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  • God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man


    Reassure little ones that God is bigger than their fears with this comforting board book based on a beloved VeggieTales song.

    When the lights go out at bedtime and shadows loom, children tend to let their imaginations run wild, envisioning monsters in every dark corner. This soothing board book proclaims the calming truth that God is always watching over us, and he is bigger and more powerful than any of our fears. Tackling a tough topic with colorful illustrations, beloved characters, and a dash of VeggieTales silliness, this book will help little ones sleep easier at night, secure in the knowledge that God is watching over them.

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  • Lulu Fleming : The Doctor Who Shared Jesus


    Born into slavery in rural Florida, Louisa (Lulu) Fleming might have been the last person anyone expected to grow up and become a doctor. From birth, Lulu was told she wasn’t worthy of dignity or respect because of the color of her skin. This biographical picture book tells the story of Lulu Fleming whose grandfather was brought to America from the Congo and enslaved. When Lulu was released from slavery, she discovered Jesus taught that all people are worthy of respect and dignity. Narrated by a kind and curious cat, readers learn that Lulu became one of the first Black women to attend university in the United States, then decided she wanted to be a missionary to the country where her grandfather had been taken from: the Congo. She served as both a doctor and a teacher in the Congo, speaking against a regime and a culture that devalued people because of the color of their skin. Readers will be inspired by Lulu’s bravery and drive to break barriers so she could love and share Jesus with others. Lulu Fleming: The Doctor Who Shared Jesus is the fourth book in the Here I Am! biography series for kids ages four to eight, which highlights fascinating and faithful Christians in history. Also available: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Teacher Who Became a Spy, C. S. Lewis: The Writer Who Found Joy, and Lottie Moon: The Girl Who Reached the World.

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  • Lord Is My Shepherd


    Let Psalm 23 come alive for your little one!

    Follow Elton the Old English Sheepdog as he rests in green pastures, walks through a dark valley, and enjoys the love of the Shepherd. Along the way, children will connect with the beloved words of Psalm 23 and know that they too are cared for and protected by their good God.

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  • Gods Big Promises Bible Story Prayers


    Pray with your children in response to Bible truths using this beautifully illustrated book of prayers. Each page begins with a Bible-story summary and a verse from the Bible, followed by a responsive prayer. Children will learn to say wow, thank you, sorry and please as they get to know God better. There are even actions to go with each response!


    *92 prayers that relate to the 92 stories featured in God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook, so you can use this prayer book alongside the Bible Storybook.

    *9 additional prayers specifically for bedtime that are based on Bible verses. They will help kids to give thanks and know that God is with them as they go to sleep.

    *An index of prayers at the back linking to prayers for particular circumstances or feelings, such as prayers when feeling anxious, prayers when feeling tired, and prayers when feeling scared.

    This wonderful book of prayers will give kids a framework that will help them to pray by themselves as they grow up.

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  • American Adventure : A Conservative Christian Kids’ Guide To US History And


    Hey, kids. . .it’s a great country.

    Here’s why you can and should love it!

    The American Adventure! A Conservative Christian Kids’ Guide to US History and the 50 States covers the whole range of the American experience.

    Inside, you’ll find fascinating details on:

    *explorers, like Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, and Sacagawea
    *presidents, from George Washington to Joe Biden
    *inventors and industrialists, such as the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford
    *religious and social leaders, including Jonathan Edwards, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Plus, you’ll find fascinating (and often funny) facts from the 50 states, Washington DC, and the US territories–from Alaska to Florida, and Maine to Guam.

    Honest about issues like slavery, but upbeat on the faith and freedom that have made the United States the envy of the world, this book celebrates the USA. It’s a great country–the freest, most prosperous, and most generous ever–a nation that by God’s grace has shined the light of hope on the world.

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  • Who Are You


    This Engaging Picture Book Helps Kids Explore Their True Identity Found in Christ

    Kids have an innate curiosity to explore and discover new things about themselves-they learn their strengths and talents, their preferences and quirks, all while celebrating little victories along the way. While these milestones are undoubtedly important for developing children, our culture mistakenly views them as the foundation of who they are.

    Deeply biblical and visually engaging, this picture book uses lyrical rhymes to help children ages 3-5 understand that their true identity is not found in their preferences, past actions, or current emotions. Instead, it is rooted in their relationship with their Creator and Savior. The one who fashioned them in his likeness and calls them to live a life for his glory. A note to parents section at the end of the book offers practical tips and additional Bible verses for instilling these truths in children as they navigate the world and build the foundation of their lives.

    *Explores Identity and Purpose: Helps children understand they are not defined by their preferences, actions, or emotions, but by their relationship with God as his image bearer

    *Written for Kids Ages 3-5: Engaging and lyrical, this book will keep kids entertained as they learn about themselves, their God, and the world around them

    *Practical Approach for Parents and Guardians: A comments to parents section at the end of the book provides advice for furthering the conversation on the topic of identity

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  • When I Am Afraid


    The latest addition to the bestselling Discover 4 Yourself(R) series (over one-million copies sold) of Bible studies for middle-grade readers helps kids conquer their fears.

    Overcoming fear is a common human challenge, but children can have an especially hard time knowing what to do when they feel afraid.

    Trusted Bible teachers Janna Arndt and Kay Arthur invite children (ages 8 to 12) to join them for an engaging Bible adventure at Camp Braveheart, where kids will learn:

    *WHY they are afraid
    *WHAT to do WHEN they are afraid
    *HOW they can trust God
    *WHO they should fear
    *HOW they can be strong and courageous
    *WHO is their hope

    Using the popular and innovative inductive Bible study method created by Kay Arthur, kids will take a deep dive into God’s Word to discover for themselves how they can overcome fear and learn to trust to God in any situation.

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  • Embracing Imperfect : 365 Devotions For Living Authentically


    Ditch negative thought patterns and comparisons, and step into God’s promises with these 10-minute devotions for teens and young adults. With more pressure than ever to have it all and curate the perfect life, it’s a daily challenge to preserve our happiness and inner peace. Embracing Imperfect contains a year’s worth of assurances that God loves you, exactly as you are.

    Everyone wants to have a perfect life, and as Christians, we’re called to follow Jesus’s perfect example. But when we inevitably fall short, it’s easy to spiral into anxiety and self-doubt, fearing we’ll never be good enough. This 365-day devotional delivers a powerful reminder that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect or handle everything ourselves. Each Scripture-based affirmation in Embracing Imperfect explores what it means to see yourself as God does, allowing you to let go of crippling perfectionism and embrace his amazing promises and plans.

    Every 10-minute devotion features:

    *An empowering, hope-filled Scripture reference
    *A daily dose of inspiration and insight
    *A reflection prompt and practical takeaway

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  • Pilgrims Progress Illustrated Adventure For Kids


    Acclaimed as one of the greatest literary masterpieces in the world, John Bunyan’s beloved allegory The Pilgrim’s Progress has captivated readers for centuries.

    Now, children of all ages can experience the trials and joys of our hero’s journey as Christian leaves the City of Destruction to seek God’s Celestial City in The Pilgrim’s Progress Illustrated Adventure for Kids: A Retelling of John Bunyan’s Classic Tale.

    Author/illustrator Phil Smouse’s whimsical, full-color illustrations capture this classic tale in a way that will delight readers. While Phil retains some of Bunyan’s original words, he also uses simple and clever phrasing to help children understand the story of why Christian desires to get his heart right with God and the obstacles he faces along the narrow way.

    Those familiar with Bunyan’s book will be enchanted by Phil’s ingenious treatment of the conversations Christian has with the other characters.

    The Pilgrim’s Progress Illustrated Adventure for Kids is geared toward children up through age twelve but preschoolers will also enjoy this fanciful tale.

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  • My Tender Heart Devotions


    My Tender Heart Devotions introduces little ones to weekly reflections with 52 Bible-based readings and rhymes. Encourage young readers to learn and grow in their relationship with God through this uplifting and interactive book of devotions!

    My Tender Heart Devotions offers 52 age-appropriate meditations for toddlers and preschoolers, including Bible verses and prayer. Using concrete, everyday experiences or objects that little ones can relate to, each weekly reflection is easy to understand and prompts conversation about God’s goodness and love. Written in catchy rhyme, an opening poem is followed by a short devotional that includes a Bible passage, a playful “Heart Moment” activity, and a prayer.

    With short and sweet, well-written text and whimsical illustrations, this devotional will become a beloved part of any morning or bedtime routine. Beginner readers will enjoy using items from around home or thinking about daily activities when it comes to God’s Word. Simple yet uplifting Biblical application shines through every “Heart Moment” for parents or other caregivers to share and ponder. Scripture references for further reading are noted throughout and encourage regular Bible reading. With a note from the author and tips on how to help young readers begin daily devotions, every household or classroom will learn and grow in their relationship with God while using My Tender Heart Devotions.

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  • Poppys Perfect Crayons


    Poppy’s fancy new crayons were perfect . . . perhaps too perfect?

    As Poppy’s classmates are having fun coloring, she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect-looking crayons by using them. Seeing her reluctance, each of her friends lends her one of their crayons, which happen to be short, broken, chewed, paperless, or even bent. But when no one has the color Poppy needs, will her own crayons do, or are they just too perfect?

    For kids who struggle with perfectionism or fear making mistakes, Poppy’s Perfect Crayons offers a colorful story about how much fun “imperfect” things can be!

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  • God Made Sounds Soft And Loud


    This lively board book celebrates loud crashes, quiet whooshes, and every sound God made for us to hear.

    Create a time of sweet and fun connection with your child with this lively read-aloud board book. Your little one will love chiming in with the rhyming sound words that start out loud and end up in a quiet hush. Make sensory learning fun!

    God Made Sounds Soft and Loud is part of the charming God Made All of Me series. Also check out God Made Stop and Go, God Made Happy, Sad, and Mad, and God Made Colors Oh So Bright as you celebrate with your child that every part of them–from their emotions to their wiggles to their curiosity–is beautiful in God’s eyes.

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  • Little Helper Big Imagination


    How can you turn a day filled with normal things like breakfast and chores into an unforgettable adventure? Use your IMAGINATION! Little Helper, Big Imagination, by Really Very Crunchy mom and author Emily Morrow, is a unique picture book perfect for kids and grownups looking to transform an ordinary day into something playful and fun.

    Any task can be turned into an opportunity for fun if you’re ready to use your imagination.

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  • God Made Colors Oh So Bright


    This vibrant board book offers a joyous way to teach babies to preschoolers that God made all the colors in our world, from sunrise gold to sunset orange.

    Create a time of sweet and fun connection with your child with this lively read-aloud board book. Your little one will love chiming in with the rhyming words as they point at all the colors around them. Combine sensory learning, faith, and fun!

    God Made Colors Oh So Bright is part of the charming God Made All of Me series. Also check out God Made Stop and Go, God Made Happy, Sad, and Mad, and God Made Sounds Soft and Loud as you celebrate with your child that every part of them–from their emotions to their wiggles to their curiosity–is beautiful in God’s eyes.

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  • Jesus Moments Moses


    Help 4-7s learn how Moses points to Jesus with this beautifully illustrated Old Testament storybook from Alison Mitchell, the award-winning author of Jesus and the Lions’ Den and The One O’Clock Miracle.

    Moments in Moses’ story when something in the story is a little bit like Jesus are signposted with symbols that children need to spot, helping them to understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

    This fun, interactive resource will give children skills to read the Bible as they connect the stories and learn that the whole Bible is about Jesus. Great for parents or grandparents to give children aged 4-7. Can also be used as a homeschool resource, or for children’s ministry in church.

    This is the second book in a series called Jesus Moments, which looks at how Old Testament characters point to Jesus.

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  • Mary And Me Devotions For Girls


    You can learn a lot from Mary–chosen girl, brave mom, follower of Jesus, example for all.

    And this kids’ devotional makes the learning fun!

    This book introduces you to a very important Bible character. You’ll see how Mary’s life and yours are often alike–and be encouraged to follow the good examples she set.

    Learn about Mary’s:

    *dramatic meeting with the angel Gabriel
    *willingness to bear and raise God’s Son
    *pain as Jesus was hated, arrested, and killed
    *close, loving connection with God

    Easy to read but hard to forget, Mary & Me Devotions for Girls will start a personal devotional journey that could change your life!

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  • Glimmer And Shine


    In Glimmer and Shine: 365 Devotions to Inspire, author and award-winning recording artist Natalie Grant challenges and inspires girls ages 8 and up to be their best selves through daily devotions filled with Bible verses, thought-provoking readings, prayers, and interactive weekend pages that include quizzes, coloring pages, and more.

    Glimmer and Shine:

    *Will guide readers to be confident and have fun when they decide to follow Jesus

    *Will foster a growth in faith and trust in God even when we may not know where he is leading

    *Gives encouragement to be brave and strong

    *Is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, or any holiday gift-giving.

    This 365-day devotional has beautifully designed, interactive pages and a fun cover. Glimmer and Shine speaks directly to every type of girl, encouraging each individual reader to take a journey!

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  • Not Finished Yet


    Sometimes, you see, Wren and Gran didn’t paint flowers or clouds or birds or trees.
    Sometimes they painted their feelings.
    She and Gran called it “painting prayers.”

    Gran’s art studio is one of Wren’s favorite places in the world. Not only is it where Wren and Gran paint, but it’s also where they talk about all the good and hard stuff of life-to each other, and to God. Join young Wren as she explores her feelings and discovers that God welcomes our honest prayers.

    This gentle story by bestselling Christian novelist Sharon Garlough Brown, paired with exquisite illustrations from Jessica Linn Evans, will be enjoyed by children as well as the adults who read with them. Also included is a note from the author to encourage further conversation about the content.

    Discover IVP Kids and share with children the things that matter to God!

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  • Whats The Good News Toddler Theology


    Even toddlers can learn theology!

    It’s never too early to help kids learn about the gospel. This book from the new series, Toddler Theology, teaches kids to answer basic questions about the good news: the gospel! Kids will learn that people are made in God’s image, everyone is born a sinner, sin must be punished, Jesus died on the cross, God forgives our sins, and more.

    Much like a catechism, this question-and-answer-style board book helps toddlers understand the gospel at a basic but rich level. Each spread uses beautiful illustrations to help kids pair the question’s answer with bright, memorable images. The questions are simple, and the answers are short and easy to memorize, giving even toddlers tools they need to answer their budding questions about theology.

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  • I Dream A Dream For You


    A charming read-aloud bedtime book for toddlers

    With its sweet bedtime rhymes, I Dream a Dream for You resembles the classic title The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton. A family of red pandas make their home in the forest. When it’s time for bed, Mom and Dad tuck in their three kiddos, and as they all drift to sleep, dreams come to life through the vibrant pictures and story. Parents or grandparents will enjoy reading this sweet bedtime rhyme, filled with dreams and aspirations for their little ones. With amazing, colorful illustrations, this read-to-me story richly shows the love of a faith-filled family with creative, interesting scenes that kids will love to see over and over–and those who read it to them will experience the blessing of God’s love, which is meant to be shown and shared with families.

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  • Abigail And The Big Start Over


    New house. New school. New problems!

    Like many kids, adventurous and creative 9-year-old Abigail experiences lots of ups and downs when it comes to school life, making friends and getting on with parents and siblings. Through both the humorous and serious challenges that arise, Abigail finds herself in one new mess after another. But as she learns all about how Jesus forgave Peter when he messed up again and again, she sees how Jesus can forgive her too.

    Readers will explore the Bible alongside Abigail and learn that God’s love for us and his grace to us never run out. So we can start over again and again!

    This fun, exciting novel for kids aged 7+ features short chapters with illustrations that really bring the story to life. It explains grace in a kid-friendly way that is relevant to their lives, and it provides a great way for kids to engage with the Bible.

    This is the first book in the Abigail series, a fictional series for readers aged 7 and up that follows the adventures of 9-year-old Abigail as she figures out what faith means for her everyday life. Young readers will be inspired to read the Bible, talk to God and apply what they believe to their own lives.

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  • Pray By Number Boys


    What’s a “Pray by Number” prayer?

    It’s a fun, interactive doodling and drawing activity that helps little ones, ages 4 and up, connect with God as they learn the basics of prayer.

    Each “Pray by Number” prayer features numbered steps (1 through 10) and simple prompts that encourage kids to record (in doodles or drawings) what they want to share with God.

    Once they’ve completed the numbered steps, kids can use their own drawings or doodles as a “map” to talk to God about their day, or express things like their worries, thankful thoughts, and so much more.

    Step #10 in every “Pray by Number” prayer is an easy-to-understand scripture selection to help little ones grow in their faith and commit God’s Word to their hearts!

    Pray by Number: A Doodle and Draw Prayer Map for Boys is a fantastic resource for home or Sunday school activities. It’s also a great way for kids and parents to bond as they discuss the importance and power of prayer!

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  • Hoos There : A Silly Book For The Bedtime Scaries


    Little ones, face your nighttime fears with laughter alongside an owl and pig with big imaginations, who discover that frightening noises in the dark are often not-so-scary after all.

    This silly board book reassures toddlers and preschoolers that the bumps in the night they hear at bedtime are not monsters but everyday objects, people, and animals going about their evenings. Hoo’s There by author-illustrator Kristi Valiant.

    *is for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers 0 to 4;

    *tells the funny story of Hampton the owl and Figgy the pig as they work together to fend off a scary-sounding monster that turns out to be someone friendly and ready to play;

    *features lovable characters and playful, rhyming text;

    *helps kids overcome fears of the dark; and

    *is the perfect light-hearted gift for Halloween or any little one who likes friendly, spooky surprises.

    This humorous book will have your family giggling as you ask “Hoo’s There?” in response to nighttime sounds and surprises.

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  • My Lighthouse : A Story Of Finding Your Way Home


    Join a reluctant young lighthouse keeper, his extremely round cat, and his trusty rowboat Rockshore in a whimsical and tender tale of finding adventure, losing your way, and learning to appreciate what you already have.

    Fynn has always lived in a lighthouse-just like his father, and his father, and his father before him. His dad insists that living in a round house with a big lightbulb on top is special, but Fynn doesn’t see how. All he knows is that it’s weird-and often inconvenient.

    Exasperated by trying to fit all his favorite things in a round house and tired of being so different from everyone else, Fynn runs away from his lighthouse, seeking adventure on the sea. But when the winds and waves rise and things get very, very dark, Fynn finds that the light he needs most is the one that he’s known all his life. Inspired by Rend Collective’s hit song of the same name and paired with whimsical illustrations by New York Times bestselling illustrator Lee Wildish, this is a tale families will return to again and again.

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  • Day I Fell Down The Toilet And Other Poems


    Have you ever been punched by a cabbage or fallen head first down the loo?

    Have you ever had fun with a poem? You haven’t? Then this book’s for you.

    Whacky poems that take a roller-coaster ride from the crazy corners of dreams to the big questions of life.

    This collection of over seventy poems for children by Steve Turner is regularly in the best-seller lists. Full of wit and fun, his thought-provoking poetry has been used by teachers in classrooms and entertained children at home over the years. These poems make an instant impact, as the themes and ideas in them offer lots of food for thought for young minds.

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  • You Can Be A Good Friend No Matter What


    From award-winning actress and mental-health advocate Taraji P. Henson, You Can Be a Good Friend (No Matter What!) shows kids the great things that can happen when we approach others and ourselves with empathy, patience, and love.

    In this debut picture book from Taraji P. Henson, quirky, stylish and a bit off-the-cuff Lil TJ is ready for her first day of school. But when she gets there, TJ finds that everything she does is a little different than everyone else and she’s standing out in all the wrong ways. Once TJ’s classmate Beau notices, he relentlessly teases her. TJ is filled with anxiety and doubt until she recalls some important words of wisdom from her Grandma Patsy. When she looks inside to her own creativity and personality, she figures out how to help herself make new friends! –and helps someone else too!

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  • Abuelos Flower Shop


    Te recuerdo y te extrano. I remember you, and I miss you.

    Elena is finally old enough to sell flowers with her abuelo in his shop. But she notices that many of the people who visit have tears in their eyes. Abuelo tells her the shop is the last stop before people visit the garden beyond the gate. A place for telling the ones you’ve loved and lost, Te recuerdo y te extrano, I remember you, and I miss you.

    Tender and insightful, Abuelo’s Flower Shop celebrates the beauty of intergenerational love while gently teaching readers about grieving the loss of a loved one. Grandparents and grandchildren will delight in Elena and Abuelo’s heartfelt relationship, and readers of all ages will be inspired to find their own ways to say, I remember you, and I miss you. This thoughtful story is the perfect resource for navigating difficult conversations about grief.

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  • Youll Always Have A Friend


    Imagine a world where you always have a place at the table, where you always have a friend. This reassuring and empowering book from Emily Ley helps kids realize that they can always have a place, and offers them practical tools to give them confidence and help them overcome lonely times.

    We all know what it’s like to feel left out, overlooked, and unseen. And this problem can be so much harder to face when you’re a child on the playground, a kid sitting alone in the school cafeteria, and the new kid on the team.

    Reassure your children that they are seen. And they are awesome! Help them know that they are not the only ones–everyone has felt lonely or left out at some time or another–and there are lots of ways to always have a friend. You’ll Always Have a Friend features vibrant illustrations of a diverse cast of characters and will encourage children to have confidence to make friends and to be a friend to others.

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  • My Carry Along Rhyming Bible


    Teach little ones that God is our helper with these 12 Bible stories. The upbeat stories told in rhyme and the bright, lovable art paired with a sparkly cover and carry-along handle will engage babies, toddlers, and preschoolers as they learn that God is always there for them.

    My Carry-Along Rhyming Bible features:

    *12 favorite Bible stories, including creation, Noah’s ark, Daniel and the lions’ den, and Jesus’ birth and resurrection;

    *simple stories told in poetry;

    *short prayers that guide young children in thanking God for His care; and

    *a carry-along handle, sparkly cover, and sturdy board pages.

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  • Why Not You


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – From Grammy-winning pop star Ciara and Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson comes a story to inspire young readers to see value in themselves, be brave, and go after their biggest dreams–now as a board book!

    Why not you? Amazing you! You’re a winner! You’re so strong! You are perfect and important–you and all your gifts belong!

    We all have big dreams! Sometimes it’s hard to imagine our big dreams coming true. But what if someone saw all the amazing and spectacular parts of us–our winning smiles, our fancy feet, our warm hearts–and asked, “Why not you?”

    Whether it’s becoming a football player or a pop star or the president or a scientist: Why not you?

    In this new, more durable format–perfect for babies and toddlers– superstars Ciara and Russell Wilson encourage little ones to achieve their dreams, no matter how outrageous they may seem. It’s a lyrical celebration of self-esteem, perseverance, and daring to shoot for the stars.

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  • You Are Not Alone


    New York Times bestselling author, visionary, and mom of four Jennie Allen offers a practical guide to help kids form positive habits and connections that are crucial to their mental and spiritual health.

    Spinning, anxious thoughts can sometimes take over our minds and not let go, but we have the power to choose what to think and believe-and so do our children. In this edition for young readers, bestselling author Jennie Allen draws on the insights, truth, and experiences from her New York Times bestsellers Get Out of Your Head and Find Your People to help younger kids and tweens:

    *trade fear, anxiety, loneliness, and shame for God’s love and peace
    *learn how to notice lies and believe what’s true
    *hit pause on negative thoughts and retrain their brains to think life-giving thoughts
    *gain tools to rely on God’s power and truth every day

    Kids don’t have to be at the mercy of toxic input and negative thoughts. In these pages, they’ll discover exactly how to interrupt swirling thought patterns, develop better friendships, and create new day-to-day habits that will lead them closer to God and to a life of peace, joy, and love. You Are Not Alone includes questions, action steps, Bible verses, and real-life stories to help them be who God has called them to be.

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  • Trust


    Brother and Sister agree to watch little Honey Bear while Mama and Papa clean the attic. Can the cubs be trusted to keep an eye on their baby sister? Find out in this faith-based storybook starring the Berenstain Bears!

    While they are busy cleaning, Mama and Papa trust Brother and Sister to watch Honey Bear, the baby of the bunch. But when the cubs get distracted by their favorite film, Honey gets into a sticky mess! This Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit storybook, created by Mike Berenstain, son of Stan and Jan Berenstain, features a soon-to-be classic story about being trustworthy!

    The Berenstain Bears Gifts of the Spirit series celebrates the joy of faith, family, and friends-values essential to a wholesome and fulfilling life!

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  • Your Amazing Hands


    This charming rhyming book celebrates God’s good design for our hands, motivating children aged 3+ to use their hands to glorify God.

    Children will be inspired by all the creative and interesting things their hands can do–they can even use them to bring comfort and joy to others! They’ll discover that Jesus had hands just like ours and that he always used his hands in the most amazing ways, including to save us.

    Not only that: the way that Jesus used his hands means that we can be forgiven when we use our hands in the wrong way. Children are invited to pray for forgiveness when they make mistakes, and for help to use their hands in the ways God intends. The book’s fun rhyming style and colorful illustrations make it easy to engage with this life-altering message of repentance, forgiveness, and grace-fueled obedience.

    Your Amazing Hands is part of the Training Young Hearts series, which consists of board books for toddlers as well as rhyming books for children over 3. All the books in the series train young hearts through the gospel, both by showing Jesus as an example and by explaining how his grace enables us to change. Parents, teachers and other loved ones can refer back to these resources when specific behaviours need to be both corrected and connected to forgiveness, grace and growth.

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  • Man In The Tree And The Brand New Start


    Zacchaeus was very short, very rich and not very happy, but his encounter with Jesus changed everything.

    In response to the grace Jesus showed him, Zacchaeus was transformed from the inside out. He repented, treasured Jesus above everything else, and showed kindness and generosity to others like never before.

    Use this story to teach children that only following Jesus will make them truly happy and fulfilled, and that genuine repentance and faith is demonstrated by loving others.

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  • Pray By Number Girls


    What’s a “Pray by Number” prayer?

    It’s a fun, interactive doodling and drawing activity that helps little ones, ages 4 and up, connect with God as they learn the basics of prayer.

    Each “Pray by Number” prayer features numbered steps (1 through 10) and simple prompts that encourage kids to record (in doodles or drawings) what they want to share with God.

    Once they’ve completed the numbered steps, kids can use their own drawings or doodles as a “map” to talk to God about their day, or express things like their worries, thankful thoughts, and so much more.

    Step #10 in every “Pray by Number” prayer is an easy-to-understand scripture selection to help little ones grow in their faith and commit God’s Word to their hearts!

    Pray by Number: A Doodle and Draw Prayer Map for Girls is a fantastic resource for home or Sunday school activities. It’s also a great way for kids and parents to bond as they discuss the importance and power of prayer!

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  • Moses And Me Devotions For Boys


    You can learn a lot from Moses–special baby, chosen leader, man of miracles, friend of God

    And this kids’ devotional makes the learning fun!

    This book introduces you to a very important Bible character. You’ll see how Moses’ life and yours are often alike–and be encouraged to follow the good examples he set.

    Learn about Moses’:

    *early days in a dangerous world
    *calling to lead God’s people
    *struggle with Egypt’s king
    *close, loving connection with God

    Easy to read but hard to forget, Moses & Me Devotions for Kids will start a personal devotional journey that could change your life!

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  • Who Is God Toddler Theology


    Even toddlers can learn theology!

    It’s never too early to help kids learn about God. This debut book from the series, Toddler Theology, teaches kids to answer basic questions about who God is. Kids will learn that God has always existed, is three in one, is the creator of everything, there is only one God, and more.

    Much like a catechism, this question-and-answer-style board book helps toddlers understand who God is at a basic but rich level. Each spread uses beautiful illustrations to help kids pair the question’s answer with bright, memorable images. The questions are simple, and the answers are short and easy to memorize, giving even toddlers tools they need to answer their budding questions about theology.

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  • Stories About Jesus


    How many people did Jesus feed with one boy’s lunch?

    Why did a dad run down a road?

    What happened when Jesus’s disciples stopped some children who wanted to talk to him?

    And why did Jesus die on a cross?

    Enjoy reading eight Gospel stories, retold in a faithful and fun way for 2-4-year-olds. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the colorful, exciting illustrations, and older ones can get to grips with the “extra bits” that go deeper into each story.

    This hardback collection of eight stories from the “Little Me, Big God” series is a great addition to any young child’s bookshelf or children’s ministry range.

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  • Its Good To Be A Girl


    This beautifully illustrated rhyming book celebrates that God made girls in his image and explores all the wonderful things he designed them to be and to do.

    Girls aged 3-7 will learn that they are good and necessary, how God calls different women to do different things, and how trusting in Jesus is the key to help us love and serve others wherever we are.

    Follow along as a little girl learns from her mother all about real women from the Bible and later history. Together they imagine lots of different ways in which we can reflect God’s character and help those around us today, whether that’s through being a mum or a missionary, a truck driver or a teacher!

    Young girls will learn that they have been carefully designed by God and that whatever they do in life, they can reflect who God is by following Jesus.

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  • Climate Change For Kids


    Do not fear! While the world is sounding the alarm, authors Ken Ham and Jessica DeFord help Christian families to trust God’s Word and not fear man.

    Climate Change for Kids…and Parents Too! is a groundbreaking book designed to equip the whole family with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex issue of climate change.
    This full-color book reveals the intersection of science, Scripture, and logic to provide a comprehensive understanding of this issue from a biblical worldview.

    Some people are claiming the earth will be destroyed in a few years if this supposed man-made climate change isn’t stopped. But authors Ken Ham and Jessica DeFord, forecast that in another 10 years we will find these predictions haven’t come true for two reasons:

    1. God’s Word makes it quite clear that man can never destroy the earth (Genesis 8:22).
    2. Real observational science (not the radical interpretations of some of the data) does not support the alarming claims of these activists.

    Christians have no need to fear. In moments when climate change hysteria grips the media or academic spheres, it’s crucial to approach with discernment. Beyond the predominant theories attributing climate change to human activity, we must also weigh in various factors such as natural cycles of the earth and the sun, which significantly influence climate patterns.

    Discover the truth of science, climate change, and the true history of the world in this powerful exploration of climate change science and the importance of developing a strong biblical worldview.

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  • Jumbo Bible Summer Word Games


    Perfect for kids ages 8 to 12, this book is jam-packed with Bible-based pencil-and-paper games to challenge and amuse, entertain and educate.

    Here are a whole bunch of crosswords, word searches, acrostics, word scrambles, and more, each one based on a Bible passage or theme.
    Looking for something fun to do? Sharpen your pencil and tackle Jumbo Bible Summer Word Games!

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  • Berenstain Bears Lets Go Play Collection 6 Books In 1


    Get outside and play with the Berenstain Bears! This high-value, six-book collection encourages young readers to get out and explore God’s wonderful world, with inspiring stories filled with adventure, laughter, and fun. The Berenstain Bears Let’s Go Play Collection–part of the bestselling Zonderkidz Living Lights(TM) series–also features helpful instructions and tips for ten timeless games and activities, including hopscotch, camping, capture the flag, and more!

    Join the Berenstain Bears as they explore the value of teamwork, active play, and a love of the great outdoors in The Berenstain Bears Let’s Go Play Collection. With six beloved stories and ten activity suggestions, this affordable and giftable treasury for children ages 4-8 is perfect for classrooms, summer reading, story time, or anytime!

    The Berenstain Bears Let’s Go Play Collection includes six classic favorites:

    *The Berenstain Bears Faithful Friends
    *The Berenstain Bears God Made You Special
    *The Berenstain Bears Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days?
    *The Berenstain Bears Honesty Counts
    *The Berenstain Bears Play a Good Game
    *The Berenstain Bears God’s Wonderful World

    The Berenstain Bears?Living Lights(TM) series:

    *Is written and illustrated by Mike Berenstain

    *Features the hand-drawn artwork of the Berenstain family

    *Continues in the much-loved footsteps of Stan and Jan Berenstain with the Berenstain Bears series of books

    *Is part of one of the bestselling children’s book series ever created, with more than 250 books published and nearly 300 million copies sold to date

    The popular Zonderkidz Living Lights series has sold over 13 million copies since 2008.

    Look for additional inspirational children’s picture books in?The Berenstain Bears Living Lights(TM) series.

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  • Beginners Bible Craft And Activity Book


    Unleash your creativity and make your favorite Bible stories come to life! Featuring 30 fun and engaging activities, including crafts and recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions, The Beginner’s Bible Craft and Activity Book turns any time into playtime. Kids will love transforming everyday objects into artful masterpieces, and each craft is inspired by a beloved Bible story right from The Beginner’s Bible!

    The Beginner’s Bible is a perennial favorite with young children and their parents, impacting 28 million families for over 30 years. Now kids ages 4-8 can interact with their favorite Bible stories and characters like never before!

    The Beginner’s Bible Craft and Activity Book:

    *Features 30 fun and unique activities, including crafts and recipes

    *Takes inspiration from favorite Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments

    *Includes beautiful and unique crafts made from common household items, with easy-to-follow instructions and a shopping guide

    *Is the perfect quiet time activity for kids 4-8 to do at home, during Sunday school, or wherever inspiration strikes

    *Features vibrant, three-dimensional art and full-color photos

    *Is part of The Beginner’s Bible(R) brand, the bestselling Bible storybook brand of our time, impacting 28 million families for over 30 years

    Review The Beginner’s Bible’s complete library for dozens of titles available for kids of all ages and reading levels.

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  • Squawk : Trouble At The Kindness Zoo


    One act of kindness can be contagious! As a thunderstorm descends on Kindness Zoo, the animals help each other become less afraid of the noises of the night. With delightfully fun illustrations, adorable animal friends, and a subject that kids will relate to, SQUAWK is a wonderful reminder that responding with kindness can have a ripple effect on everyone around you. Kids will discover that love drives out fear – and can quickly lead to joy!

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  • Hope And The Sea


    Discover the soothing power of the sea in this stirring story of loneliness, friendship, and the power of an open heart.

    As Hope huddles on the shore, feeling big feelings of sadness, Sea approaches. First a gentle wave, then a misty spray, followed by the toss of a seashell, and a race along the shoreline. With each overture from Sea, Hope’s heart opens just a bit more, until finally a burst of laughter escapes and her loneliness recedes along with the waves. With its gentle and poetic language, this uplifting story looks at the importance of friendship and encourages children to open their hearts to the world around them.

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  • When Isaac Hears The Rain


    Celebrate the unexpected joy of a rainy day with this quietly exuberant book about a young boy who delights in the rejuvenating power of rain.

    When the rain starts to fall, others may dash, yelp, and dodge, as their smiles turn into frowns. But not Isaac. Isaac embraces the rain with curiosity and wonder, grateful for its renewing power and grounded in the world around him. Written with equal parts heart and whimsy, and with a nod to Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day, this environmentally conscious narrative makes a fantastic read-aloud for readers, young and old.

    ?Author Julie Thompson wrote this sweet celebration of Black Boy Joy as an ode to her two sons. And the lyrical text will encourage readers everywhere to cherish those unexpected moments of joy that provide a welcome respite from the challenges of life.

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  • If My Hair Had A Voice


    “If your hair had a voice, it would sing of diversity and identity. It would tell you stories of our history.”

    An ode to loving your hair and your culture, If My Hair Had a Voice follows a young Black girl as she grows from being disappointed in her natural hair to developing an amazed appreciation for the long history of Black hair. From blossoming floral motifs in celebration of spring to intricate braided codes for spreading revolutionary messages, she discovers that Black hair goes beyond simple adornment–it tells the story of a rich cultural history filled with diversity, resistance, artistry, and, of course, beauty. Backmatter explores the history of each hairstyle featured in the book.

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  • Lupitas Hurricane Palomitas


    Kindness can be shown during even the harshest of storms.

    Shutters rattled. Wind howled. As a ferocious hurricane descends upon her town, Lupita finds two baby birds who have fallen out of their nest and brings them inside to shelter them from the storm. While Lupita and her family wait out the tempest, she focuses on protecting the palomitas to alleviate her own fears and hopes she can soon reunite them with their mother.

    Perfect for families living in hurricane-prone states or with children who have storm-related anxieties, Lupita’s Hurricane Palomitas offers a gentle, soothing story about extending a hand of kindness to others even while facing fears of our own. The book includes Spanish-language vocabulary words and a glossary in the back.

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  • Indescribable Atlas Adventures


    With more than 50 infographic maps, this illustrated world atlas for kids from bestselling author Louie Giglio will stretch your children’s understanding of the world as they discover more about God, science, and His amazing world!

    Indescribable Atlas Adventures offers a self-guided tour for your favorite explorer throughout the seven continents and over 50 countries. Easy-to-read maps, more than 1,500 facts, and a world map that helps kids identify each continent and country will help your child to think globally and discover new insights into God’s incredible creation. Each map includes:

    *an overview of each country’s population, languages, and prominent features;

    *key facts about the country’s capital cities; neighboring countries; and the national bird, tree, and dish;

    *notable people and their amazing achievements;

    *the country’s terrain, climate, wildlife, contributions to space exploration, cultural hallmarks, and Christian faith traditions; and

    *biblical and inspirational pieces, like devotional thoughts, prayers, and Bible verses that highlight how amazing God and His world are.

    Indescribable Atlas Adventures is for ages 6 to 10 and spotlights several fascinating ecosystems, like the Sahara, Amazon, and Great Barrier Reef. This book has a large trim size to help kids explore fun details on each page and is a perfect “my first atlas of the world” gift for curious kids.

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  • Never Ending : 52 Devotions About God’s Faithfulness In The Past, Present,


    God’s faithfulness never ends! God was faithful to Adam and Eve when He promised someone would come to save His people, He was faithful to the early church when they were persecuted, and He has been faithful ever since. In this 52-week devotional, general editor, Adam Cox defines God’s faithfulness as being always good, never changing, and trustworthy in every situation.

    With more than twenty different kids and family leaders from churches across the country, this multi-contributor devotional includes stories of God’s faithfulness from Scripture, stories of His faithfulness from the writers’ childhood, prayer prompts, and reflection questions each week. Kids will learn that the same God who was faithful to the characters they know from the Bible is the God who is faithful to them today.

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