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Atlases Charts and Maps

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  • Barbour Bible Atlas


    Know where biblical events happened.

    Understand the bigger picture of scripture.

    The Barbour Bible Atlas is based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, featuring 75 maps with some of the most precise geographical detail available. They cover all of Bible history, with titles such as:

    “The Nations of the Ancient World”
    “Israel During the Time of the Judges”
    “Jerusalem During Solomon’s Time”
    “The Persian Empire During Esther’s Time”
    “The Holy Land in the Time of Jesus”
    “The Churches of Revelation”

    Concise, easy-to-read text explains the biblical background and other relevant facts, while more than 70 photographs further elaborate on the maps. Presented in a comfortable 7″ x 9″ trim, it’s an indispensable tool for personal Bible study.

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  • Rose Deluxe Timelines


    This fully reproducible Rose Deluxe Timelines is packed with over 2,600 key Bible events in Bible and Christian history and features illustrations, summaries, and more! Enjoy these amazing features:

    *Side by side 32″ timeline foldouts
    *Illustrated and color coded
    *Fully reproducible
    *And more!

    Imagine having dozens of timelines on any Bible or church topic you could want-from Abraham and Isaac to the invention of the Gutenberg Press and Martin Luther King Jr.-all packed into one amazing book! See thousands of key events, people, and places at a glance in Rose’s new Deluxe Timelines book!

    Enjoy Dozens of Full-Color, Illustrated Timelines at Your Fingertips!

    Rose Deluxe Timelines is the ultimate resource for Bible and Christian history. With thousands of key dates, people, and events, each timeline is uniquely designed and features hundreds of photos and illustrations to enhance learning. These 28 timelines range from quick overviews offering the big picture of Bible and church history to large, detailed timelines that fold out up to 32 inches! Here’s a peek at what’s inside!

    20+ Bible Timelines

    *Book of Genesis: 120+ key events & people
    *Bible Characters: Individual timelines for 8 major Bible figures
    *Life of Jesus: Life & ministry of Christ in the Gospels
    *Jerusalem: 140+ events from King David to today
    *And more!

    7 Christian History Timelines

    *The Early Church: Persecution, growth, heresies, martyrs, early theologians
    *Reformation: John Wycliffe & Martin Luther to the Pilgrims & King James Bible
    *How We Got the Bible: How Scripture was copied, translated & passed down
    *Faith in America: 150+ events from the Colonial Period through the Civil War
    *And more!

    Key Features of Rose Deluxe Timelines: Bible & Christian History

    *Illustrated and full color: These visually attractive timelines provide extra depth and reference to your Bible study experience with illustrations and photographs. Don’t just read about people, places, and events-see them!

    *Easy-to-read: With bold headers, color-coding, and easy-to-see text, it’s never been easier to absorb key information at a glance.

    *Reproducible: Make up to 300 copies for your students or congregation

    *All-in-one: This timeline resource is jam packed with timelines covering all the need-to-know subjects of the Old and New Testaments, Christian history, the Epistles, Bible history, and so much more!

    Covers Every Major Time Period and Thousands of Key People & Event

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  • Rose Book Of Bible Charts Volume 3


    Ideal for Sunday school teachers, college and seminary professors, pastors, and homeschoolers, the full-color resources in this easy-to-use anthology include more than 200 reproducible charts, photographs, maps, and handouts, many of which are new to this edition. Topics include spiritual gifts; the lives of Esther and David; the parables of Jesus; the attributes of God; and more.

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  • Chronological And Background Charts Of The New Testament


    This helpful volume helps the student of the New Testament organize and synthesize the vast amount of biblical and extrabiblical material involved by providing a helpful visual overview of the data, chronology, historical background, and criticism of the New Testament. This format allows facts, relationships, parallels, and contrasts to be grasped quickly and easily.

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  • Oxford Bible Atlas


    This new edition of the Oxford Bible Atlas, now with full-colour maps and illustrations, has been thoroughly revised to bring it up to date with regard both to biblical scholarship and to archaeology and topography. The Atlas will help readers of the Bible understand the contexts in which its stories are set and to appreciate the world from which it emerged and which formed its background. Maps show the geographical setting of the Bible’s stories and reflect the successive stages of the Bible’s accounts, while specially chosen full-colour illustrations bring the countries and their peoples to life. The accompanying text describes the land of Palestine, and its wider ancient Near Eastern and east Mediterranean settings. It outlines clearly the successive historical periods, and describes the major civilizations with which Israelites, Jews, and early Christians came into contact. There is also an illustrated survey of the relevance of archaeology for the study of the Bible. The Atlas provides a superb guide to the geography of the Holy Land throughout biblical history, from the Exodus period through to New Testament times.

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  • Rose Book Of Bible Charts 2


    The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes.

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  • Deluxe Then And Now Bible Maps (Deluxe)


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596361638ISBN10: 1596361638Binding: Cloth TextPublished: September 2007Publisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Then And Now Bible Maps


    Trying to connect the “Middle East” of the six o’clock news with the Holy Land of the Bible? Here’s a resource that fills in the blanks! Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful!

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  • Every Pilgrims Guide To The Journeys Of The Apostles


    SKU (ISBN): 9781853114441ISBN10: 1853114448Michael CounsellBinding: Trade PaperPublished: May 2002Publisher: Canterbury Press Norwich Print On Demand Product

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