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  • Potential : The Uncontainable Power Of God Within You


    Somewhere along the line, every CEO, celebrity, professional athlete, and government leader realized they had something to help them pursue their dreams. It’s something that the rest of us may think we don’t have, but we do. All of us have God-given potential!

    “Potential is within the grasp of everyone,” says author Troy Gramling, “because everyone has a dream deep within them. They just need a coach and an example at times to point the way and encourage them to pursue their dream.”

    Using examples from the life of Moses, Potential: The Uncontainable Power of God Within You takes you on a journey to discover your own promised land. You will learn:

    – What Moses knew that you need to know
    – How to go from the parking lot to the platform
    – Who you are and the greatness within you
    – How much you have in common with a leader who lived 4,000 years ago
    – The dream you were afraid to pursue but were created to experience

    Potential will help you discover the masterpiece you were created to be.

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  • Faith Love Forgiveness: Devotional Journal


    Embark on a soul-nurturing journey crafted by licensed professional counselor, Susan Goss, who brings a unique blend of spiritual insight and therapeutic expertise to your fingertips. In this 10-week devotional journal, Susan integrates encouraging devotions, Scriptures that speak to the soul, and heart-stirring prompts to help deepen your faith, amplify the power of love, and unlock the liberating force of forgiveness. This devotional journal also features an introduction with bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, Beth Moore. Susan Goss is the founder and director of Tangible Truth Ministries, a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and co-founder of The Joshua Center, (a faith-based therapy center based out of Northwest Arkansas). She is a sought-after speaker, host of the Tangible Truth Podcast, and author of We’re Still In This: 90 Healthy Truths for Happy Relationships and Circle Talk. Susan Goss is the founder and director of Tangible Truth Ministries, a licensed professional counselor (LPC), licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), and co-founder of The Joshua Center, (a faith-based therapy center based out of Northwest Arkansas). She is a sought-after speaker, host of the Tangible Truth Podcast, and author of We’re Still In This: 90 Healthy Truths for Happy Relationships and Circle Talk.

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  • Sanctuary In The Psalms NLT


    An NLT book of Psalms color-coded in themes such as peace, rest, joy, and renewal.

    The NLT edition of this book offers the encouragement of the Psalms through color-coded themes, including peace, comfort, hope, strength, gratitude, rest, joy, grace, and renewal. With this simpleto-use, well-formatted and easy-to-reference NLT edition, readers can take solace in the truth of God’s goodness and rediscover the consistency of His character through the relatable, heartfelt writings of the Psalmists.

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  • Our Great Salvation


    Christians have been brought from death to life by the sovereign grace of God. Chosen by the Father, redeemed by the Son, and renewed by the Holy Spirit, we enjoy the many blessings of salvation. Yet the greatest gift of our new life is communion with Christ Himself. And our highest privilege is to serve the Lord as we grow in conformity to Him.

    This ninety-day devotional guides you through biblical reflections on the Christian life. Draw from the theological wisdom of the Protestant Reformation as you contemplate the character of God, His blessings in salvation, our privilege of worship, and the lifelong pursuit of holiness. Understanding these four elements of our life in Christ is crucial for following Him faithfully until we see Him face-to-face.

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  • Dont Stop Devotional


    What if you didn’t give up?

    Doubt, hardship, and failure keep too many people from pursuing the vast potential God has for them. They may settle for the mediocre when a life that’s greater than anything they could imagine lies ahead.

    No matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done, God invites you to join him on an adventure of a lifetime. Pastor Tyler Feller’s 365 motivating devotions in Don’t Stop will encourage you to:

    *identify the barriers holding you back,
    *run toward your dreams with resilience, and
    *embrace the fullness of God’s plan and blessings.

    God hasn’t given up on you or the dream he has placed in your heart. You shouldn’t either.

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  • I Am A Woman


    It’s time for women to reclaim what makes them uniquely female and affirm God’s breathtaking design for womanhood.

    “Wake up!” cries Jennifer Strickland in this bracing call to women. With womanhood itself under a withering cultural attack, this is no time for Christians to stand teary-eyed on the sidelines.

    Men are invading women’s sports and even bathrooms, while schools indoctrinate children in lies about gender fluidity. The assault of insanity on reality took normal women by surprise, but we can’t waste another minute in fighting back.

    Our culture needs an answer to transgenderism, pornography, sexual violence, and the lies that are crippling our young women and robbing them of their dignity We cannot abdicate our responsibility to the next generation. It is up to women who fear God to restore the true meaning of our name.

    Women have had enough. And now it’s time to rise up as emboldened warriors to declare the truth against the gender-bending culture’s lies.

    Jennifer Strickland, a podcaster, author, and former model, is calling women to use their influence to expose the lies of gender ideology and point children and teens back to God’s beautiful design for male and female.

    In I Am a Woman, Strickland calls Christians to uphold the dignity of womanhood with clarity and compassion. She urges readers to cherish the power imbedded in the name “Woman”-because women are not undefinable. The name “Woman” means guardian, rescuer, advocate, protector, and life-bearer. Women must reclaim their name and reject any agenda that diminishes the dignity of sex and gender for future generations-before it’s too late.

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  • Large Print Devotions


    Discover True Wisdom Found in God’s Word

    This large print devotional collection is designed to draw you closer to your heavenly Father’s heart. Featuring 90 inspiring readings combined with scripture and powerful prayers, this lovely book will provide both encouragement and Bible wisdom, as you come to know just how deeply and tenderly God loves you. Here you’ll find your faith journey enhanced and strengthened as you experience an intimate connection with the Master Creator.

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  • Why I Believe


    A leadership expert, clinical psychologist, and New York Times bestselling author asks the big questions and shares his early mental health struggles in this groundbreaking, uplifting book.

    World-renowned psychologist and leadership expert Henry Cloud has impacted millions of lives through his groundbreaking books and through his work coaching leaders of the most influential organizations in the world. But few people know the details of his own story and how he became one of the most beloved and respected psychologists and faith influencers in America.

    In this indelibly personal and vulnerable book, Dr. Cloud leads us through his early struggles with illness and depression and the miracles that healed him and led him to his calling as a healer of others. Through masterful storytelling combined with a deeply nuanced understanding of the human mind, Dr. Cloud invites readers to inhabit the spaces of suffering and elation that make us most human and to walk alongside of him as he ponders the great questions we are so often afraid to ask but which also give life meaning.

    Written in the vein of such groundbreaking books as An Unquiet Mind, When Breath Becomes Air, and On Being Mortal, Why I Believe is a masterwork in spiritual exploration from one of the great scientific minds and faith voices of our time.

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  • Knowing God Through The Year


    Here is a one-year guide through one of our most treasured books: J. I. Packer’s Knowing God.

    Each day you’ll read a Scripture and a brief passage about the glory and joy of being in relationship with God. At the end of each day’s reading you will find a prompt to help you respond to God in prayer and reflection. This could be the most significant book you will read this year-or next.

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  • Hearing God Through The Year


    A Guide for Drawing Close to God

    Being close to God means communicating with him. It requires both telling him what is on our hearts in prayer and understanding what he is saying to us. The second half of this conversation is so important-and so difficult. How do we hear God?

    In these daily devotionals, Dallas Willard helps us understand how we can know the voice of God and act on it. Each day you’ll read Scripture on this topic and find suggestions for prayer, journaling, and reflection to become more open to God’s presence. You may be surprised-and even transformed-by what you discover.

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  • Known For Love


    Answering the hard and painful questions in a sexually confused world.

    We live in a world with competing voices about what it means to love and to be loving. It’s tough–if not impossible–to feel this tension. But what does it mean that Jesus was known for love? We want to be like Him–known for love–but that can quickly become confusing when feelings, family, and dear friends come into the picture. In Known for Love, pastor Casey Hough provides a biblical and theological framework for thinking through the hard situations we encounter with family and friends. Drawing from a well of faithful biblical scholars, Hough provides insights for everyday Christians living in a sexually broken world.

    What did Jesus say, if anything, about homosexuality?

    Should we refer to people as “gay” Christians?

    Should Christians attend the wedding of a gay marriage?

    Should I welcome my same sex attracted child and partner to my home?

    How do I love my daughter who now believes she’s my son?

    Along with answering these important questions, Hough gives us a framework that helps us think through future scenarios that we will likely encounter.

    Just reading through these questions can stir up a lot of emotions. But Casey brings us biblical news which is always good news. If you want to cultivate a heart for God and others that upholds truth, a heart that is marked by compassion and love, a heart that strengthens you and others in the gospel, you will welcome this essential and timely resource.

    Known for Love gives us the wisdom and courage we need to live into these days with faithful and truly loving hearts.

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  • Learning From Gods Imperfect People


    From Flawed to Called:

    Embracing Your Imperfection to Empower Your Faith

    Do you ever worry that your flaws prevent God from working through you? Are these imperfections causing you to doubt your ability to fulfill your destiny?

    Throughout the Bible, God used imperfect people to see His will be done. Prolific author and Bible teacher Elmer Towns illuminates the extraordinary journeys of biblical figures whose imperfections God used to weave the tapestry of His redemptive plan.

    Through these stories, you will be encouraged that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. This transformative book offers a profound exploration of how God’s grace operates, turning our flaws into avenues for His glory and our spiritual growth.

    From this enlightening journey, you will discover:

    How God’s grace is sufficient in our weaknesses, transforming them into strengths.The importance of faith and obedience in the face of personal imperfection and doubt.Lessons from biblical figures like Jacob and Peter, whose flaws were integral to their divine purpose.The redemptive power of God to use our imperfections for His greater plan and glory.Encouragement and hope that God is actively working in and through our imperfections to fulfill His divine purpose.

    Discover how to embrace your imperfections as God’s strength, power, and purpose manifest in your life. By shifting your focus to Him, you will embrace a life of surrendered trust, assured that God will fulfill His plans through your imperfections.

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  • Neighbor Love Yourself


    God gave us divinely sophisticated tools, so we could live the powerful life he intended. The problem is most of us don’t know they exist . . . or how to use them. The result is an inner worth we aren’t aware of and a life unknowingly lived at half capacity.

    Neighbor, Love Yourself launches an internal expedition to uncover the hidden features installed within us bearing our Maker’s fingerprints. Though we’ve forgotten how to use these custom parts, they still work. They’re not rusty, just dusty.

    Bryan Crum spent a decade as a hospice chaplain. His time at the bedside of dying people gave him a front-row view into how God designed us. He discovered that most people felt they never reached their full potential. Their longings and regrets led to incredible insights about what’s most often missed-the power of love.

    Filled with memorable stories and timeless takeaways, Neighbor, Love Yourself reveals how understanding our inner value changes the way we live on the outside. Before we can truly love our neighbors-or anyone else-we must learn to love ourselves as God intended.

    If you’ve doubted your design, felt unfulfilled, or are unaware of the divine features inside you, this book is like finding a lost owner’s manual to your inner workings-one that invites you to take joy in your pricelessness instead of wondering about your worth.

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  • 180 Devotions On Courage For Men


    Life gets really hard sometimes.

    But Christian men can face every challenge with courage.

    This 180-entry devotional builds off the inspired message of 2 Corinthians 12:10:

    For Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

    Featuring both contemporary entries and “classics” from figures such as D. L. Moody, Andrew Murray, Charles Spurgeon, and John Wesley, 180 Devotions on Courage for Men promises insight and inspiration for guys of all ages.

    Whatever life is throwing at you, you’ll be encouraged to seek your daily strength from God through Jesus Christ. Sure, life can be tough. But with the all-powerful God on your side, how can you be anything but courageous?

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  • Forever Matters : How The Return Of Jesus Completes You – A Devotional


    Discover Why Your Forever Matters

    If the world feels unpredictable and challenging, it might be time to explore your forever. If it feels like the news feeds and social media posts are suffocating your faith and stirring anxiety, your soul may find comfort in seeing what lies ahead.

    You can know where you’re going, and you have been told what lies ahead. There is a road map of sorts, a glimpse into the future, a revelation. By peering into the only yet-to-be-fulfilled book of prophecy in the Bible, Forever Matters-a daily devotional-puts you on the road to gaining insight into the future as well as your life today through the person of God and His son, Jesus.

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  • Excellence


    #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen helps readers achieve new levels of success and hope in their lives, no matter their current circumstances.

    You were created to be a cut above, to stand out in a crowd, and rise above average to exceptional. Indeed, the only way to be truly happy and successful is to live with a commitment to excellence and integrity in all you do.

    Favor, increase, promotion, and reaching your highest potential are all tied to a spirit of excellence. When you strive to be excellent, you’re always taking steps to grow, to make the most of every opportunity, to go the extra mile. You do your best and do what’s right whether anyone is watching or not.

    When you live a life of excellence, you will outperform, outclass, and outshine, and God will promote you and set you in a place of honor.

    This compact digest by #1 New York Times bestselling author JOEL OSTEEN helps you to keep improving, to stay focused, to stay passionate, and to make a habit of excellence. He encourages readers to get out of their comfort zones and make the rest of their life the best of their life.

    Joel can be heard 24/7 on SiriusXM 128–Joel Osteen Radio. Connect with Joel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit his website at

    Derived from material previously published in You Can, You Will, The Power of I Am, and Break Out!

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  • Break Blow Burn And Make


    From the award-winning author of On Fragile Waves comes an inspirational, surprising guide to creation and creativity, and how both bring us closer to God.

    Centuries ago, sound theology and good fiction were friends and not strangers. Decades ago, authors strove not for self-expression and self-disclosure but for a mastery of craft and language and books that transformed the reader with wisdom and love. In more recent years, the old ideals have been exchanged for lesser ones.

    Few guides to writing, which tend to focus on mechanics, point of view, and plot, address the more important matters of meaning, depth, and heart. But it is the latter qualities that make a book a blessing and gift to both writer and reader. Like Christ’s invitation to follow, they demand a risk and sacrifice of the self and all it holds dear. Writers from George MacDonald to James Baldwin understood this, but in recent years this understanding has been lost. Making old things new, this book proposes an ethics of reading, writing, and living based on truth and love.

    Break, Blow, Burn, & Make returns the literary conversation to the practices of co-creation with God. Part bugle call, part compass for writing and for life, and part love song to the books that set us on fire, it offers those who are willing to receive it the courage to live, read, and write more deeply and honestly.

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  • Othered : Finding Belonging With The God Who Pursues The Hurt, Harmed, And


    God’s people are meant to be a blessing to others. Yet in the Scriptures, throughout history, and in our own times we too often see the people of God causing harm to people on the margins. Rather than caring for the widowed and the orphaned or loving the sojourner, too often we see abuse of power that breaks spirits and inflicts lasting harm.

    For anyone who has felt left out or pushed out of the church, Othered is your invitation to find spiritual rest and belonging in a God who loves, restores, and blesses the outcast and the marginalized. Jenai Auman draws on her experience growing up as a biracial kid in the American South as well as working within toxic ministry environments to reveal a hopeful, trauma-informed way forward. This book illuminates how hurt and betrayal in the church are longstanding problems that God neither sanctions nor tolerates. It offers holistic responses to the grief, anger, and trauma that come with being ostracized or oppressed by the church. And it shows how God provides shelter and provision in the midst of the wilderness.

    Because God sees, hears, and loves you–even if the church has failed you.

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  • Trust The Whisper


    Ever feel like it’s easier to believe we’ll meet God in the afterlife than it is to feel God at work in this life, with its chores and schedules and messes and unrealized dreams? The truth is, God is at work every day of our lives, but because this work is quieter than we expect, we so often dismiss it as coincidence or chance. What if we could clearly understand those divine whispers? What if listening to them is the beginning of living out our truest story and purpose?

    In Trust the Whisper, Kathy Izard shares compelling true stories that help you connect the “God Dots” in your life. Sharing her own and others’ experiences of moving from a place of doubt that a higher power even exists to being certain about the divine weave in the world, Kathy offers you the courage to recognize God’s guidance in your own life. She helps you ask the right questions, trust your deepest intuition, be powerfully present, embrace the unexpected, and risk believing in the dreams God is quietly urging you to follow.

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  • Parenting : 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family With


    Paul David Tripp’s Bestselling Book on Parenting, Now with Study Questions

    Sometimes parents wish there was a guaranteed formula for raising good kids-a certain list of rules to follow to ensure they’d have obedient children. But if moms and dads view their role through the lens of God’s grace, they will see that the gospel must first shape how they parent before they can effectively shape their children.

    In the bestselling book Parenting, Paul David Tripp unfolds a more biblical perspective on parenting than merely adhering to a list of rules. He lays out 14 gospel-centered principles that will radically change the way parents think about what it means to raise up a child, informing everything they do as a parent. This edition includes a section of engaging study questions for every chapter, helping individuals and groups reflect on each topic in greater depth.

    Downloadable study questions are available for free.

    *Christ-Centered Advice for Families: Explains how the gospel should affect the way parents interact with their children at every age

    *Engaging Study Questions: Reflect on each chapter alone or as part of a small group

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  • Dont Stop : Learn To See Your Failures And Struggles As Opportunities


    Don’t give up on God’s dream for you.

    Many of us long to pursue the dream God has placed on our hearts, but along the way, the path has become littered with unmet expectations, unpassable roadblocks, and failure, stopping us short of our unique purpose and destiny.

    What if you’re one try away from the breakthrough you’ve been praying for?

    The obstacles you face don’t have to be the end of your story. Pastor Tyler Feller integrates his experiences and biblical wisdom with practical steps to boost your resilience and endurance, improve your decisions, and grow your faith. No matter how impossible your dream feels, Don’t Stop can help you:

    *identify what’s keeping you stuck,
    *activate strengths God has placed in you,
    *see God for who he really is,
    *listen for the Lord’s direction, and
    *flourish in your fullest potential.

    Even the greatest struggle is an opportunity. Launch into your calling with renewed passion and vision, equipped with the confidence that God goes with you.

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  • Day By Day And Night By Night


    Lead with God by your side.

    Moses had too many responsibilities, King David faced opposition, and Paul felt alone, but leaning into God’s guidance, these biblical leaders rallied people toward a better future. You, too, can tackle any challenge and move forward with vision however the Lord has called you to lead.

    Imparting principles from God’s Word and his own experiences, Ronnie Floyd will inspire you to lead with confidence in this 365-day devotional. Each day contains a Scripture passage, a morning devotion with a daily declaration, and an evening devotion with a prayer. Day by Day and Night by Night will help you:

    *listen for spiritual direction,
    *make decisions with insight and humility,
    *stand firm during change and trials,
    *grow in your life and leadership, and
    *trust Jesus every step of the way.

    Become a leader empowered by God’s continuous presence day by day and night by night.

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  • Press Pause Teen Devotional


    Take a Break!

    For so long, culture and society have based our worth on what we do and achieve. That has led us to be overworked, overscheduled, busy people. Life never seems to stop. God wants us to live differently. From the very beginning, God has commanded rest and intentional time in communion with Him. But how do we create space for life-giving rest when we are busy giving our time to other things? God’s Word gives us a thorough blueprint on how to make rest a routine and shows us what can happen when we don’t pause and rely on Him. In this thirty-day devotional, we will learn why God wants us to rest in Him.

    In this 12-volume series, each 30-day devotional will point to the unchanging truth of God’s love and anchor students in His Word as they walk through?the?seasons of change and milestones that come with each passing year. Students will learn to Discover God’s Word, Delight in the Lord, and Display God’s work in their lives.

    Discover (Identity + Theology): Who is God? Who am I in light of who God is? These are two of the most important questions students can grapple with because in discovering who God is, they learn who He has meant for them to be. Studies within the Discover category will help students align their lives under God’s rule which will give them confidence in who they were created to be.

    Delight (Spiritual Disciplines): What does it mean to delight in God? What leads to delight in God? Helping students see God in every detail teaches them to delight in Him. When students find their delight in God, they will learn what it means and how to be in relationship with Him.

    Display (Leadership, Mission, + Disciple Making): How do students display the glory of God? How do they help others grow in their relationship with Him? How can they lead others to display the truth of God? Through students learning to lead, live on mission, and make disciples, God’s glory is on display and His kingdom is expanded.

    Each book includes 30 daily devotions, applicable Scripture, prayer prompts, and practical application.

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  • Editing Jesus : Confronting The Distorted Faith Of The American Church


    We need Jesus. The whole Jesus.

    The American church is in decline. Secularism is fast gaining traction in culture. Ministry leaders and Christians who love the church are rightly concerned about this momentum. We’re scrambling to find solutions.

    Longtime Christian journalist, researcher, and ministry leader Rick Lawrence believes that the driving force propelling the church into irrelevance is its propensity reduce Jesus. Deeply researched and comprehensively sourced, Editing Jesus, explores the 8 ways the Jesus of the contemporary church has been edited to fit the spirit of the age. Lawrence writes on:

    The Co-Mingling of Kingdoms

    The Marginalization of the Poor

    The Golden-Calfing of Materialism

    The Dismissing of the Supernatural

    The Siren-Song of Platforming

    The De-Prioritizing of Justice . . . and more

    This book is for every person who loves Jesus and His church–who longs to see the real Jesus worshiped and exalted. And it’s for every person who wonders how the wheels came off Western Christianity and harbors a hunger that goes unmet in the church. When we discover and return to the unedited Jesus, it’s impossible to remain unchanged.

    The church begins and ends with Jesus. The whole Jesus.

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  • Broken Still Chosen


    Experience the Blessings of Brokenness

    We’re all broken. Mentally, physically, relationally, or emotionally–it looks different for each person. But the pain, grief, and hopelessness we feel are the same.

    Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age five, Rob Roozeboom watched helplessly as his illness destroyed his dreams. Feeling painfully different and forgotten, he questioned his very existence, rebelling against God. But God wasn’t done with him yet. Weaving his inspiring story with biblical teaching, Rob offers help for anyone feeling unloved, unseen, or unworthy, including how to:

    *process feelings of insecurity, inferiority, disappointment, and hopelessness
    *replace lies and negative cultural labels with truths from God’s Word
    *wrestle with your faith when everything’s out of control
    *experience strength in your weakness
    *receive the hope available in Jesus

    In your dark hours, God still chooses you–still has purpose for you. And turning to Him is the first step toward your brighter future.

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  • Hope After Church Hurt


    The people of God hurt you–but the heart of God is to heal you.

    Written for anyone wounded in a place of worship, and unsure how to move forward in their faith, this powerful book is an insightful and honest guide into eight unique types of church hurt–and how to heal from them.

    Having helped thousands move from anger, distrust, apathy, and heartache to safely reengaging in their faith–and local church–Pastor Joe Dobbins offers compassion, wisdom, and practical advice to help you:

    *understand why church hurt is so potent and hard to address
    *break free from bad beliefs, self-defeating patterns, and cycles of pain
    *discover the way to inner healing
    *release your pain and reframe your story
    *find the courage to reengage in a faith community
    *protect yourself in the future

    The pain of church hurt is real. But so is the hope of healing–and that healing can begin today.

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  • Wordless Prayer : How God Hears And Answers Your Groans And Tears


    The Most Powerful Prayers Don’t Need Words

    Spurred to prayer by tragedy, pain, frustration, or raw hunger for God, you’ve felt it: the joyful anguish, the grief-longing, the burden for mercy, reformation, revival, justice–even Christ’s return. Your heart is gripped, and words cannot express all that is churning deep in your soul.

    It’s here, in this holy ground beyond human language, where mysteries are unveiled, authority is imparted, and the most powerful prayers are birthed–not by you, but by the Holy Spirit within you. Through biblical insight, prophetic impartations, and fiery encouragement, intercessory leader Tammie Southerland empowers you to:

    *yield to the Spirit’s perfect prayers when you have no words left
    *intercede with Christ according to the will of heaven
    *live as a faithful witness and bold messenger who moves in the miraculous
    *bear eternal fruit in crisis, setbacks, and persecution

    You’ve been gripped for a purpose. Step into the transformative dimension of wordless prayer and become a lightning rod for heaven to manifest on earth.

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  • Resilient And Redeemed


    You Are Not Alone

    God cares deeply about you and your mental health. Author and mental health advocate Chris Morris has battled depression and suicidality his entire adult life. Even coming to Christ didn’t change this, which is something many fellow Christians don’t seem to understand. He still had to face the grief of unrelenting illness, the shame of struggling, and the pain of poor guidance.

    In this compassionate and engaging book, Chris shares how he overcame these challenges and invites you to do the same–no matter your diagnosis. Weaving biblical truth and personal stories with thoughtful strategies and hard-earned wisdom, he helps you move past fear and shame to combat the specters of depression and suicidality.

    God is still there, even in the darkest of places. May this book be a step in the process of healing and help you find hope in your battle.

    Includes reflection questions, Scripture meditations, and a bonus video course.

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  • Resilient And Redeemed


    You Are Not Alone

    God cares deeply about you and your mental health. Author and mental health advocate Chris Morris has battled depression and suicidality his entire adult life. Even coming to Christ didn’t change this, which is something many fellow Christians don’t seem to understand. He still had to face the grief of unrelenting illness, the shame of struggling, and the pain of poor guidance.

    In this compassionate and engaging book, Chris shares how he overcame these challenges and invites you to do the same–no matter your diagnosis. Weaving biblical truth and personal stories with thoughtful strategies and hard-earned wisdom, he helps you move past fear and shame to combat the specters of depression and suicidality.

    God is still there, even in the darkest of places. May this book be a step in the process of healing and help you find hope in your battle.

    Includes reflection questions, Scripture meditations, and a bonus video course.

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  • Opt Out Family


    Discover a new and hopeful path forward as you consider your family’s approach to social media, screen time, and technology.

    We’ve all heard the mind-boggling statistics about technology and social media use. The numbers don’t lie; our obsession with smartphones and social media is slowly eroding the very essence of our homes and families. We see it. We feel it. We know it.

    So what do we do about it?

    Spoiler alert: Forget parental control apps, time limits, or reward charts. This revolutionary path takes us into the heart of the beast itself: the social media algorithm. Former social media influencer and trailblazer Erin Loechner has seen the perks and pitfalls of social media usage, and she knows how to hack the strategies of tech wizards and platform experts so you can borrow their billion-dollar playbook to engage your family in meaningful ways away from screens.

    The Opt-Out Family is packed with eye-opening research and startling insights, as well as practical encouragement and creative ideas to transform your family’s relationship with today’s ever-evolving technology. As a result, you will:

    *Experience more quality time with your children that doesn’t revolve around screens

    *Create healthy habits as a family that will set your children up for success in the future

    *Discover what your kids actually need from you, and learn how to delight and engage them better than a device can

    *And, ultimately, establish true and lasting influence within your own four walls–and far beyond

    The Opt-Out Family unlocks a world where genuine connections flourish and technology takes a backseat. It’s time to reclaim your home and build a tech-free family culture that’s stronger than your Wi-Fi signal.

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  • Dont Sink Your Own Ship


    Don’t Sink Your Own Ship equips believers with simple truths for living fulfilling lives, because sometimes it’s all too easy to sail into trouble unnecessarily. In this lighthearted guide, bestselling author and Bible teacher, Max Anders, gives powerfully practical insights that, if heeded, can keep you afloat in even the most treacherous of seas.

    Generously punctuated by interesting and sometimes outrageous stories, Max walks readers through 20 spiritual lessons, providing biblical clarity on problems we all face. Each lesson includes application questions, scripture references, and recommended reading. The book’s format and the teaching guideline included at the end make this an ideal small group resource.

    Whether you read this book individually or as a group, you’ll get a fresh grip on transforming truths, like:

    *The small stuff in life will build up to become big stuff, if you let it.
    *We become what we think about.
    *We are created for love. It’s the principle of existence and its only end.
    *Success is being faithful to what God asks of us and leaving the results to Him
    *Unless we are willing to forgive, our wounds will never heal.

    Truth seekers, new Christians, and established Christians alike will benefit from the simple reminders that this book provides. You don’t have to learn your lessons the hard way.

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  • Guide To A Better You


    Grow in your spiritual life and live more like Jesus.

    A Guide to a Better You includes 20 sections, 50 prompts, and journaling space to help you better understand the Bible, become more like Jesus, and reflect on continued growth in all aspects of your life.

    What if you could expand your spiritual life and live more like Jesus? Have you wondered how to find ways to grow in all aspects of your faith journey as you become the best version of yourself? A Guide to a Better You is an interactive tool that will help you deepen your faith and guide you toward a more enriching spiritual life.

    A Guide to a Better You is organized into 20 sections, includes 50 prompts, ample space to write, and bullet journaling pages. The readings focus on questions such as:

    *How can I develop persistence?
    *What does and does not require forgiveness?
    *How do I build connection between generations?
    *How should I handle pressure?
    *How can I take godly criticism?
    *How can I participate in God’s work?

    After reading, you will:

    *identify steps to interpret the Bible.
    *create an authentic and intentional existence in your everyday interactions and routines.
    *make wiser decisions.
    *recognize intentional sins and how you can do better.
    *reflect on how you can continue to grow as a better person in your home life, career, and other areas of your life.

    If you are seeking a deeper relationship with God and looking for a way you can be part of God’s work, A Guide to a Better You is a perfect next step. You can use this complete interactive guide independently or as part of a small group. A Guide to a Better You is also a thoughtful gift you can give to loved ones or friends for birthdays or as a holiday gift.

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  • God Who Became Bread


    The gospel of God is the Bread of the Presence, and it reaches down into the
    deepest, darkest, ugliest recesses of the human spirit, the places polite chit-chat
    won’t allow, the places watery juice doesn’t open up, the places where crawfish
    and other creeping things of the swamps live.

    These are the places in which we run to the altar and find the bread, still warm.
    Places in which we begin to get full. Where our only food becomes God Himself.
    In this memoir described as “poetic, raw, and achingly beautiful,” Emily T. Wierenga takes readers on a vulnerable literary journey.

    A former anorexic who nearly starved to death, Emily longed for more-the more she’d glimpsed during her childhood in the Congo, surrounded by vibrant faith. All she had now was dry religion. She craved a Communion that was more than an empty ritual.

    It would be Emily’s return to Africa that would bring her healing. Unexpectedly, it would be the poorest of the poor who would lead her there. Emily exchanged her deep struggles with food for a growing discovery that the God of inapproachable light “dons an apron and prepares us a banquet.”

    All who are broken-come to the table. Break bread with Emily, and feast on the God Who Became Bread. You will never go hungry again.

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  • Rhythm Of Home


    Feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting? Want to cultivate a home life that aligns with your deepest dreams and values as a family?

    Chris and Jenni Graebe, authors of The Rhythm of Us: Create the Marriage You Long For, are back to share the intentional habits of flourishing families who love God and truly enjoy each other. You’ll take inventory of your current family rhythms, consider your unique core values, and move toward the life you truly envision for your family. Along the way, Chris and Jenni offer practical tips and strategies to navigate the challenges of parenting and cultivate a thriving family life.

    Through exploring five intentional practices of flourishing families, you will learn to

    *map out a vision for your family legacy,
    *create a home environment that supports your deepest family values,
    *connect on a deeper level with your kids in ways that will last a lifetime, and
    *shape a loving and joy-filled family culture.

    Whether you are just starting your family or are farther along in your parenting journey, The Rhythm of Home will help you create a strong foundation. You don’t have to let the family life you dream of slip through your fingers, you can intentionally cultivate the loving, flourishing home you truly desire. The Rhythm of Home will lead the way!

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  • Connect To Your Calling


    Bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes shares this essential guide to recognizing, understanding, and utilizing your spiritual instincts to find God’s calling in your life.

    Each of us has innate instincts that drive our actions, our feelings, and our desires. Learning to recognize, understand, and act on those instincts can help each of us reach for the opportunities and step into the purpose for which God has called us.

    This compact digest by #1 New York Times bestseller T. D. Jakes will inspire you to identity and understand the longings and interests at the core of who you are. It then guides you to use those passions to uncover your goals, intentions, and deepest desires.

    The profound but easy-to-apply lessons in this short book will help you evaluate your gifts and talents and walk boldly into your calling and a life of purpose.

    Derived from material previously published in Instinct.

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  • Great To Good


    Greatness is overrated.

    People tend to measure success by worldly standards. We assume that greatness comes from charisma, influence, and followers. But God cares more about our character than about what people around us think of our reputations.

    Pastor Jae Hoon Lee challenges us not to pursue greatness but to grow in goodness. Jesus called his followers to cultivate character of goodness, not to aspire to positions of power. The faithful Christian life is one that seeks to become good. These reflections and meditations on the good Christian life unpack what it means for the church to live in obedience and faith, to strip away ambitious self-glorification, and to instead live humble lives of goodness and love.

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  • You Can Be Free


    Beat the cycle of habitual sin as Kirby Kelly guides you through how God’s strength can win back your freedom and bring you everyday peace. Find rescue and relief through a practical battle plan to defeat that sin that feels stuck on repeat and win back your life.

    Tired of the same cycle over and over again? Of the endless spirals of self-destructive sin? In You Can Be Free, discover a real-life battle plan to break the spiritual bondage of habitual sin.

    You’re not alone. So many Christians are desperate to find a way to overcome recurring sin in their lives, a dominating factor when it comes to coping mechanisms in today’s society. Kirby Kelly has been there, and she’s created a battle plan to help others break free from unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and cycles to find God’s actual peace in their lives.

    Leading from the front, Kelly offers her own story first and shares biblical strategies to:

    *Connect and confess
    *Stay in bounds
    *Know your enemy
    *Know your God
    *Know yourself
    *Set your green and red light zones
    *Turn around and come home
    *Makeover your mind

    Kirby Kelly offers practical, tactical advice to the questions: How does one break, and stay, free? And how does one truly overcome what they thought they broke free from, only to see its disappointing return in their life? Through theology, hope, and God’s guidance, there is a way to become vulnerable with your community, grow spiritually and personally, and welcome God’s promise of freedom.

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  • Complete Bible Answer Book Collectors Edition Revised And Expanded


    We all have questions about the Bible–whether we have read it or not. Join the nearly 400,000 people who have looked to The Complete Bible Answer Book for answers about the Bible, Christian beliefs, life problems, and what God’s Word says about current issues.

    This comprehensive guide covers more than 170 of the top questions people have asked Bible teacher and theologian Hank Hanegraaff, aka the Bible Answer Man, over the last 40 years. Revised and expanded topics include:

    *creation and our existence
    *spiritual gifts
    *the secret to effective prayers
    *religions and cults
    *the resurrection and afterlife
    *and many more issues vital to a better understanding of God and living a spiritually nourishing life.

    Each question is answered in Hanegraaff’s scholarly yet approachable style and also includes additional resources for those who want to explore the topics further.

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  • Dog Named Mattis


    Take a ride-along with Sergeant Mark Tappan and his amazing K9 partner Mattis, whose heroic actions will inspire you to live courageously, serve selflessly, and love passionately because every human (and dog) has a purpose.

    Sergeant Mark Tappan shares a unique bond with his K9 partner Mattis, one of the most decorated police K9s of all time. Mark knew from the first time they interacted that Mattis was something special. As a man of deep faith, Mark also knew that God’s most profound teaching often comes through the most unexpected sources, and he soon realized that Mattis was going to teach him about loyalty, selfless service, and so much more.

    In A Dog Named Mattis, Mark shares twelve life lessons he’s learned from working with Mattis. Through these first-hand accounts of bravery and service, you will learn profound lessons, like:

    *being willing to ‘go all in’ and work with all your heart even when things are uncertain,
    *how persistence pays off when you are willing to stick with what you know is right,
    *how to be strong and courageous in the face of adversity,
    *and much more.

    You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of police K9s and gain a deeper understanding of:

    *the many ways that K9 units assist police departments,
    *what a K9 officer’s daily life looks like,
    *what kind of training police dogs and their handlers must go through,
    *how a police dog is tested and selected,
    *and the lengths a dog will go to in order to complete their mission.

    A Dog Named Mattis will capture the hearts of dog lovers everywhere and remind you that true success is built on relationships filled with trust, communication, and love.

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  • Beauty Is Oxygen


    Beauty is oxygen because it comes from the lungs of God.

    Isolating individualism, rank injustice, and everyday monotony threaten to suffocate our souls. But Wesley Vander Lugt shows how beauty can breathe life back into us. Written in a graceful cadence that invites readers to turn these pages slowly, Beauty Is Oxygen weaves together theological reflection, poetry, cultural criticism, and Scripture. Throughout, Vander Lugt shows how beauty can break us out of self-centered malaise, promote healing and hope for our broken world, and reenchant our lives.

    Beauty is about more than positive feelings or pleasing aesthetics. Beauty is as essential to our souls as oxygen is to our bodies. As readers encounter these traces of divine glory in Vander Lugt’s finely crafted meditations, they will find how Christ will “make all things new.”

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  • Heavenly Rescues And Answered Prayers


    Powerful Stories of Life’s Emergencies

    For more than 35 years, veteran EMT Andrea Jo Rodgers has been helping people in their most terrifying and vulnerable moments–and bearing witness to the miraculous power and handiwork of God.

    In this new collection of unforgettable stories, Andrea shares more heart-pounding accounts of rescues and interventions from her vast experience as a first responder. Whether it’s a boy fallen through thin ice into freezing water, an old woman and her walker stuck at a railroad crossing, or a loyal dog playing guardian angel for his incapacitated owner, join Andrea as she responds to incredible scenarios that testify to God’s power and love.

    Not only will you be astounded by the courage exemplified by Andrea and other first responders, but you will also be inspired by her faith, empathy, and hope–even amid the most daunting circumstances. These powerful stories will encourage you and deepen your awe for God’s amazing mercy and grace.

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  • Gentle Thoughts After Loss



    These short reflections and Scripture verses, coupled with beautiful artwork throughout, give grieving readers the peace and hope they need, whenever they need it most.

    Whatever your loss may be–a loved one, your health, your job, your security, your freedom, or your spirit–you need to know that Jesus is right there with you. Experience His presence as you meditate on select Scripture verses and encouraging affirmations, such as:

    I will get through this with God’s help.

    I am stronger than I think.

    I will only do what I am comfortable doing and what I have the energy for.

    Gentle Thoughts After Loss also makes a loving and thoughtful gift for someone you know who’s grieving.

    May this book bring you comfort in simple, small ways and remind you that are not alone.

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  • Good Gift Of Weakness


    This overview of the theme of weakness in the Bible offers readers practical encouragement and hope as they learn to view their frailties as part of God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

    Our culture deifies strength–and sadly, the church does too. Who has the most successful ministry, the largest congregation, or the godliest family? Our misplaced faith in human strength is a false hope with no basis in Scripture.

    But a closer look throughout the Bible reveals the central role human frailty plays in the redemption story. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s power is made perfect when people are at their weakest. Far from an undesirable defect, God designed our weakness to draw us closer to himself.

    As you learn to accept the good gift of weakness, you will experience true strength–the kind that only comes from a loving and infinitely powerful God.

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  • Loving Your Black Neighbor As Yourself


    Discover a boundless love for your Black Neighbor with this inspiring and actionable guide to moving toward racial healing.

    “Griffin’s work invites us to embark on a transformative journey toward a more inclusive and loving Christian community.”-J. W. Buck, PhD, author of Everyday Activism

    Jesus calls you to love your neighbor, and in the fight against racial injustice, that call includes your Black Neighbor: your Black colleagues, the Black congregants at church, the Black family in your neighborhood. Yet maybe you’re unsure of how best to show your love, or maybe you fear either saying or doing the wrong thing.

    In Loving Your Black Neighbor as Yourself, Chante Griffin equips you to see and love your Black Neighbor with God’s deep, holistic love. Using Black Love Lenses birthed from African American cultural values, you’ll learn meaningful ways through which you can see and care for your Black Neighbor:

    *Intimacy: cultivate intentional closeness and community
    *Honor: show overflowing respect and love
    *Stand Up: use your voice and influence to advocate
    *God’s Gifts: allow God’s resources to flow through you
    *The Spirit of Love: love lavishly through intercessory prayers

    Through guided readings, prayers, and heart checks, you’ll undergo a spiritual and relational transformation that grows a deeper love for your Black Neighbor and yourself. Are you ready to answer Jesus’s call?

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  • Hopeful Activist : Discovering The Vital Change You Were Made To Bring


    All around us there are signs of a broken world, situations that are just not right. Where do we begin? Sometimes we simply don’t know what to do. Or maybe you are busy ‘doing’ and it’s tough, even bringing you close to burn out.

    Whether you are new to activism or already on the road, this book will (re)kindle your hope and illuminate the way ahead.

    Featuring contributions from Shane Claiborne, Lisa Sharon Harper, Krish Kandiah, Sam Wells and many more, The Hopeful Activist is full of fresh wisdom and practical advice to help you play your part in bringing God’s justice and restoration to the world around you.

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  • Becoming Like Jesus


    What If We Really Imitated Jesus?

    Living as Jesus lived–is that even possible? Jesus was sinless, performed miracles, and atoned for the sins of humanity. He was God’s beloved Son! How could we possibly come anywhere close to being like Him? But Scripture tells us to live as Jesus did, which means God Himself makes this kind of life possible. How then can we allow Him to shape our hearts, motivations, and actions so we increasingly remind people of the One we follow?

    Renowned Bible study writer Cynthia Heald explores the everyday journey of becoming like Christ. With the seasoned guidance from a lifelong faith, she shares the challenges and rewards of embodying Christlikeness, as well as her own imperfect, stumbling experiences in learning to become like Jesus. In this insightful, accessible, and thought-provoking book, perfect for quiet time or a 6-week small-group study, you’ll find yourself inspired and encouraged to step into the simple yet powerful ways God molds us into the image of His Son.

    In Becoming Like Jesus, you will find:

    *devotional reflections on the invitation to daily spiritual growth,
    *insightful quotations from godly writers and prayers, and
    *Scripture references and Bible study reflection questions.

    Don’t hesitate to embark on a life-changing journey of becoming like Jesus. Embrace the call to imitate Christ and discover the joy and fulfillment that come from reflecting His character in your everyday life.

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  • Bedtime Devotions For Peaceful Sleep


    200 Nighttime Devotions for Your Heart!

    Inspired by Proverbs 3:24 (NIV): “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet,” this delightful nighttime devotional will encourage your heart. Nearly 200 devotions will comfort and refresh your weary spirit as you unwind at the end of your busy day. You’ll relax as you spend much-needed quiet time. . .to reflect on and end your day in peaceful conversation with the heavenly Father.

    It’s a beautiful way to a peaceful night’s sleep!

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  • Win Some : 5 Proven Life Strategies To Win In Relationships – A Business Fa


    Meet Sam Masterson, an aging professional baseball player who feels he can’t catch a break. In most conversations, Sam strikes out, causing strained relationships wherever he is. Self-absorbed and distracted, Sam tries to rehab his aching body so no one will notice his diminishing prowess. Then a public debacle threatens to end his career.

    Just when things appear hopeless, the team’s clubbie befriends Sam and teaches him five tools for developing positive and authentic relationships. Using these tools, Sam begins to change his self-centered communication and negative outlook in hopes of helping his family, restoring his place on the team, and re-establishing trust.

    In Win Some, author Brian Slipka wraps vital relational skills inside an inspiring life story. Learn how to shift your mindset from selfish ambition to wanting the best for others, so you can engage in meaningful relationships at work, home, and play.

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  • Looking Inward Living Outward


    In a world of so much hurt, how can we create communities of care and healing?

    While much of contemporary Christianity careens toward a spirituality of individual salvation and the afterlife, the call of Jesus to create communities that enact justice and bring peace on earth is often tragically ignored. In his revelatory new book Looking Inward, Living Outward, author and student of the spiritual life Daniel Wolpert calls us back to a life of prayer and core spiritual practices that re-orient our gaze outward in acts of social transformation.

    Drawing from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, one of the most radical speeches in human history, this encouraging and practical guide connects acts of contemplation with action, providing a biblically based and spiritually grounded course corrective for how Christians are called to live as Beloved Community today. Discover how spiritual practices can change the way you interact with the world and inspire lasting social change.

    Key Takeaways:

    *Learn practical spiritual practices to live a life molded by a deep spiritual connection.

    *Explore the nature of the spiritual life and how it can become a guiding force in our daily lives.

    *Understand the teachings of Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount as a blueprint for living in community and society.

    *Discover the importance of communities of practice in reorienting our actions and promoting compassion in a world filled with challenges.

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  • Choose Courage : 3-Minute Devotions For Teen Girls


    God Wants You to Live a Courageous Life, Girl!

    This delightful devotional encourages you to take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and to choose courage in your thoughts, words, and actions.

    Dozens of just-right-sized readings pack a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration and are designed to meet you right where you are in life. In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to a bold, courageous faith!

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