Through detailed textual notes and “reading scenarios,” it brings life and light to the synoptic texts.

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  • Rethinking The Synoptic Problem


    From a variety of different scholarly viewpoints this book discusses various approaches to interpreting the literary relationship between the synoptic gospels, highlighting currect academic trends.

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  • Story Of My Life As Told By Jesus Christ


    The story of my life as told by Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John combined into one complete gospel written in first person singular. Listen to Jesus, the Christ, tell you His own story. In chronological order watch the days, weeks, times, places and festivals pass by. For the firt time–in unbroken order, you are there, as your Lord tells you the story of His life.

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  • Fortress Introduction To The Gospels


    Ideal for the classroom or self-study. Powell summarizes modern scholarship as it bears on our understanding of the Gospels, using numerous charts and diagrams, two dozen special topics, and a plethora of background information. Lucid, reliable descriptions that are smartly organized.

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  • Gospel Of Jesus


    William Farmer has devoted much of his career to addressing the question of the relationship among the three Synoptic Gospels–Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In particular, Farmer has challenged the Two Source Hypothesis, which says that Mark is the earliest Gospel, and that Matthew and Luke used Mark and another document, called “Q,” as the two primary sources for their own Gospels. Instead, Farmer argues that Matthew was the Earliest Gospel, that Luke used Matthew and other traditions known to him, and that Mark used both Matthew and Luke in compiling a shorter, more ecumenical account of Jesus’ career. This competing theory is called the Two Gospel Hypothesis.

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