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  • Life Of Worship


    As a pioneer in the production and recording of songs for worship, Asaph Borba has been teaching on worship for more than three decades throughout his native country of Brazil and in more than fifty other nations. Asaph’s message is that true worship is not based in music but in the life of the worshipper. Many people think that what God desires from us is a collection of dogmas and actions-music, festivals, and celebrations-that will be exchanged for His blessings. God wants so much more than that.

    To the Father, the most essential thing is being rather than doing. Worship is a way of life, not a musical style. God is interested in our heart and its motivation far beyond any action or practice. Love is the language and essence of God. Worship occurs when one’s faith is transformed into love. Only then do we become truthful, authentic, and transparent before the One who sees all. And that is true worship.

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  • Holy Spirit : Who He Is And What He Does


    R.A. Torrey’s teaching on the person of the Holy Spirit brought thousands of sinners to Christ and spiritual power to thousands of saints all over the world. In addition to that teaching, this book also contains seven of his shorter works that were taught around the world, at the Moody Bible Institute, and at churches he pastored, including: The Deity of Jesus Christ The Power of the Blood The Power of the Holy Spirit The Place of Prayer in Evangelism Keep Praying Until God Answers

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  • Open My Heart Lord


    Gary Oates Ministries Inc Publication

    This book represents keys to opening up the supernatural realm through healing the brokenhearted. Included with the book, Kathi has provided a CD of just the ministry time, so anyone can read the book and then go through a live ministry time (on CD) to receive healing.

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  • N Fonnie Bisnis


    14 Black And White Illustrations

    Additional Info
    This work is a celebration of Yankee Dutch, the colorful language adopted by thousands of Hollanders after immigrating to America. Written in a peculiar English with Dutch spellings, Dirk Nieland’s ‘n Fonnie Bisnis recounts the humorous adventures of Loe Verlak, the prototypical Dutch immigrant, as he gets into all sorts of “funny business” around his community. Nieland’s fourteen vignettes touch on a wide variety of Dutch life, from Sunday school picnics to everyday jobs to the joys and trials of marriage.

    Including a foreword (in plain English) by George G. Harper and an extensive vocabulary chart, ‘n Fonnie Bisnis gives a picturesque glimpse into an ethnic enclave that has since been forever transformed by the passage of time. In this new edition the book along with its audio CD will continue to delight anyone interested in Dutch American people, language, and culture.

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  • Read And Learn Bible


    Produced in partnership with the American Bible Society, Scholastic presents an exceptional Bible designed and written especially for 4 to 7 year olds. Sourced from multiple translations and illustrated with picture book quality artwork, this first Bible features 102 favorite stories from the Old and New Testaments, easy-to-read text, and educational call-outs.
    Learning Highlights
    Full-color illustrations and text come together to facilitate interpretation and help young children understand the meaning of Bible stories.

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  • Pipers Great Adventures


    Join Piper in the first collectin of Piper’s fun-filled adventures. Young children will love the little mouse’s struggles to tall asleep in “Nightime is Just Daytime with Your Eyes Closed” and will laugh along with Piper as he learns the meaning of Christmas in “Piper’s Night Before Christmas”. Join in “Piper’s Twisted Tale” as he realizes the importance of telling the truth. Piper learns that stealing hurts others, as well as himself, in “Piper Steals the Show!” Renew your acquaintance with Piper, or meet him for the first time, in this four-in-one collection of stories to warm your heart and fire your imagination.

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  • Giant Book Of Childrens Sermons


    The youngest members of your congregation have trooped up the aisle in their Sunday best. Be prepared with these 260 object lessons and simple visual aids such as crayons, scissors, and salt shakers! Features five years of 10-minute “sermonettes” that complement New Testament Scripture passages. Includes a companion CD-ROM.

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