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  • Spirit Of Fatherhood


    An essential guide for navigating the challenges of fatherhood while building a foundation of faith, love, and values in your children.

    Becoming a father is one of life’s most profound joys and solemn duties. The path ahead will be filled with questions and self-doubt–am I ready for this? How do I nurture faith and values? Can I still pursue my dreams? What if I mess up? In The Spirit of Fatherhood, Larry Hagner provides fellow dads the wisdom and tools to navigate one of life’s most epic and awe-inspiring adventures.

    With insight forged from biblical study and over a decade of counseling experience, Hagner addresses nearly every aspect of engaged fatherhood. Discover guidance on building a warm, Godly home where children feel safe to grow. Learn how to correct with patience and grace. Find tips on instilling values that will serve your children for life. Hagner knows the struggles inherent to parenting and meets them with empathy, encouragement and practical solutions. While portraying this sacred calling, the founder of “The Dad Edge,” the #1 podcast about fatherhood on Apple Podcasts, makes his lessons relatable through vulnerable stories, humorous anecdotes, and refreshing honesty. You’ll come away feeling empowered, equipped and deeply connected.

    Whether you’re counting down to your first child or already have a full house, this book offers inspiration to deepen your faith and leadership. It’s the perfect gift for dads aiming to ground their families in timeless wisdom and everlasting love.

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  • Ultimate Dad Night


    Family adventures await.

    As a dad, you want to build authentic relationships with your kids, but the bustle of family life can make it difficult to connect in meaningful ways.

    Ultimate Dad Night is packed with seventy-five practical ideas to bring your family closer to God and each other. Pass on love and wisdom to your kids using:

    *exciting activities for all ages, budgets, and time frames;
    *relevant Scripture passages, devotions, and prayers;
    *interactive questions to spark conversations; and
    *helpful takeaway messages to remember your adventures.

    Create lasting memories with your kids as you watch them grow into thriving young men and women of God.

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  • 5 Minute Bible Study For Dads


    Do you find it hard to make time for Bible study, Dad?

    You intend to do it, but before you know it, another week has passed and you haven’t picked up God’s Word. This book provides simple tools for you to open the Bible regularly and dig into God’s Word–even if you only have five minutes!

    *Minutes 1-2: Read a few verses pulled from a lengthier passage. If time allows, read the full passage listed for you in each Bible study.

    *Minute 3: Understand. Ponder thoughtful questions designed to help you apply the verses from the Bible to your own life.

    *Minute 4: Apply. Read a brief devotional based on the scripture you read.

    *Minute 5: Pray. A prayer starter will help you to begin a time of conversation with God.

    The 5-Minute Bible Study for Dads will help you establish the discipline of consistent study of God’s Word. You will find that even five minutes focused on scripture and prayer has the power to make a huge difference in your daily life. Soon you will be making time for more!

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  • Man Stuff : Devotional Thoughts On Faith, Family, And Fatherhood


    Be a stronger, more effective dad, family man, and man of God.

    In this compilation, singer Josh Turner shares fun and meaningful thoughts and personal stories-from his childhood through his adulthood-weaving in spiritual insight for men who want to be better dads, husbands, and men of God. He covers a variety of topics such as living and working with integrity, facing your fears, surrounding yourself with good company, trusting God’s plans, and standing up for the least of these-topics every man can relate to and draw from for his own spiritual and personal journeys.

    Described as a devoted family man, strong Christian, generous philanthropist, and passionate sports fan, Josh balances a busy life. And despite his recording schedule, award shows, and national tour dates, he still prioritizes instilling good values into his four sons, being a devoted husband, and sharing his testimony for God. Not only is this a great gift for any country music fan or Josh Turner follower, it will speak to the heart of any man with conservative family values.

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  • Maximized Minutes For Fathers


    A 90-Day Devotional That Can Revolutionize Your Life…One Minute at a Time

    Each maximized minute takes…

    *30 seconds to read
    *30 seconds to reflect
    *23 hours, 59 minutes to benefit from what you read!

    Maximized Minutes for Fathers will inspire you each day–whether you are a new father or have been a father for decades; whether you had a great dad or no father figure at all. These short, memorable statements cut right to the core of biblical fatherhood. They will stay with you all day–and even for a lifetime

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  • Midnight Dad Devotional


    For the new daddy changing diapers at 3 in the morning, for the dad of tweens who wonders if he is enough, for the father of teenagers who feels disconnected, Midnight Dad Devotional offers the encouragement and biblical grounding that has made the Midnight Mom and Midnight Dad Devotional Facebook Communities a help to parents around the world.

    The Midnight Mom Devotional Community has become a global movement of prayer and encouragement for mamas everywhere, launching Midnight Mom Devotional to bestseller lists and into over a million moms’ hearts. Now author Becky Thompson and her dad, Dr. Mark Pitts, offer a new book for dads who need to know God is with them on the parenting journey. Midnight Dad Devotional gives dads in all seasons of life:
    *A sense of connection with other fathers
    *Strength for each night and the day ahead
    *Wisdom from the Bible for tough situations
    *Affirmation of the importance of their role
    *Reassurance that God is with them

    With its handsome cover and a presentation page, this devotional is a great gift for new daddies, Father’s Day, or any dad needing a little extra encouragement. As the Midnight Dad community says every evening, “Tonight we pray for the dad who . . .”
    *Is trying to balance long work hours and a desire to be with family
    *Wants to set a good example for his children
    *Sometimes feels distant from his kids
    *Is navigating a separation or a divorce
    *Desires to pass on his faith in authentic ways

    Just as Midnight Mom Devotional has equipped so many moms to love their kids well, Midnight Dad Devotional helps each dad find courage in the calm of the night, knowing that men around the world are joining him in prayer–and that God is more than capable of guiding him into the morning.

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  • Dad Difference : The 4 Most Important Gifts You Can Give To Your Kids


    What does it take to be a great dad?

    The world is full of bad examples of men who weren’t there for their kids. But there are good and even great dads out there, who inspire their children and the men around them to reach for more. How do you become a dad like that–even if your own dad wasn’t such a good example?

    In The Dad Difference, Bryan Loritts explores the four gifts every kid needs from their dad: relationship, integrity, teaching, and experiences. He walks you through what each of these mean and how to put them into practice and shares stories of fathers, including his own dad, who were examples of this to him. Full of biblical wisdom, simple truths, and practical advice, this book will empower you to become a dad who makes a difference in the lives of your children.

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  • Bible Promise Book For Fathers


    Fatherhood really should come with an operator’s manual.

    Our world sends many conflicting signals on the important issues of life. How should we approach anger? Is discipline a good thing, or not? Why speak with honesty? Is prayer for real? What is true wisdom?

    In His kindness, God has answered all these questions–and many more–in the pages of His Word, the Bible. Whatever our needs, we can find in scripture the principles we need to address the issues we face.

    This collection of Bible verses is a handy reference to some of the key issues that all people–and especially fathers–face. In these pages, you’ll find carefully selected verses that address more than five dozen topics like adversity, courage, family discipline, duty, labor, prayer, and temptation.

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  • Dad Tired And Loving It


    Do You Want to Be a Spiritual Leader? Start Here

    Have the day-to-day realities of being a dad and husband left you frustrated or just plain worn out? You’re not alone.

    Jerrad Lopes felt that way too…until he started blogging about his struggles and discovered thousands of other men who want to be good husbands and fathers but don’t know where to start.

    You will learn that spiritual leaders:
    *realize their story isn’t the story-it’s all about Jesus
    *point their wives, children, community, and world toward God
    *stumble their way through spiritual leadership rather than doing nothing
    *seek humility rather than striving for perfection
    *refuse to let their sin and shame stop them from leading their family
    *look for adventure in the kingdom of God, not in the world
    *create gospel-centered memories with their wife and children

    When you begin to understand the bigger picture of God’s purpose for you in your marriage and family, you’ll see that the good news of Jesus makes it possible for you to love and lead without fear and discouragement.

    Get equipped and encouraged as you become the man God is calling you to be-even when you’re dad tired.

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  • Be The Dad She Needs You To Be


    “I want to marry somebody just like . . .” Surprise! The relationship that matters most to your daughter isn’t the one with her mother-it’s the one with you, Dad. Her self-esteem, choices, behavior, character, and even her ideas about or choice of a marriage partner are all directly tied to you, as the most important representative to her of the male species.

    In Be the Dad She Needs You to Be Dr. Kevin Leman, internationally acclaimed psychologist, New York Times bestselling author, and father of four daughters, will show you how to: make each daughter feel unique, special, valued, and receptive to your ideas. discipline the right way. talk turkey about what guys are really thinking. keep the critical eye at bay. wave the truce flag when females turn your family room into a battleground. set your daughter up for relationship success.

    Whether your daughter lives with you part-time, full-time, or not at all, you can gain a warm, lifelong relationship-one based on mutual love and respect.

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  • New Dads Playbook (Reprinted)


    NFL superstar, commentator, activist, and dad lays out his step-by-step game plan from pre-season (preparing for fatherhood) to Superbowl (birth) to post-season (after the baby’s home), teaching men how to prepare to be the best possible partners and fathers they can be.

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  • Little Book Of Big Ideas For Dads And Daughters


    Build a Connection with Your Daughter That Will Last a Lifetime

    You want to be closer to your daughter, but how?

    This one-of-a-kind book is chock-full of fun and practical ways to build a great relationship with her. Find out how you can make a difference in the most important parts of your daughter’s life, such as her
    *relationship with her mom and friends
    *personal faith and spiritual gifts
    *love life and future marriage

    Bestselling author and proud dad Jay Payleitner has loaded each chapter with big ideas for interacting with your daughter. And Jay’s own adult daughter, Rae Anne, offers valuable insights into the hearts and minds of girls and young women.

    Try some of these big ideas yourself, and you’ll see your relationship with your daughter deepen and grow. Whether she is still young or is a full-grown adult, it’s never too early or too late to build a connection with her to last a lifetime.

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  • Dads Guide To Praying For His Kids


    You want to pray for your kids, but life gets hectic. You forget. An emergency occurs. You have to work late. Bestselling author and dad Steve Chapman understands. He’s found a great solution he wants to share with you. This easy-to-remember prayer plan provides key principles and strategies to help you pray faithfully, including:
    *realizing the impact of prayer so you’ll remember to do it
    *discovering life-building steps for prayer to maintain your focus on God’s will
    *setting up prayer accountability with another dad to encourage each other

    As a loving parent, you want your kids to know God, talk to Him, and follow His principles. This effective formula will help you pray intimately and consistently for your child.

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  • Pocket Prayers For Dads


    Dads wear many hats. From protector to playmate, confidante to counselor. No matter the role, families rely on dads to lead with strength and faith. And in Pocket Prayers for Dads, Max Lucado offers forty scriptures and guided prayers that will help dads do just that.

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  • Its Great Being A Dad


    Three veteran dads offer their best practical advice so you can build awesome relationships with your kids. In partnership with the National Center for Fathering, they draw on their day-in, day-out experience to help you…

    creatively express care and affection in ways only a father can
    convey a positive perspective on life and the future
    teach, counsel, and guide in ways your children can receive and remember
    remind your kids–and yourself–that God is always there, listening and participating
    be a dad through all the stages of your kids’ lives

    These time-tested ideas will reignite your passion for being a dad. You’ll find the inspiration and know-how you need to engage with daughters and sons in the best ways possible and make your home their favorite place to be.

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  • 10 Things Great Dads Do (Reprinted)


    Bestselling author Rick Johnson provides ten strategies that will help men become better dads and help their kids be happier, healthier, and more successful.

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  • Daddys Song


    Dennis wrote Daddy’s Song for his children, as a means of explaining the redeeming love of Jesus to them. He created it out of his own story of redemption. In being asked to share his experience in such a public manner, he needed a way to tell his children his own story without it being too much of a burden for them to bear. Daddy’s Song became the perfect bridge to lead them to Jesus and, when they were old enough to understand, the perfect explanation to the reality and the depths of Dennis’ own deliverance from sin. It is a family heritage and treasure. May it prove the same for you and yours.

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  • Winning Dad : How To Finish First With Your Kids


    Being a good dad is a challenge, but you can be the father you’ve always wanted to be. Laced with tips and quotes from NASCAR greats like Dale Jarrett, Darrell Waltrip, and Ernie Irvin, The Winning Dad gives every man the confidence to be a good dad.

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  • Fatherhood Principle : Gods Design And Destiny For Every Man


    All men are fathers.

    The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood.

    Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he is designed by God to fulfill the role of father in the lives of those around him. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God.

    In The Fatherhood Principle, Dr. Myles Munroe explains that although every man is called to be a father, knowing how to live in this purpose is not automatic. We must understand the characteristics and master the skills of fatherhood. Fulfilling the position and role you were created for means exhibiting qualities of leadership, integrity, responsibility, and obedience to the ultimate Father of fathers-our Father God in heaven.

    This book provides key principles and insights that will teach you how to fulfill the role of father in your personal sphere of influence. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe explains how a man can become source, nourisher, sustainer, protector, teacher,
    disciplinarian, leader, head, caring one, and developer.

    Discover God’s original blueprint for men and step into your true purpose in life.

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  • Becoming The Dad Your Daughter Needs


    A father models for his daughter how women should be treated, how men should act, and how a man shows healthy love and affection toward a woman. And, perhaps most importantly, he sets the standard for how his daughter feels she deserves to be treated by men. Rick Johnson shows men how to develop the close relationships with their daughters that they both need and crave.

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  • Dads And Daughters


    She’ll always be your girl.

    Whether your daughter is still small or all grown up, she holds a special place in her dad’s heart forever. Today, celebrate the gifts and blessings of the unique relationship between dads and their girls with this inspirational book by family counselor and widely acclaimed parenting expert Dr. James Dobson.Based on the New York Times bestseller Bringing Up Girls, Dads and Daughters is a beautiful tribute to a dad’s role in his daughter’s life. It’s an insightful collection of wisdom for dads on developing and preserving a truly exceptional connection with their daughters. And it’s a joyful celebration of the lifelong bond of love they share.

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  • Daddys Milk : Father Your Milk Does Matter


    Delivery Day
    The Labor Room
    “When Reality Sinks In”
    Let The Parenting Begin
    Don’t Lead By Your Examples
    The Golden Ticket
    Real Men Don’t Cry
    Where Is Waldo?
    Men Don’t Have Breasts
    King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me
    It’s Not Too Late

    Additional Info
    In today’s society, when a mother delivers a baby, majority of the time, she is honored with gifts and verbal congratulations while the father is invisible because he did not physically birth the baby. There are thousands of books, conferences, workshops, and trainings opportunities for mothers who have experienced divorce, miscarriages, and classes dedicated to educating women on how to be a parent for the first time. Unfortunately, there are not many learning tools for fathers. Statistics show that when fathers are absent from the home, children are more likely to become involved in youth gangs, sexually abused, be illiterate, have low self-esteem, become homeless, and abuse drugs and alcohol.

    Emerson will take you on a journey from his delivery room experience, to a low point in his life where he made unsound decisions financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This book delves deep into topics such as:

    * Fathers supporting their children’s education

    * The importance of a father’s presence in the home and community

    * Fathers dealing with their past issues

    * Fathers building a bridge to reconcile with their children

    Daddy’s Milk is a book for all men to read. It will encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire every man to see himself. Men, if you feel like you have a voice but no platform, Daddy’s Milk is for you.

    Fathers Your Milk Does Matter…

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  • Father To Daughter (Revised)


    To Guide and Inspire.

    Share her wonder. Dance with her always. Teach her to be courageous, fearless, confident in any situation. Anchored in values and filled with clear and simple words of wisdom, this small book speaks large truths about raising a daughter. About respect and trust. About unicorns and sports and boys. And about the joys and responsibilities that come with being the first man in her life.

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  • Booty No More


    The American Church is not doing well. And what is worse, if the statistics hold up, the next generation will be in far worse shape spiritually then our own. Children from Evangelical homes are departing from the faith as they enter adulthood at a very, very, very high and alarming rate. Christian parents, who love the Lord, and love their kids, are struggling to impart their precious faith to their precious children. This is not a new problem. From the time God placed the very first family on this planet, the struggle for generational faithfulness began. Today in the West, though, we are experiencing this failure in epidemic proportions. But, there is hope! God is ALL POWERFUL, and His Word is Perfect. If we Christians can wrap our minds around that reality, we can by the Grace of God reverse the dreadful defection from the faith that Modern American Evangelicals are battling against. This book looks to give Biblical insights into Family, Church, and Cultural problems that Christians face today. May it be a blessing to both the Lord and to you. Ron Larsen presents an eye-opening book to parents on the relationship of our children to the family, to culture, to school, and to the church. Parents who are serious about rooting their children in the faith would do well to read this book. Kevin Swanson Author, Speaker, and host of Generations Radio This book is a manifesto for parents, particularly fathers, on what it will take to stem the awful tide of defection from the faith. It is a plea to fathers to turn their hearts to the home and their children before it is too late. It rebukes the laziness of so many in turning over their most important duty to the church. Pastor Michael Beck House of Prayer, Brooklyn, New York

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  • 55 And Counting


    “Without personal responsibility there can be no personal prosperity.” – Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. In this reflective work, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. shares timeless truths and life lessons that will position parents and leaders to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. You will learn: * Why work is about more than just paying the bills. * One simple way fathers can immediately change our culture * How platforms alleviate pressure (and how you can leave one behind) * and much more… Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. is a pastor, scholar, entrepreneur, artist, and motivational speaker. Dearest to his heart, he is a loving husband and dedicated father. Since 1983, Bishop Hilliard has served as Senior Pastor of Cathedral International (the Historic Second Baptist Church) in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Bishop Hilliard is a man of many hats and he wears them all well.

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  • Daddy Dates : Four Daughters One Clueless Dad And His Quest To Win Their He


    One day motivational leader Greg Wright realized that the four set of pretty young eyes under his own roof were looking to Dad to be strong, fearless, and wise.

    The reality was, the lone male in an all-girl household (“heck, even the dog was female”) was only thirty years old and felt like he had been shoved into the deep end of the estrogen pool without swimming lessons.

    That’s when the love-struck father of four gorgeous pre-teens started searching for a plan for how to be a successful Dad, and did what any sensible guy would do. He bailed. Not only on his family, but into the woods, to seek a “solution.”

    Daddy Dates is an entertaining and practical look at how one American father found his sea legs and is navigating through the tricky waters of parenting girls. In this game-changing book, Greg shares his easy-to-follow secrets for how married and single dads can go beyond high-fiving to bridge the gender gap and become the clued-in man who knows his daughter best.

    Dads have more influence on their girls than anyone. Learn what makes your daughter tick, how to talk to her effectively and connect more profoundly, at any age.

    If being their hero is your mission, it’s not impossible. Daddy Dates is your road map to get there.

    “Hi honey. It’s Daddy. I’m calling to see if you’d like to go on a date with me tonight.”

    “Um, yes, Daddy I think I would.”

    It’s a phone call Greg Wright has made over and over again. By age thirty, Greg was the overwhelmed father of four beautiful little girls, with one thought running through his mind over and over again: Don’t Screw Up.

    Daddy Dates is about a guy taking his best shot at being a successful dad by trying to know his girls-really know their fears, dreams, and opinions-and how he stumbled across an incredible strategy to do that with daughters of any age or stage. This funny, insightful, and relatable book poses the wildly original concept that should be a “duh” for most dads-but isn’t. In order to raise a confident woman-to-be, show your daughter what it feels like to be treated with love, respect, and true interest by a man who loves her.

    Daddy Dates is not another “how to” book from a parenting expert. It’s a personal, eye-opening, often humorous look at an Average Joe’s intentional pursuit of his daughter’s hearts and minds, and the love-inspired steps he is taking to solidify Dad’s place in each of their lives, forever.

    Whether married or single, Daddy Dates can help you

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  • Strong Fathers Strong Daughters


    An A Group Title

    The 30-Day Challenge takes readers through thirty practical father-daughter activities, meant to strengthen dads in their parenting roles, while also creating honest and thriving relationships. With twenty-five years experience as a pediatrician, Dr. Meeker combines her expertise and wisdom with warmth and humor to make this the perfect guide for dads to take the Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters experience to the next level.

    The 30-Day Challenge offers practical suggestions for dads to spend uninterrupted, scheduled time with their daughters, including:
    – Taking her on a date, dancing, or into nature
    – Taking her to work or teaching her to handle money responsibly
    – Doing an art project or planting a garden together
    – Treating her mother well

    Reflection questions help readers examine where they are as a dad right now and where they would like to be this time next year. Checklists with important reminders help the reader commit to following through and adequately preparing for the challenges. Challenges can be adapted from the simple to the involved, depending on time availability, comfort levels, and the daughter’s age.

    Unlike other parenting how-to books, The 30-Day Challenge becomes a cherished handbook as dads and their girls evolve in their father and daughter roles. The 30-Day Challenge will equip dads to answer the call to become engaged and intentional fathers.

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  • All Pro Dad


    Gentlemen, this is a football, Vince Lombardi famously told his players at the beginning of each season. Just as knowing the fundamentals of football is the key to a player becoming an All-Pro, knowing the fundamentals of fatherhood is the key to a father becoming an All Pro Dad. The most important fundamental of fatherhood starts with one word-love. Love isn’t weak; it’s strong. If a father wants to lead well in his home, he must expand his capacity to love. All Pro Dad is a journey with Mark Merrill-husband of more than 20 years, father of five children, and the president of Family First. Mark’s journey includes exclusive, one-on-one, in-depth interviews with approximately 20 well-recognized leaders who share their personal stories and wisdom. These influential leaders understand the “7 M’s”-Makeup, Master, Mission, Message, Motive, Method, and Model-that each man must know about himself to truly love and lead his family. This journey and exploration is for parents, especially fathers, who want to lead and love their families and need practical ways to do so.

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  • Father Hunger : Why God Calls Men To Love And Lead Their Families


    We live in a culture in which absentee fatherhood is the norm. Pastor and parenting authority Douglas Wilson brings a powerful message about its true costs to our families and society and encourages men to be the fathers God calls them to be. When we hear the word fatherless, our minds usually turn to orphans, to children who have lost their fathers to tragic accidents. For most of us, that seems to be a problem outside our own families, a painful reality with which others must deal. “Not so,” says Douglas Wilson. “Most of our families are starving for fathers, even if Dad is around, and there’s a huge cost to our children and our society because of it.” Why Fathers Really Matter is a thoughtful and timely excursion into our culture of fatherlessness, what Wilson calls “the central malady of our time.” Central because it is the cause of so many of the ills we face-everything from atheism and crime to joyless feminism and paternalistic government expansion-but most important because of the effect it has on families, children, wives, and husbands. Bottom line: when fathers are checked out, left out, or ruled out, it hurts literally everyone.

    We need our fathers, and all too often they are nowhere present. Indispensible Dad has one basic goal: to encourage and empower men to be the fathers that God calls them to be and that their families and culture desperately need them to be.

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  • What A Son Needs From His Dad (Reprinted)


    No one can prepare a son for life better than his father. Dads are role models and this book encourages fathers to grow into the kind of men they want their sons to become. Practical topics include preparing boys for work, marriage, sexuality, friendships, and their relationships with God. The author researches and speaks on family issues, and is also a dad himself. Originally published as How a Man Prepares His Sons for Life. Updated by the author.

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  • Family Shepherds : Calling And Equipping Men To Lead Their Homes


    The author of Family Driven Faith trains Christian men to model God’s truth and pass it on from generation to generation. God has mandated the transfer of his truth from one generation to the next. Because this transfer takes place primarily in the home, Voddie Baucham Jr. seeks to guide men in faithfully shepherding their families. Derived from Baucham’s monthly meetings with men in his church, Family Shepherds calls men to accountability for their God-given responsibilities as husbands and fathers. This book will inspire them to live better, love better, and lead better so that their families will thrive in every way.Baucham’s clear style and practical approach will help men protect their marriage, raise kingdom-minded children, value the synergy between church and home, and navigate difficult family dynamics. It will inspire them to carefully evaluate and live out their role in all areas of life. Family Shepherds is a book that every father needs and that every church will want as a resource for training the men in their congregations.

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  • Whos Your Daddy


    Are we living in a “post-father” era? This book is a wake-up call to men and women, challenging them to understand the crisis of fatherlessness in the world and to examine its impact on our culture and in individual lives. The author also identifies the different types of father wounds, the specific scars that men and women carry, and provides personal steps for healing and experiencing God’s Father Love. As a generation, one of the biggest issues we face is fatherlessness. We have a generation of boys, raised by women, who don’t know how to be a man, husband, or father; and a generation of girls raised without the protection, affirmation, or wholesome affection of a father.

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  • Power Of Dad


    He loves me. He loves me not. This is the confusion we have left with the next generation. When we read the newspaper or watch the news we are often shocked by the acts of today’s youth. What we have failed to ask ourselves is what role have we as men played. Begging for an identity the youth of this nation has for the most part been void of the voice of its fathers. The Power of Dad challenges men around the world to lift up their voices. The Power of Dad will transform your life and revitalize the relationship that you have with your child. What you can expect to learn from this book: The power of a father’s infl uence How to stop your past from hindering your child’s future The power of an apology How to love yourself more so that you can fully love your child The eight mirrors of a man How to help develop your child’s identity

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  • 40 Letters To A New Dad


    Becoming a new father can be an overwhelming experience. Suddenly, there is this new life looking to you for protection, provision, and guidance. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Often new fathers look to their own fathers or other elders for counsel and direction as they take on their new lifelong role.

    In Forty Letters to a New Dad, Steven Molin reflects in his letters on the wonder of fatherhood as he shares stories and insights from his own parental experience with his son who has recently become a father. As he explores the fathering experience in such letters as ?Reflecting On A Miracle,? ?The Fear Of Parenting,? and ?Now You Know About Unconditional Love,? there is the realization that, as Christians, we have a heavenly Father to which we can look for our example. God loves us more than any father could ever love his child, giving us a model for how fathers should love their own children.

    Forty Letters to a New Dad is a perfect gift for men taking their first steps on their journey of fatherhood, assuring them that they are not alone as God walks with them on this wonderfully petrifying and terrifyingly glorious experience of being a new dad.

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  • Dad If You Only Knew


    As exasperating as parenting can be during these volatile years, your teen is depending on you for steady faithfulness, love, and guidance. And because teens often find words elusive and expression difficult, they probably haven’t told you the things they wish you somehow automatically knew. So let Dad, If You Only Knew be your guide. Josh Weidmann, just out of the teen years himself, joins his father, James, to help dads understand where their kids are coming from. It’s a messy world they live in, and meeting them in it is no simple task. But knowing these essentials now makes fatherhood eight times easier!

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  • They Call Me Dad


    Developed after years of research by the author of The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers, this powerful guide explores parental role-modeling from a biblical worldview. Encouraging dads to teach their children to “out-think, out-live, and out-love the world,” Dr. Canfield shares invaluable spiritual insight from his extensive ministry. Features interactive and profiling tools.

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  • Dads Everything Book For Sons


    The mission is to give dads short, practical ideas to build a quality relationship with their 8- 12-year-old sons so that when the turbulent teenage years hit, the relational bond will be so strong that nothing can separate them. The book is filled with ideas on what to talk about (and how to talk about it); “dates”; retreat fun; how to have Bible studies that they both enjoy; how to use teachable moments; creative ways to bond doing things he likes to do, as well as having him do things with Dad that he likes to do; branching out into new life experiences in order to create memories; ways to serve others together; prayers to pray for sons.

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  • Home Field Advantage


    “From the Publisher” A vital, encouraging book for men whose children are influenced by media heroes. Teachers how to be role models children can rely on by seizing relational, home-field advantage. Includes stories of popular athletes.

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  • From Father To Son


    The family narratives in the book of Genesis are important in understanding the meaning of the book and are fundamental to the unfolding story of the birth of the Israelite nation. Devora Steinmetz sees kinship in ancient narratives as a symbolic structure representing the ability of the emerging culture to survive despite conflict that threatened society’s existence. The family narratives in Genesis reflect a culture’s capacity to survive as a united people.

    The Literary Currents in Biblical Interpretation series explores current trends within the discipline of biblical interpretation by dealing with the literary qualities of the Bible: the play of its language, the coherence of its final form, and the relationships between text and readers. Biblical interpreters are being challenged to take responsibility for the theological, social, and ethical implications of their readings. This series encourages original readings that breach the confines of traditional biblical criticism.

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